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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off with K.O. approaching the break room. Enid and Rad try to accomplish their dance from the other time]
Rad Ah, yeah!
Enid Aw, yes! I think we’re getting it.
Rad [High fives Enid] Yeah, we are! Now to let the world know. Once our trusty cameraman arrives, of course.
[K.O. opens the door]
Enid K.O.!
[Titlecard appears]
Rad Ready to shoot the best video of all time?
[K.O. grabs his backpack. Rad cries]
Enid Uh… Hey, K.O.
K.O. What’s that now?
Enid What gives, dude? We’re ready to dance. For your video channel?
Rad Uh-huh.
K.O. Oh, um… I’m sorry, guys. Can’t today. [Exits the break room]
Enid Well, that was weird.
Rad Yeah! Since when does K.O. turn down a chance to hang with his bestest buds?
[Both grumble]
Dendy Hello, K.O.
K.O. Hi ya, Dendy. Sorry I’m a little late.
Dendy That is no problem, K.O.
K.O. I couldn’t find my backpack.
[Enid and Rad peek from behind]
Rad He ditched us to hang out with Dendy?! That little two-timer!
Enid Zip it, Rad. I can’t hear what they’re saying. [Dendy whispers to K.O.] What a tick. Hmm… [Dendy and K.O. walk off] Secrets. That’s not very K.O.
Rad We have to follow them.
[Enid and Rad slither to follow them. Next scene shows Boxmore with Darrell frozen]
Raymond Brother? Brother?
Shannon Hey, Scrap-for-Brains! [Whacks Darrell]
Darrell Huh?
Shannon We tagged you out ages ago. Get it together, Darrell.
Darrell Gee, I’m sorry, guys. My hive mind is feeling really distracted for some reason.
Shannon Well, figure it out. We’re trying to play Golden Statues here.
Darrell [Looks down] Wow, guys, look! [Shannon and Raymond start looking down] Daddy’s got a bunch of other me’s doing a bunch of other things. [The other Darrells do various tasks] That’s why it’s so hard to focus.
Raymond Brother, this is a tremendous honor!
Darrell It is?
Raymond Yes! You’re basically running Boxmore all on your own.
Darrell Oh. I am? Yeah! I’m pretty great, aren’t I?
Shannon Feh! Why’d Daddy pick you of all robots?
Darrell Heh, it must be because he loves me the most. [Runs off] [Shannon growls] Anyway, it’s time I get the fatherly love that I rightfully earned as Boxman’s perfect evil son. [Tosses the cop cap and tie to Shannon and Raymond] [Laughs evilly]
Raymond I can’t believe he would disrespect the uniform like that.
Darrell I’ve been waiting so long for this. Maybe Daddy will finally tell me how proud he is of me! [Eavesdrop]
Cosma [Voice call along with Vormulax and Billiam] Now that you’re not wasting efforts attacking the Plaza, we’ve noticed a rise in your productivity, Lord Boxman. Keep up the excellent work.
Lord Boxman Thank you, Board members. [The voice call ends. Lord Boxman quickly flips his table and dark setting back to the crib and posters of his plan] Not! [Evil laughter] Ooh, it’s just me and you now, my latest and greatest creation. Coochy coo! [Hugs his creation] You’re sure to destroy the Plaza for me, Boxman Jr! [Darrell overhears everything] My perfect evil son. [The door slams shut]
Darrell Noooo! This can’t be real, right? He was just using me… [Cries] Daddy doesn’t love me at all! No! I won’t accept it!
Lord Boxman Who is Daddy’s little evil man?
Darrell [Opens the door] Daddy!
Lord Boxman Wha-huh?! [Feeds Boxman Jr.]
Darrell Whoo! How could you? I thought I was your favorite son.
Lord Boxman [Blows a raspberry] I’m tired of you, my children, failing me, so I built the ultimate child. And he’s the most destructive weapon ever. [Kisses Boxman Jr.] He is my new favorite son now.
Darrell No… he’s… not! [Throws a tantrum] You’re lying! You don’t mean that! You don’t know…
Lord Boxman Enough! You’re grounded! Go to your room!
Darrell Fine! [To Boxman Jr.] I hate your stinking face. I don’t care about favorites anyway. [Laughs]
[Door closes]
Lord Boxman Whatever. Now then, time for your first mission, Boxman Jr. [Places the bio-chip on Boxman Jr.’s head] [Laughs] [Boxman Jr. is programmed]
[Next scene shows Darrell entering his room. He cries at his pillow]
Darrell This isn’t fair! [Throws and stomps at the pillow] I worked so hard to be Daddy’s favorite! [Lays back to his bed] I got to do something about that Boxman Jr. Hmm… [A “smart boy” shot was shown] Wait a minute… I just have to do the most evil thing I can. So evil, Daddy will have to recognize me as the perfect son.
[Next scene transitions to Enid and Rad slithering to the alley. They hide behind the dumpster hearing Dendy and K.O.. Dendy hooked up the experiment on K.O.]
Dendy We’ve been making good progress. If you can handle transforming into T.K.O., we can figure out how to harness his energy. [Opens her holographic meter] Are you ready, K.O.?
K.O. Mm-hmm.
Dendy Commencing stimuli. You’re the best, K.O.! [K.O. chuckles] Good. [The graph shows the highest bar on K.O. over T.K.O.] Now to bring on the transformation. You’re the worst, K.O.! [The graphs reverses with T.K.O. being higher] You can’t do anything right. Who would need your help? You’re nothing but a burden. [K.O. slowly transforms to T.K.O. with Enid and Rad gasping] You’re useless!
K.O. No! Too much! [Hugs Dendy]
Dendy I’m sorry, K.O.! I love you. You are loved and appreciated.
K.O. I think I’m getting the hang of this.
Dendy [Opens K.O.’s bag to give him juice] I agree. We must be be getting close.
Enid & Rad K.O.!
[Dendy squirts juice on K.O.]
Rad I can’t believe you’re trying to unleash T.K.O.
Enid Yeah, T.K.O. is like your evil alter ego. You can’t keep stuff like this a secret from your friends.
K.O. I’m not trying to unleash T.K.O., I’m trying to control his powers.
Enid You could seriously hurt other people.
Rad Yeah! Don’t you remember when T.K.O. fought us? Every bone in my body— shattered.
K.O. I… I…
Dendy Enid, Rad, please!
K.O. I’m so—
[A crash is heard]
Enid Trouble. [Grabs K.O.] We’ll finish this later.
[Boxman Jr. is causing destruction over the Plaza. The citizens at the Plaza are screaming. Dendy, K.O., Enid, and Rad check out the mess]
Rad What is that thing?
Boxman Jr. Pbbt!
Enid Rude. We’ll stop this one, just like all the rest!
[K.O., Enid, and Rad try to grab Boxman Jr. but he dodges them]
K.O., Enid, & Rad Whoa!
Enid We better watch our back before—
[Boxman Jr. hits Enid and Rad with his punching fist on their heads]
Enid & Rad Unh!
K.O. Unh! [Enid and Rad are unconscious] Rad! Enid!
[Boxman Jr. tries to cut K.O. with his blade and chases him but K.O. dodges him]
K.O. Take this! Power Fist! [Throws his Power Fist at Boxman Jr.] I-It worked! [Boxman Jr. is angered] I-It didn’t worked.
[Mr. Gar punches Boxman Jr. Carol grabs K.O. along with Enid and Rad]
K.O. Ah! Mommy!
Carol You did a good job out there, kiddo. Now let us take it from here! [She safely tosses them] You got ‘em, Dendy?
Dendy Affirmative. [She catches them]
[Boxman Jr. cries from his scratch]
Mr. Gar & Carol [Gives him a thumbs down] You’re going down!
[Boxman Jr. transforms larger. Mr. Gar and Carol prepares to elbow Boxman Jr. He lasers them. Mr. Gar and Carol fall to the ground with Carol having an injured leg]
Carol My leg!
[Boxman Jr. sends Carol flying]
Mr. Gar Carol! [He is about to elbow Boxman Jr. but his baby bottle missiles sends him flying and made a firework of his head]
[Lord Boxman watches from his offices and laughs maniacally. Shannon, Raymond, and Darrell watch as well. Everyone is in pain. Dynamite Watkins records the news]
Dynamite Watkins This Dynamite Watkins. Lord Boxman’s shady activities has finally come to light! I’m here on the scene at Lakewood Plaza… in shambles! There’s a new pint-sized threat in town, and while it doesn’t goo-goo, it is definitely ga-ga for destruction! [Scenes shows the Plaza in destruction and everyone injured] Will he be stopped? Can he be stopped?!
Rad He can’t be stopped.
K.O. Maybe I can transform into—
Carol [Laughs] Hey, guys, why don’t we bring it for a sec? Never forget, the most powerful force on the planet is teamwork, [Enid and Rad stand up] and we can tap into that force through the power of friendship. Let’s all work together in order to stop this— [A baby bottle missile hits the Bodega while the GARS lettering falls]
Rad Everyone for themselves!
[Everyone runs except for K.O. and Carol, who still has her leg injured]
Carol Ah! Wait!
[Time slows down]
K.O. [Thinking] Nobody gets it. I know they don’t trust me, but… Even Mom got beat up Boxman Jr. They can’t stop him. It has to be me. I’m different. [K.O. grabs Carol] Teamwork may be strong, but I have the power to be stronger. I’ll save the entire Plaza all by myself. [Times resumes to normal and K.O. and Carol are out of harm’s way] It’s time to go turbo.
Enid No, K.O. You can’t handle T.K.O.. You’re not strong enough!
Rad You’re just a kid! [Gets out a K.O. Pow Card] You’re not even Level 1 yet!
[K.O. growls as he sets to transform into T.K.O.]
Dendy That will do it.
Eyecatch plays.
[K.O. slowly transforms to T.K.O.]
T.K.O. Ha ha!
[K.O. is in his mind with T.K.O. in the cage]
K.O. Uh, h-hi, T.K.O.
T.K.O. You! Argh! What do you want?!
K.O. I-I’m gonna let you out. [Opens the cage]
T.K.O. [Escapes] Finally! This better be the real deal, [Pushes K.O.] because I’m sick of you toying with me! [Tries to punch K.O. but K.O. holds his grip]
K.O. We… need you… T.K.O.. I… need you.
T.K.O. What was that? You need me? Oh-ho-ho!
K.O. It’s true. Boxman’s unleashed his most powerful robot yet on the Plaza. Even Mommy and Mr. Gar couldn’t take him on. Please, T.K.O.! You’re our only hope!
T.K.O. Of course I am. But if you insist, sit back… [Pushes K.O. to the cage] …and watch how it’s done, scrub. [Closes the cage]
Carol Sweetie? [K.O. transforms to T.K.O. and his beam electrocutes Carol] Not again.
[Boxman Jr. continues to destroy]
T.K.O. Hey, you dumb baby! It’s play time. [Punches Boxman Jr. Grabs T.K.O. and throws him to the ground. He throws a G to Boxman Jr. and lands to Boxmore]
Boxman Jr. Aaah!
K.O. He did it! [Watches through with his eyes that T.K.O. goes to Boxmore] Wait, why are we jumping over to Boxmore? T.K.O., stop!
Mr. Gar & Carol K.O.!
Enid We got to go after him.
Rad Are you sure?
Enid [Grabs Rad’s antennas and hops on him where he levitates her to Boxmore] Come on!
[The Boxmore factory is partially destroyed. The Darrells see the fight between T.K.O. and Boxman Jr.]
T.K.O. [Slowly approaches Boxman Jr. and laughs] Taking a little nap, huh, squirt? You can take a long one later when I’m though with you. [Grabs Boxman Jr.’s bowtie and laughs] Huh?
[Boxman Jr. barfs at T.K.O.]
T.K.O. [Electrocuted] Ah-gah-gah-gah! [Boxman Jr. laughs at him] You little ankle-biter! [Punches Boxman Jr.] Ha! [Boxman beats him with his rattle]
[Scene shows that Boxman and his creations are watching the fight]
Lord Boxman Woo-hoo! That’s my baby boy! Oh! [Munches on popcorn]
Raymond Impressive! I do hope you’ll give lessons.
Shannon [Eats nuts and bolts] Yeah, he’s pretty good. Better than the rest of you suckers, that’s for sure.
[Ernesto, Jethro, Mikayla, and Boxman’s dog watch on the next row. Darrell is in the back row feeling disgusted. Darrell throws soda on the screen]
Darrell Unh…
[Darrell’s siblings watch him]
Lord Boxman You! You’re supposed to be grounded, you hopeless disgrace!
Darrell Yes, Daddy. Sorry, Daddy. I love you! [Goes through the air vent] Stupid baby. He’s all flash, no substance. [Watches the fight through another vent] That bot doesn’t know the first thing about being truly evil, but I sure do. [Calls the Board of Investors. Laughs]
Boxman Jr. Pbbt-pbbt-pbbt! [Shouts out fire spit.
[T.K.O. shields himself. The Darrells see the action and some get mangled. Rad and Enid watch from above. K.O. and Boxman Jr. go around a giant version of Darrell]
T.K.O. Why won’t you just croak already?! Aaah!
[T.K.O. and Boxman Jr. smashes though the giant Darrell]
T.K.O. Aaah!
Boxman Jr. Unh-unh-unh!
[They descend each level in Boxmore until landing on a conveyor belt. Boxman Jr. throws blocks that say "Get Wreckt" which fires and T.K.O. jumps one-by-one. T.K.O. throws a brick on the belt]
Boxman Jr. Huh?
[T.K.O. walks under the conveyor belt. T.K.O. punches Boxman Jr. which he drags T.K.O. into a tube. Lands into a room of glorbs being stored in a glass bubble]
T.K.O. Unh… [Growls] Come out, come out, wherever you are.
Boxman Jr. Wah! [Through the glass bubble]
T.K.O. Really? [Scratches the glass] [Eats a couple of glorbs from the bubble and becomes more powerful. Catches Boxman Jr. hiding and they both ascend. T.K.O. punches him. Rad and Enid climb to the top and are very tired]
Rad [Points] There he is.
[More destruction emerges as Enid and Rad also fall from the platform being tilted]
Enid [Catches Rad] Rad! Unh! Unh! [Loses her grip]
[They fall]
K.O. Rad! Enid! That’s enough, T.K.O.! Can’t you see you’re hurting them again? [Sobbing] P-Please… Please…
[Enid and Rad to a level]
Enid Man, this place is gonna collapse. [Sees T.K.O. chasing Boxman Jr.] What do we do?
Rad You’re asking me? Oh, cob… we’re doomed!
Dendy [Grabs on to Rad] You certainly would be… [Gets off]
Rad & Enid Aah!
Dendy Considering you neglected taking me with you.
Enid [Laughs nervously] Sorry, Dendy. We just weren’t thinking.
Dendy No, you weren’t. But I am, always. I’ve been studying K.O. and his darker side for quite some time now. [Views the fight] I know how to bring him back down.
Rad Yeah? How we gonna use your fancy gear on him when he’s uh, doing that?
[T.K.O. writes “Ruin to all who oppose me” in the air]
Dendy There’s no need for any equipment, only what’s in here. [Points to Enid and Rad] Okay, Rad, ready?
Rad For better or worse, right? Buckle up! [Levitates Enid and Dendy. Enid power kicks Dendy to T.K.O.]
T.K.O. This ends—
Dendy [Hugs T.K.O.] K.O.! You are loved and appreciated.
[K.O. gasps]
T.K.O. Huh? Get off of me! I have to—
Enid [Hugs T.K.O.] You are loved and appreciated.
T.K.O. Hey!
Rad [Hugs T.K.O.] You are loved and appreciated.
K.O. Oh! [The cage shatters]
T.K.O. [Sent to K.O.’s mind] Huh? No! Let me out! [Bangs on the screen. Grabs K.O.’s shirt] Why did you bring me back here, huh? Don’t you want this power?
K.O. I can beat him.
T.K.O. Wha— you?
K.O. I’ve been trading Pow Cards my whole life, [Gets out his Pow Card and looks at it] and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that you have to give something in order to get something. So let me use your powers, and I’ll give you something that you want.
T.K.O. The only thing I want is to keep fighting.
K.O. Hmm… okay. [Imagines using the shards to transform into a punching bag]
T.K.O. Huh? No more cage?
K.O. No more cage? Now you can use your rage in here and I can use it out there.
T.K.O. Hiyah! [Punches the punching bag. Laughs. Continuously punching it] It’s… perfect…
K.O. Hey! Deal?
T.K.O. [Moves his hair] Deal. [Handshakes K.O.] No takebacks.
[The wristbands signify that their deal is set. K.O. is transported to himself and sees Dendy, Enid, and Rad hugging him in the air]
Dendy Ah!
Enid K.O.!
Rad Are you K.O. again? You sort of look the same.
K.O. I’m me.
[They all land on the roof]
Rad, Dendy, & K.O. Unh. [K.O. puts on his headband. His hair is back to normal] Ooh! Yay!
Dendy Now that you’re back to normal, what is our plan of action?
K.O. You guys were right about T.K.O.’s power, but I’ve got a handle on it now. Do you trust me?
Rad & Enid Hm.
[K.O. hops to where Boxman Jr. is drinking his bottle]
K.O. Boxman Jr! You’re just a robot baby with a diaper full of malice! And I’m gonna put you down. [Boxman Jr. throws his bottle. The Darrells see the last match between K.O. and Boxman Jr.] Grr!
[Boxman Jr. dodges K.O.’s punch but K.O.’s punch hit him. K.O. dodges the baby toys from Boxman Jr. However, Boxman Jr. caught him and throws him at the G. Boxman Jr. twirls the G and K.O. knocking over the Darrells. Rad, Dendy, and Enid are shocked. Boxman Jr. hits the G and K.O.. K.O. pounds his laser beam to Boxman Jr. which sends him down. Rad, Dendy, and Enid are surprised. Boxman Jr. kicks K.O. from his flying punch. Boxman Jr. got the mallet which K.O. grabs it. K.O. punches the mallet in half.
K.O. Argh!
[K.O. throws out two beams in the air like a tornado which twists them to which delivers the final blow to Boxman Jr. Boxman Jr.’s head flys to the screen and lands on Lord Boxman’s popcorn. Lord Boxman sees the head. Cut outside of what was left of Boxmore.]
Lord Boxman (offscreen) Noooooo!!
[Next scene shows Mr. Gar putting a bandage on Carol’s leg]
Carol Eh?
Mr. Gar Huh?
[They both see a shadow of T.K.O. in the ashes. Worries that T.K.O. may hurt them. It was K.O. blowing raspberries]
Carol [Gasps] My child! [Hugs K.O.] You scared the crabapples out of me! [Kisses K.O.]
K.O. Sorry, Mommy.
Mr. Gar [Runs to them] What happened to that robot kid?
Carol Did Enid and Rad take care of him?
[Rad levitates Dendy and Enid back to Plaza]
Enid Actually, K.O. did that.
Carol He did? You did?
Dendy He did indeed.
K.O. Dendy! Thank you for your help back there.
Dendy Likewise, I must thank you, K.O., for helping me find a breakthrough in the, uh… emotional sciences— not unlike your own breakthrough.
K.O. My breakthrough?
Dendy I suggest you refresh your Pow Card, K.O.
[K.O. gets out his Pow Card to see his level go up from 0.1 to 1. He gasps]
Mr. Gar [Has K.O. on his hand] K.O., I just wanted to say I’m very proud of you. Great hustle out there. [Winks]
Enid [Catches K.O.] Hey, we just wanted to say…
Rad We’re sorry for not trusting you.
Enid I think sometimes we forget that you’re not just a little kid. You’re our friend, and friends have to trust each other.
K.O. Oh, it’s okay. But you don’t need to worry about me anymore… now that I’m Level 1.
Rad But Level 1’s still get noogies!
[Rad and Enid are about to noogie K.O. but they slap their hands]
K.O. Stop it! [Rad and Enid gasped thinking he is T.K.O.] I just got a haircut.
[Enid lets K.O. go. K.O. laughs while Enid and Rad laughs nervously]
Dynamite Watkins And I just wanted to say, that’s all, folks!
[Next scene shows a damaged Boxmore factory. The Boxmore family except Darrell are sobbing near the crib for the death of Boxman Jr.]
Darrell [Comes in with his sailor suit and turns on the lights] Hello, family!
[His siblings are in shock]
Lord Boxman You’ve got a lot of nerve coming here dressed like that! I know you never cared for Junior. You’re going to the furnace for this one.
Darrell Actually, Father, I came in here because you have a call waiting on the vid-phone.
[The vid-phone turns on with an angry Cosma]
Cosma (on vid-phone) Lord Boxman!
Lord Boxman Cosma! I know how this looks, but I-I can assure you that Boxmore is still running perfectly fine.
Cosma (on vid-phone) Boxmore was running fine until your baby demolished it! You’re fired! [Breathes fire to Lord Boxman]
Lord Boxman Pfft! Big whoop. I don’t need this job anyway.
Cosma (on vid-phone) You’re being fired— out of a cannon, into the sun.
Lord Boxman [A pack of Darrells comes by to surround Lord Boxman] Sons?! [The Darrels transform into a cannon with Lord Boxman on the end] What is the meaning of this?
Darrell I ratted you out to the Board!
Lord Boxman You what?!
Darrell Isn’t that just the most evilest thing, betraying my own father? Aren’t you proud of me?
Lord Boxman [His face turns red] You wretched, pathetic, little ingrate. Release me this instant, or I promise you, I’ll— [Darrell pushes the button. Lord Boxman crashes to the roof being launched to the sun] Aaah!
[The siblings are in shock]
Darrell [Waves] Bye, Daddy! I love you!
Lord Boxman [Flying out of Earth] Cuuuuurse yoooou, Darrell! Cuuuuuurse yoooooooou! [Lands in the sun, which turns around to feel something]
Shannon But who will be our Daddy?
Jethro I am—
Shannon [Kicks Jethro] Go suck an egg, Jethro.
Cosma (on vid-phone) Now, now, there’s no need to worry, children. We have already found a suitable replacement. [Darrell removes his sailor suit to put on his cowboy suit] He’s shown great loyalty to the Boxmore brand, and we have full faith that he will be able set the company on the right path. Meet your new boss.
[The siblings turn around to their new boss. Darrell is sitting in his chair made of other Darrells]
Darrell There’s a new daddy in town. [Laughs]
[The episode ends]

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