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Speaker Dialogue
Rex Th' Bunny What in tarnation?
Raymond Prepare to meet your end, my leather-bound, lagomorhphic lad…
Raymond comes out of the box.
Raymond Hyah!
Raymond shows himself in a hockey player with a hockey stick.
Raymond …for I have a hat trick of my own.
Raymond transform his hands into hockey stick shooter.
Raymond Ha ha! Get ready for a power play!
Raymond shoots 3 hockey balls, closer to Rex Th' Bunny, shocked and covers himself.
Rex Th' Bunny Huh?
Rex Th' Bunny, surprised to see K.O., Rad and Enid.
Rex Th' Bunny Whah!
Rex Th' Bunny gasps.
K.O., Enid and Rad Aah!
K.O. punches and Rad and Enid kicks the hockey balls back at Raymond, hits him in the mouth and breaks half of his teeth.
Raymond I need to see some dentists! Ya-ha-ha-hooeyyyyy!
Raymond sends to the sky, about to send to the jail, but goes to dentist. Drill is heard.
Rex Th' Bunny Ah, man, you guys really saved my tail back there.
Rex Th' Bunny holds his hand in the air.
Rex Th' Bunny Slap me some cool fives.
Rad and Enid No, thanks. Bye-ee.
Rad and Enid fly back into Gar's.
K.O. I'll take some fives.
K.O. and Rex Th' Bunny high fives.
Rex Th' Bunny Oh. Thanks again, partner.
Rex Th' Bunny clicks tongue.
Rex Th' Bunny I owe you one.
Rex Th' Bunny walks off, K.O. imitates clicking tongue.
Holo-Jane Psst! Hey, kid, come over here.
K.O. Hmm, a stranger.
Raymond Hyah!
Raymond comes out of the box.
Raymond Half-time's over, half-pint.
K.O. Raymond? Again? And with the exact, same entrance as before?
Raymond So nice…
Raymond brushes his teeth.
Raymond I did it twice.
K.O. And why are you standing like that, without a hockey stick? Aah!
Raymond Look, benchwarmer, I know I'm remarkable to you, but you better quit making so many remarks. 'Cause without your little chums here to help you, this rematch is gonna be a shutout!
Townpeople Rematch! Rematch!
K.O. Everyone, please, this isn't a game. Y'all gotta listen to me. Can you even listen?
K.O. looks at one of the townspeople.
K.O. This guy doesn't even have ears or, like, a body.
Raymond You… You're seriously ignoring me? This has never happened to me before. I think I… hate this!
Raymond charging at K.O.
Raymond Hyah!
Raymond is about to punch K.O.
Raymond see K.O. is still here, gasps.
Raymond Unscathed?
K.O. Well, yeah. You never hit me.
Raymond Mnargh!
Raymond punches K.O. but nothing happened.
K.O. See? You reared back, and just a blob of light.
Raymond What is this sorcery?
K.O. Do I only have…
K.O. counts his fingers.
K.O. One, two, three, four fingers? Why do we call them "high fives", then?
Raymond You're mad!
K.O. No. Just confused.
Raymond gasps, wipes his tears off.
Raymond Best to just put the little guy out of his misery.
Raymond transform his hands into hockey stick shooter and is about to blast K.O., he gasps and jumps out of the dimension. K.O. gasps again.
K.O. Whoa.
Raymond What? Argh!
Raymond comes to K.O.
Raymond Thou baseborn cur! I'll get…
Raymond is about to scratch K.O., but misses.
Raymond Rah! Huh? Argh!
Raymond tries to grabs K.O., but missed again. He is about malfunction.
Raymond I don't unders-s-stand. Does not compute. Sports?!
Raymond's head explodes and thud. The crowd cheering.
Rex Th' Bunny Thanks again, champ.
K.O. gasps.
K.O. Holo-Jane?
Holo-Jane Heya, kid.
K.O. Well, I guess you should know that I believe you now. You were right about everything.
Holo-Jane Listen, it was pretty messed up of me to lay all this on you and dip. Sorry about that. But, K.O., watching you today has opened my eyes so much more.
K.O. Wait, so you've been watching the entire time?!
K.O. I'm an image made of light, floating in the gaps between reality. Of course I was watching. Just meet me back at the plaza, and I'll explain everything.
K.O. But how I do get out of here?
Holo-Jane Just try to broaden your view.
K.O. Broaden my…?
K.O. thinking.
K.O. Hmm. Oh.
K.O. gasps, sees the bodega.
K.O. The bodega!
K.O. looks at Holo-Jane.
K.O. Holo-Jane?
K.O. comes to Holo-Jane and sits next to her.
Holo-Jane K.O., this world may not be real, but you helped me realize that the way we experience and feel the world is real.
K.O. What do you mean?
Holo-Jane Look at Rex over there.
K.O. sees Rex Th' Bunny walking.
Holo-Jane The danger he faced today was real to him, and so was your help.
K.O. Oh.
Rad and Enid laughing while hitting each other with towels.
Holo-Jane The friendship you share with Rad and Enid is real to them.
Rad Hyah!
Rad hits Enid with a towel.
Holo-Jane Your mom's love for you is real to her, and to you. All of our connections to the world around us create our own personal realities. It's all a matter of perspective.
K.O. So, nothing is real, and everything is real?
Holo-Jane Exactly.
K.O. Ughhh! Then what was the point of any of this?!
Pans to the scene where Corn Shepard thinking, but shrugs.
Corn Shepard Hmm. Mm-mm?
Holo-Jane I know it doesn't make much sense, but sometimes things don't need to.
K.O. Well, what are we supposed to do now?
Holo-Jane I was actually gonna hop around to a couple other dimensions, broaden my own perspective a bit. You can join me.
K.O. I think one dimension is plenty for me.
Holo-Jane That's very pragmatic of you, K.O. Well, it was nice to meet ya, bub.
K.O. and Holo-Jane shake hands, Holo-Jane is about to leave.
K.O. Holo-Jane, wait! Will I see you again?
Holo-Jane If you know where to look.
Holo-Jane disappears and K.O. is sent to the real world.
Enid All right, all right. Don't get cocky.

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