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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts off with Rad kicking a box to K.O.
Rad K.O.! Heads up!
K.O. Got it! Enid!
K.O. throws the box to Enid which she passes.
Titlecard appears.
Rad Aw, man! That box hasn’t hit the ground in four hours! We almost beat our record!
Enid Eh. Why bother?
Crowd is outside making noise. K.O. and Rad looks out.
K.O. What’s that?!
Rad Whoa!
[A pink war tank approaches. Shoots out Elodie]
Elodie Greetings, Lakewood Plaze! Elodie has arrived!
Crowd Elodie! Elodie!
[Elodie shoots her arrow which makes signatures on the crowd]
Brandon Sign my chest!
[The arrow land on the window]
K.O. Wow! It’s really Elodie. [Gets his Elodie Pow Card out] She goes to POINT Prep Academy. They only allow the best of the best. Gee. I want to apply there someday.
Enid Huh? [Slides off the counter and wears a disguise and read a magazine]
[The crowd follows Elodie]
Elodie Thank you. Just passing through my favorite hero shop to sign some autographs!
[A photograph shoots a picture of K.O., Elodie, and Rad. Enid is in the background]
Elodie [Gasps] [Tosses the photo] Enid.
Enid Elodie.
Elodie Is this what you’ve been up to all this time? Oh, how... quaint. [Crowd grabs her as they chant her name] Well, toodles! [Rad and K.O. points back and forth]
Enid Grrrr! [Gags] I’m taking a break. I’ll be out back. [Transforms into a log with shades]
K.O. Rad, do you know what’s going on?
Rad Almost never.
K.O. Something’s wrong with Enid. Elodie showed up, and she started acting all funny.
Rad Well, there’s only one way to find out. We just got to ask her until she tells us. Trust me, K.O.. Subtlety is my middle name. [Enters the break room] Hey, Enid! What’s the deal with you and Elodie?! [Enid smacks him offscreen] Unh! [Crashes to a pile of boxes while a small dinosaur appears]
K.O. [Thinking] Hmm. Maybe it’d be better to ask Elodie about this.
Elodie [Talks to A Real Magic Skeleton and Punching Judy] You know, it’s so nice to be able to get away from POINT Prep for a bit and see how the other half lives. [K.O. grabs her skirt] Huh?
K.O. Uh, excuse me, Miss. But do you happen to know Enid? She works the front counter here at Gar’s. She just stormed off in a rage. Do you know why she’s so upset?
Elodie Oh, I couldn’t possibly know what’s going on with Enid. Why don’t you go ask her personally?
K.O. Okay! Thanks, Ms. Elodie! [In the stock room] Enid! Enid?! [Sees Rad being smashed on the wall] Rad, have you seen Enid? [Rad points where Enid is] H-Hey. [Enid’s eyes turn into fire] Do you… want to talk… about Elodie?
Enid No. [Turns into a log stump]
K.O. Aah! Not again.
[Enid lands outside of the Bodega]
Brandon Hey, Enid, check out my new shir— [Enid pushes him] Aaah!
Colewort I could get Elodie to sign my poster— Ohh.
Enid [Rips a Elodie poster] Grrrr!
Ms. Mummy Hey, Enid, [Her head turns into Elodie] did you see [Elodie’s voice] Elodie’s in town?
Beardo I named our new special after Elodie. [His head turns into Elodie’s and his voice to her’s] Because she’s so perfect and great.
[Joff’s and Nick Army’s heads turn into Elodie’s]
Elodie Elodie, Elodie, Elodie, Elodie, Elodie, Elodie.
Enid Ugh!
Elodie Hey, Enid.
Enid Aaaah! [About to punch]
K.O. Enid!
Enid G— [Slips on a poster while stepping back] Uh…
K.O. I know you said you didn’t want to talk about it, but sometimes it helps me to talk about my problems. [Enid sighs] Even if it’s just to myself. [Sits on the ground]
Enid Hmm. [Flashbacks to her past] Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hah-hah! Hah! Huah!
Elodie Nice moves!
Enid Aah!
Elodie Hi! [Jumps off a floating platform] Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m— [Picks up Enid]
Enid Elodie! [Gasps]
Elodie Pretty sure I’ve seen you around the halls at school.
Enid You have? Uh, uh, I-I mean… I’m Enid. Hey.
Elodie Enid! You have such a cool technique! I never seen anyone our age pull off stuff like that.
Enid Oh. Ha, ha. [Covers mouth] Very funny.
Elodie No, really! You’re all, “Whoosh! Boom! Bam-bam, pam-pam!” I wish I could do that.
Enid [Moves her hair] Oh. Really? Do you wanna, um, practice? It’s kind of boring just doing it by myself. I-I mean, if you want.
Elodie [Squealing] Yes! [Hugs Enid] I’d love to!
Enid O-Okay! Let’s go!
[Elodie and Enid walks across a log]
Enid [Uses her power kick on the bottle] Hah!
[Elodie uses her bow and arrow on the bottle. They both laugh. Next, they read magazines. They splash each other in the ocean, get eaten by a whale and ride on it. They say “Whoo!”. They have a pillow fight. More images are taken having fun. They spin around until Enid hits a pole]
Enid Unh! Huh?
[They both gasp to see a poster for P.O.I.N.T. Prep]
Elodie "Become the next superstar hero"?
Enid & Elodie Wow!
Elodie I’ve always wanted to be a superstar.
Enid I’ve always wanted to be a hero.
[Enid grabs the poster]
Elodie & Enid You should enter! No, you! [Laughs]
Enid I don’t know. If you get in, you become, like, a celebrity.
Elodie That’s what’s so great about it!
Enid Okay, sure. Let’s enter together! Best friends, you and me!
Elodie Best friends?
Enid Yeah. I actually have something for you. Um… here. [Takes out a locket from her pocket] I found these at the Plaza.
Elodie Oh, my gosh! It’s so cute! [Puts a half of the locket] You know, Enid, I never had a best friend before I met you.
Enid Me neither. Thanks for being mine! [Hugs Elodie]
[Next scene shows the POINT stadium. Enid and Elodie are preparing themselves]
Enid This it it. Good luck out there.
Elodie Mmph!
[Round 1 is "Target Hit", Enid and Elodie hits the bulls-eye of the targets with their powers. Elodie and Enid advance to the next round. Round 2 is "Escape Skills", Enid and Elodie are tied up about to descend to lava. They successfully untie themselves. Round 3 is "Costume Design", Enid made a ninja costume while Elodie makes a dress. Enid and Elodie advance to the final round against each other. Enid dodges from Elodie’s arrow. Elodie shoots arrows from the beam of Enid’s power kick]
Elodie Aah! [Enid turns into a log stump. Elodie tries to find her] [Gasps]
Enid Aaaaah! [Enid was about to punch Elodie but stops] [Sighs] I’m sorry, but I just can’t fight my best friend. [Elodie shoots an arrow on her back] Huh? [Elodie shoots a couple of arrows to Enid] Aaaaah!
[The buzzer stops declaring Elodie the winner. The audience cheers and applauses]
Enid [Gasps] Congrats, Elodie! I’m glad you won! I’m so proud to have a friend like you.
Elodie [Pops out of the big trophy] We were never friends, Enid. I just pretended so I could learn your moves and counter them.
Enid No. No! You’re lying!
Elodie I just love being popular! [The crowd carries her]
[Enid’s flashback ends]
Enid [Some tears are falling] Elodie taught me a good lesson. If you don’t care, you’ll never be disappointed.
K.O. Then why do you look so upset now?
Enid [Sniffles] It’s… [Sniffles] Allergies.
K.O. Ah. Maybe. But if not caring stops you from trying, well, how will you ever know whether or not things work out?
[The audience gathers to see Elodie and Brandon battle. Brandon tries to get Elodie but she vanishes. Elodie’s arrow is at him]
Brandon Oh! Oh, nice! Ohh! I got beat up by Elodie! [High fives A Real Magic Skeleton] Did you see that, dude?!
Elodie Well, I think I’ve got time for one more battle before I head back to the academy. Any challengers?
Enid I’ll take you on.
Elodie I think you may have misheard me. I asked for a challenger. And nothing about you is challenging. Besides, I thought you didn’t care about this kind of thing anymore.
Enid A really smart friend of mine explained to me that the only real failure is not caring, and that pretending not to care is pretty dumb.
Rad [to K.O.] Pretty sure I told her that.
Elodie [laughs] [Takes out her bow and arrow] Okay, Enid. If you insist.
Enid Only if you’re up for it.
[Crowd shouts. Enid dodges Elodie’s aim. Elodie and Enid fights]
Elodie Still using the same tired set of moves, eh, Enid?
Enid [Chuckles] I don’t know. I think I’ve learned a few things.
[Purple smoke emerges]
Elodie [Coughing] Huh? Oh, very impressive, Enid. Hiding behind a bunch of smoke? [Enid sneaks behind her and gets in her sight. Elodie takes our her bow and arrow] Ahh! Let’s finish this!
Enid Okay, then. [Multiplies her clones to circle her]
Elodie If you’re too scared to fight me, we can call this off. Do you really want to repeat the past? [She shots an Enid clone turning into a log stump] Huh? [Shoots a couple which turns into stumps as it’s down to two Enids] I thought you said you could never fight your best friend. Enid! [She shoots Enid but turns into a stump]
Enid You’re right. I can’t. [She kicks Elodie]
Elodie Aaah!
[The crowd jeers saying "Boo!"]
Crowd person Oh, come on! Go home!
[Brandon, Drupe, and Potato comes to Elodie. Picks her up]
Brandon Are you okay?!
Crowd person Are you hurt?
Brandon I’ve got a first-aid kit in my car!
[Elodie’s tank drives by]
Elodie Ah. Geoffrey brought the limo tank around. Finally. [Enters her tank] I still love being popular!
[Elodie’s tank drives off]
Crowd Goodbye, Elodie! Bye, Elodie! Goodbye! We love you!
K.O. You guys were best friends?
Enid No. She just used me so she could learn my moves for some dumb contest.
K.O. Wow. Really? So she knew about the contest before you met?
Enid W-Well, no, actually. We found out about it together. After we became friends. So I guess we were actually best friends.
K.O. Do you hate her still?
Enid No. I don’t think I do. K.O., you’re a really good friend. Thanks.
Rad [Comes by to hug Enid and K.O.] You’re welcome!
Enid [Kicks Rad] Well, don’t let him drop, K.O.
K.O. [Runs] Ohh! [Kicks Rad] Hyah!
Rad Ohhhh!
[Next scene shows Elodie in her tank sad]
Geoffrey Miss Elodie, how was visiting your childhood best friend?
Elodie [Sighs] Shut up, Geoffrey.
[The episode ends]

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