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Speaker Dialogue
At the Lakewood Public School, K.O. is reading a book.
K.O. Laserbread-like crumbs have been found, made from lightning roots. Extensive evidence is found in artistic depictions in cyber Egypt. But it was not until the mega-Greeks that the concept of a pre-heated laser oven was introduced, changing the laserbread game. It was a...
The lights turn off.
Genesis Black-out!
Student Aaah!
Student Lights out, lights out!
K.O. Wow! Is it screaming hour already? Who knew we hated lights so much.
K.O. looks at his wristband beeps.
K.O. Ooh! A mission alert!
Dendy's glasses blinks.
Dendy Mm-hmm.
K.O. Mmm.
K.O. stands on the desk.
K.O. Ahemp! Attention, please, everybody. I gotta leave class for a super important hero mission!
Title appears.
Students So cool!
K.O. and Dendy walks in.
Gecky Can I get a picture with you?
Genesis K.O., can we get your autograph?
All students We love you, K.O.!
K.O. Hehe.
Dendy After you.
K.O. Thank you!
Gecky Wait a minute! Where's Dendy going?
All students Yeah!
Bobo If you gotta make pee-pee, you gotta take the pee-pee pass.
Dendy No pee-pee. I am going on the hero mission with K.O., as I am part of the team.
All the students laughing. Nanini laughs and slap Dendy on the back.
Nanini There's no way that's true.
K.O. Yes, way, it's true. Dendy is logistics and tech.
Bobo What like, maps and stuff?
Gecky That's so lame. So like, you don't actually punch or kick anything? Are you really part of the team?
All students Yeah!
Genesis K.O.'s already really good at kicking and punching.
Nanini Yeah, what would you add to a fight?
All students Yeah!
Bobo And what's with the beret?
Dendy hides her beret.
Dendy Uh...
All the students Yeah!
K.O. Dendy is part of the team! C'mon, we have a mission to get to!
K.O. and Dendy in the hall.
K.O. The nerves of those kids. Are you okay, Dendy?
Dendy What is this feeling, K.O.? It's a though, I don't feel good enough.
K.O. No! That's not true at all! You're an amazing hero! You saved my butt and the plaza's butt so many times.
Dendy I... I just... I saw the way the class treated you, and I felt... I think the word is "jealous".
K.O. No, no, no, no, no! They just haven't had a chance to see you like I do yet!
Dendy Hmm. Do you think that's what I need? Recognition?
K.O. Well, yeah! 'Cause it feels so good to be a hero! Wait. You can come fight with me on this mission! If the world sees you in action, there's no way they won't be amazed!
Dendy Hmm, all right. Maybe that is what I need.
K.O. laughs. He and Dendy were driving in the buggy.
K.O. So what's the situation?
Dendy's glasses beep.
Dendy According to my data, a creature of a sort is tunneling underground and taking out the subterranean wiring in sectors of the Neutral Zone.
K.O. So we just gotta take out the tunneling guy?
Dendy That is correct.
Dendy looks down.
Dendy I am... nervous, K.O..
K.O. Aw.
K.O. stops the buggy.
K.O. You're gonna be great! You got your cool new beret now.
Dendy hides her beret.
Dendy Mmm.
K.O. And I brought my spare undies.
K.O. brought a red underpants.
Dendy Um...
K.O. have his camera inside of his hair.
K.O. I've got out butts covered. I'm gonna live stream the whole mission on my video channel, so everyone in school can see how heroic you are.
Dendy looks down.
Dendy Hmm...
K.O. Don't worry! This plan is perfect!
K.O. imagines a muscular Dendy and a monster.
K.O. You're gonna battle this big monster. Throw a few punches.
Muscular Dendy punches a monster.
Monster Agh!
K.O. A coupla spicy kicks.
Muscular Dendy kicks a monster.
Monster Ugh!
K.O. And send that monster's running with its legs between its tail!
Dendy Cool punches and spicy kicks?
K.O. Yeah yeah yeah! Like this!
K.O. used punches.
K.O. Ugh! And this! Hoo-hoo-hoo.
K.O. jumps.
K.O. And this, too.
K.O. stomping.
K.O. And this, this, this, and this! Cha!
The ground rumbling.
K.O. and Dendy Huh?
A shadow comes out of the ground.
Dendy Oh!
K.O. It's...
K.O. and Dendy Big Bull Demon!
A cloud disappear and it turns out to a small version of Big Bull Demon.
Small Calf Demon No, I'm his nephew, Small Calf Demon! Who's been doing all the stomping up here?
K.O. gasps.
K.O. This is the guy!
Dendy Small Calf Demon... we're here to stop you!
Small Calf Demon You? Stop me? Pfffft! Ahahahahahaha!
Dendy Well, uh...
K.O. Do not listen to him, Dendy! If we work together, we'll defeat this guy in no time!
Dendy All right! What should I do?
K.O. Just follow my lead.
K.O. and Dendy jumps in.
K.O. Small Calf Demon... you're going down!
Dendy Y-Yes... you are going to fall down!
Dendy giggles.
K.O. Good one!
Small Calf Demon growls and snorts. K.O. crack his neck twice and Dendy is imitates cracking noise, crack her neck twice. K.O. used his Power Fist.
K.O. Huuuuuuh.
K.O. throws his punches at Small Calf Demon, but he dodges them.
Dendy Uh, K.O., I cannot copy that.
K.O. That's okay, we got him on the ropes.
Small Calf Demon almost trips from dodging K.O.'s punching attacks.
Small Calf Demon Ohh.
K.O. I'm gonna run up and uppercut him, and then you finish him off.
The ground rumbling.
Dendy Huh?
K.O. Uhh?
Small Calf Demon digs up and attack K.O. and Dendy.
Small Calf Demon Snacks!
Dendy gasps to see K.O. get caught by Small Calf Demon.
K.O. Dendy! I'm... in a bind!
Small Calf Demon Heh heh heh...!
Small Calf Demon The only thing doing down is you! Under the ground with me!
Smal Calf Demon digs under and snag K.O.
K.O. Aaaaaaaaaa.
K.O. is snag in the ground.
Dendy K.O.! K.O.!!
K.O. Dendy, it's all up to you now.
Dendy No! I can't fix this without you!
K.O. Don't worry, Dendy. I know you've got what it takes to save the day. Oh, Cob, help me, I wanna live!
K.O. is swipe and left an underpants.
Dendy No!
Dendy caught an underpants K.O. brought.
Dendy How am I going to save the day now?
Nanini ghost What would you add to a fight, anyway?
Genesis ghost K.O. is super strong on his own.
Bobo ghost If you gotta make pee-pee, you gotta take the pee-pee pass. And what's with the beret?
Dendy hides her beret and the children ghosts laughing at Dendy.
Dendy Aah!
Dendy going underground.
Genesis ghost Wanna play POW Cards?
Nanini ghost Sounds good.
Bobo ghost Okay.
The children ghosts are playing POW Cards. Dendy is going underground and thud. She gasps.
Dendy I see...
Dendy sees all the holes.
Dendy Hmm. There are many paths. I supposed I have to pick just one.
Dendy goes to one hole, but zip back.
Dendy Ohh!
Dendy growls.
Dendy Let's try another.
Dendy goes to another hole, but zip back again.
Dendy Hmm.
Dendy goes to different holes, but nothing.
Dendy Looks like his tunneling has created a complex maze. Hmm. Hmm. Hmmmm.
Dendy thinking.
Dendy If only I had a map of these tunnels...
Dendy gasps.
Dendy I can make one! Logistics are my specialty.
Dendy activated the whirring machine and makes the technological map. It's scanning and completed, it shows herself in different angles.
Dendy Let's see where I've already been... Mm-hmm. And now for K.O.'s whereabouts...
Dendy's technological map scans K.O.'s underpants and it shows K.O..
Dendy Excellent. And then down and then over there and then...
Dendy thinking.
Dendy I'v got it.
Dendy goes to the angle correctly and finally finds K.O. in the big hole where electrics were about to be smash by Small Calf Demon. He keeps pushing and headbutting it.
Dendy So that's what caused the black-out.
Small Calf Demon Who dares?
Dendy You unplugged the main power source.
K.O. Dendy!
Small Calf Demon Well, well, well? I'm surprised you made it all the way here!
Dendy I just need to know, Small Calf Demon, why take out the Neutral Zone's power?
Small Calf Demon It's simple really, I run into and smash things, it's what I do! But soon I ran out of things to smash and ended up finding that power doohickey! And I've been hitting it ever since!
Dendy Your explanation is inane, I'm putting a stop to this right now.
K.O. Ah, ah, Dendy!
Small Calf Demon I'd like to see you try!
Small Calf Demon is about to tackle Dendy, but she dodges it and he hit himself on the wall. He groans.
Small Calf Demon Heh.
Dendy laughing.
Small Calf Demon That won't be happening again!
Dendy I beg to differ.
Small Calf Demon What?
Small Calf Demon sees all of Dendy clones.
Small Calf Demon Why's there so many of you?
Dendy I used my hackpack to make holograms of myself, so I could navigate your tunnel maze quicker! Like I said... You're going down, Small Calf Demon!
Small Calf Demon whimpering, screaming to tackle all the Dendy clones, but disappeared. He panting.
Dendy Hey, what happened to "Snack!"?
Small Calf Demon Grrr... Haa!
Small Calf Demon is able to tackle Dendy and charged.
Dendy Weh!
Dendy used her electric feet to jump high.
K.O. Whoa.
K.O. laughing.
Small Calf Demon Huh?
Small Calf Demon sees Dendy jump high.
Small Calf Demon Huh?
Small Calf Demon hits the wall.
Small Calf Demon Ugh!
Small Calf Demon coughs.
Small Calf Demon Huh? I can't move!
Small Calf Demon grunting and Dendy tangle him with wires.
Small Calf Demon Aw, man...
K.O. Dendy! That was wild!
Dendy untangle K.O..
K.O. Everyone's gonna love you!
Dendy Thank you, K.O.. I am sufficiently happy that you are okay. Let us plug the power supply back in and return.
At Lakewood Public School, K.O. and Dendy went back there. K.O. sighs.
K.O. Sure feels nice to get back to class. Whoa!
Kids screaming.
Student Aaaaaaaaaaa!
K.O. Oh, no! The power's still out!
Dendy Don't worry, K.O., leave everything to me.
Dendy switch the light on. The kids stop screaming and cheering. They pick Dendy up and chanting "Dendy!".
K.O. It worked! You got the recognition you wanted. I'm so happy for you!
Dendy Heh. Thank you, K.O.. It sure is... something.
School bell rings.
All students Recess!
The students drop Dendy and running on K.O..
K.O. Aah!
Dendy K.O.?
K.O. Yes?
Dendy I think... that thee class approval doesn't mean much to me, after all.
K.O. It doesn't? But you worked so hard for it. You saved the day.
Dendy True, but that was because of your support and encouragement. It made me realize that I'm perfectly happy just being recognized by the people that matter to me.
K.O. Ohhh! Like Rad and Enid and Mr. Gar and stuff?
Dendy Hahahaha, like you, K.O.!
Dendy hugs K.O..
Dendy I'm glad I have a friend like you!
K.O. Haha, oh, yeah. You are loved and appreciated, Dendy!
Dendy K.O., I want to show you something.
Dendy remove her beret, her head have a pond with a goldfish that spits water on K.O..
K.O. Whoa! What's that on your head, Dendy?
Dendy Well, every Kappa gets a pond as they grow up, and this one is mine.
K.O. You're gonna be a full-fledged Kappa?! How cool is that?!
K.O. show a star-shaped bald spot on his head between his hair.
K.O. All I've got is this tiny, star-shaped bald spot.
Dendy Thank you, K.O.. That's all I needed to hear.
Dendy giggles. The episode ends.

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