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Speaker Dialogue
Enid Ready K.O.?
K.O. I was born ready, Enid. One patented K.O. kicky ball, coming up!
[Enid does tricks with K.O, who is in the shape of a ball]
K.O. Woo!
[The title card appears]
K.O. Perfect form.
Enid You ready for the big finish? I've been practicing my signature hands-free hotdog.
K.O. Hands-free hotdog! Hands-free hotdog!
Punching Judy Ahem.
Enid Hold on, duty calls. Did you find everything you needed, great, that'll be eight ninety nine, thanks for shopping at Gar's, bye. Okay! Now, as I was saying...
Pird coughs.
Enid Two ninety-nine, good job shopping, have a nice life, bye. Ohhh-kay, now, let's drop this dog quick before someone else barges in, huh?
K.O. grunts.
Enid grunts and begins the hands-free hotdog trick.
Wally the White Good evening young madam. Such lovely weather we're having hmm? Y'know, when I was a lad, on nights like this, my father would take me out to harvest mandrakes under the full moon. [chuckles] Once, the pixies in the hallow played upon us a naughty caprice.
Enid Huah-yah! [kicks K.O. onto the hotdog machine, which send the hotdogs towards a bun she has in her hand]
Wally Excuse me, madam, I'm speaking to you, and-
K.O. [bounces on ketchup and mustard bottles and giggles] Whoops... [send relish flying towards Enid, who catches all of the condiments, which form the words Enid ♡ Rules]
Enid Heh. Not bad.
K.O. Not bad? That hotdog is the most impressive thing my body has ever made! This has to be some kind of record!
Wally Yes, the new in-store record for ignoring the customer!
Enid Actually, my record for ignoring randoes for you is way higher than that. Better luck next time?
Wally Harumph. Y'know young lady, back in my day, the store employees knew that the customer was always right, and treated them with respect.
Enid Well, sir, you have my attention now. What do you want?
Wally Well, I want to speak to a manager.
Enid Fine. I'll grab him. [Picks up K.O. and puts him on the counter] Here he is.
Wally That is not the manager. Why, he's but a child.
[K.O. burps]
Enid Uh, ohhhh, you're right! See, he manages to survive when someone isn't paying attention to him for five seconds, so I got confused. My bad.
Wally [shakes and causes a thunderstorm behind him] Mark my words, you impudent brat! You will rue the day you ignored the petulant demands of Wally the White!
Enid Who?
Wally Ub-ug, don't you see? Uh- That's meee! Ahhh! [shoots magic at the floor and disappears]
Enid Bye.
K.O. Hmm. Do you think we went too hard on that guy?
Enid Psh, that old windbag? Don't feel bad for him, K.O. He wasn't going to buy anything, he just wanted someone to talk at.
K.O. But now he thinks you're mean. You aren't mean!
Enid Well, I'm glad you think so, K.O, but I don't really care if people think I'm mean.
K.O. But, doesn't it bug you that they've got you all wrong?
Enid Nah. I really don't expect people to get me.
K.O. Oh. I get you though, right?
Enid Uh, I don't know.
K.O. [Makes sad eyes]
Enid Oh, uh, don't worry about it, brush-head. Now, go mop up that wizard-crud before we close.
K.O. [thinking] Enid thinks I don't get her, but I know I can. And I'll prove it to her. She's gonna get got like nobody's even been got before! [out loud] Yeah!
Enid Huh? Oh, thanks K.O. Good egg, that one. Now to get back to doing what I do best around here. [lays on counter]
K.O. [thinking] Today's the day! [out loud] Alright, Enid, I'm ready to get you! Enid? [taps on Enid, who is still on counter and made of stone] Enid. Had. Been...
Mr. Gar Turned to stone, eh? That's quite an accusation, K.O.
Radicles Yeah, dude, she's like, so normal.
Mr. Gar Sunglasses, feet on the counter, refusing to make eye contact, or talk to anyone... You're in top form, Enid!
Rad Hey, Enid, K.O. here think you've been turned to stone. You know what I said when he told me that? [silence] Exactly! I was speechless. K.O., you crazy.
K.O. [thinking] They didn't realize Enid's been turned to stone! Why? [gasp] Could it be that I'm the only one that gets her after all? Alright, this is my change to prove that I can be an Enid-getter, and a go-getter! Time to get help, and turn her back to normal.
K.O. Thanks again for coming, Dendy. I just knew that I could count on you to have some super-smart way to get to the bottom of this!
Dendy It is my pleasure, K.O. I will metaphorically leave no stone unturned.
K.O. [laughs] And literally, too, right?
Dendy What? Ooo, oooh, the results are printing. Hmm... Mmm-hmm... Mmm-hm. Well, K.O, it would appear as if your friend has been turned into steatite.
K.O. Huh?
Dendy It is also known as soapstone. It is commonly used by novice sculptors to practice carving techniques because of its relative softness.
K.O. I know that! I mean, I didn't know what kind of a rock, and that is super interesting, but what I was rally hoping for was to turn her back from rock to person.
Dendy Ohhhh... I don't really do... That.
K.O. Noooo! I can't help her. And no one else thinks they need to help her. How is she ever going to come back?
Dendy I don't know anything about Enid's predicament. Or giving emotional counsel. I am sorry K.O. See you at school tomorrow!
K.O. [sighs] You were right... Nobody get you, not even me. And now you're stuck like this... I'll never even get to play kicky-ball with you again, or learn rude new words from you again, or copy your taste in music ever again! [starts crying over Enid] I- f-failed you-ouuu...
Enid [turns back into a person] Woa! Dude! That is not cool.
K.O. Enid! [laughs with relief] Di- Did I do it? Did I bring you back by getting you?
Enid Uh...
Wally the White [enters store] Wrong, child. That spell only lasts twenty-four hours. She would have come out of it no matter who blew their nose on her.
K.O. You! I should have known it was you.
Wally I'm here to pick up an item on lay-away. It's a statue of a snotty teenager, and should be under 'Wally'. Wally the White! [turns Enid into stone again]
K.O. Aw, nuts.
Wally Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking my new lawn ornament home to cast a more permanent spell on her. [picks Enid up with a blue beam]
K.O. No! That's super weird!
Wally Pleasure doing business with you! [Starts flying out the store] Tootles!
K.O. [panting] Sonic lightspeed dash!
Wally Neahahaho! Ooo, [K.O. shouting in the background] Ow, mildly annoying. Floatus- poatus! Neahaho!
K.O. [starts floating] Oh! I'm coming, Enid. [starts floating after Wally]
Radicles So you don't know where Enid and K.O. went at all?
Dendy No, I do not think Enid in particular would be going anywhere, seeing as she is a stature now.
Rad What? Huh, listen Dendy, K.O.'s-
K.O. Get back here!
Rad Is that-
K.O. Ah!
Mr. Gar I see. Playing hooky to go galavanting with a wizard, eh? Reminds me of my schoolboy days.
Rad I don't get any of y'all.
Wally You found a way around my levitation spell, eh? Metus phemus!
[K.O. dodges Wally's blasts]
Wally Argh! Endicus cannonus!
[K.O. dodges beam of magic]
Wally Ar rragh! Higgledy Piggledy!
K.O. [Pigs ricochet off him]
Wally That kid's too good... I need some place to hide, some place I'll be protected.
Carol Huah! Huah, huah huah!
Wally Please, help! Somebody help me! Some rascal young person has been chasing me all throughout the plaza! Please, amdam, use some of your kung-fu skills and whatnot and put him in his place.
Carol Uhm, alright sir, who we talking about, again? And why do you have a statue of my son's coworker?
Wally Uhm, well, uh, that is, the, uh-
K.O. There you are!
Wally Yagh! There he is! That's the child. Now, go accost him! Hm?
K.O. [whispers indistinctly to Carol]
Carol No, he did what? Don't worry sir, I've got this situation under control. Huah! [thros a K.O. kicky ball at Wally]
K.O. Okay, time to fess up. Why are you doing this to Enid?
Wally Because, that brat was mean to me earlier! So I thought I'd teach her a lesson by turning her into stone. Hahaha!
K.O. Enid's not a brat. You thought she was acting like that because you're a creepy old wizard. But she's like that to everyone. Get it? You're the one who decided to mess with her.
Wally I thought your friend was annoying, but you're even worse! Looks like I'll be getting two lawn ornaments for the price of one!
Enid [breaks out of stone] Leave him out of this, you creep. What is your deal?
Wally You were rude to me earlier.
Enid Uh, are you serious? Every time you have a problem with someone, you turn them into stone?
Wally Yes! And I've got a problem with you.
[Enid shoots a blast of fire next to Wally's head]
Wally Ah! No!
Enid Hah. I thought you were just a jerk, but you're a coward, too.
[Wally gasps]
Enid And not only are you a bore,
[Wally gasps]
Enid You're a sad, sad wizard.
Wally Ugh!
Enid So stay outta my store!
Wally Pah. Pah. Pah! I've had enough of this juvenile nonsense. I shall go tend to my own.
Enid And don't come back.
[Wally grunts as he struggles to climb over the wall]
Enid Jerk. Huh.
K.O. Enid. Now he just thinks you're a mean teen again.
Enid Aw, it's whatever, man. It's like I said yesterday, some people are just never gonna get me. And even if they do, not everyone's gonna get me like you.
K.O. I- I- I get you? I- I get Enid! I knew it!
Enid Yeah, yeah, don't rub it in.
K.O. I get Enid!
[The episode ends]

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