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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode cuts to the Bogeda]
Rad [Yawning and smacking lips]
K.O. Rad! Hup! I finished washing the floor just like you told me to! [Shows a very clean floor] "Poifect," huh?
Rad I’ll be the judge of that.
[Colewort walks by drinking a beverage and Rad grabs him and throws him like a bowling ball.]
Colewort Oh. [Colewort slides to the fridge and Enid gives a thumbs down]
Rad Nah, still not slick enough. Colewort should have crashed straight through that wall.
K.O. Aw, poop.
Rad C’mon K.O., [Rad pokes K.O.’s hair] you gotta keep your head in the game! I could give you some tips if you want.
K.O. No! A hero doesn’t need help! I have to do it… on my own.
Rad Ha, okay, lone wolf, but you’ve got a lot more floors to mop before you come close to being a hero.
K.O. Maybe I already am a hero! I’ve been doing heroic stuff all week! Maybe I finally have a pow card!
Enid [Comes in carrying Colewort] You know what, maybe you do, K.O.! You might even be a level one. You should check the pow card machi—
K.O. [Zooms to the Pow Card Machine] Ohh… [Thinking] Getting a pow card is the first major milestone on a hero’s path to greatness. With my very own card, I’ll be joining the ranks of my idols. Today could truly be the beginning of my heroic journey! Please, please, please, please let me have one! [Gets a coin from his pocket] Heh heh! [Inserts a coin in the coin slot and pushes a button labelled "SELF"]
Pow Card Machine Retina scan for identification commencing. [Scans K.O.’s eyes] Scan complete. Searching hero database. Hero found — K.O. [K.O. laughs] Printing. Printing. Error! Error!
K.O. No!
Rad Don’t worry. I’ll show you an old trick. All right, tuck in your arm real tight. Now clench your butt. Reel back and, give it a good — [Smacks the machine] smack!
Pow Card Machine Printing continued.
Rad Hehehe.
[K.O. grabs his Pow Card and sees a 100 on it]
K.O. I’m… I’m level 100?
Rad Did you say you’re level 100?
A Real Magic Skeleton Level 100?
Joff & Ms. Mummy 100?
Potato Whoa!
Enid [Walks to K.O.] Are you serious K.O.?
All Whoa!
Drupe A level 100? No way!
K.O. Uh, yes way?
Drupe All right then, prove it! Show us your pow card.
[All gasp, after K.O. shows his Pow Card]
Brandon That’s like, a way higher level than anyone else in the plaza!
A Real Magic Skeleton You’re even more powerful than Gar!
K.O. Yeah, you’re right! I’m more powerful than, well, everybody!
All Whoa!
Red Action Pretty sick, dude.
Drupe Yeah, guess you’re cooler than I thought.
Joff It’s an honor to know such a great warrior!
Ms. Mummy Mm-hmm!
Enid [pink petals are surrounding her] I always knew you’d do great things, kid. [Gives a small punch to K.O.] I’m so proud of you, K.O.
Rad [Puts his arm on K.O.] Uh, can I get you anything K.O.? Soda? Snacks? You want me to wash your car?
K.O. I don’t have a car.
Rad [Tries to give keys to K.O.] Then uh, take mine! Only the best for you my level 100 best friend!
K.O. Hehehehehe. [Thinking] Everyone loves me so such! I’m the strongest in the plaza! I’m the most important person here! Me!
[Cuts to the Action News 52 scene]
Announcer This is Action News 52, bringing you your daily dose of action news!
[The Action News 52 truck appears, falls off a cliff and lands on a car]
Dynamite Watkins [Kicks a door out] Action! Hup! This is Dynamite Watkins, comin’ at you live in the heart of the neutral zone. We’re here in front of Gar’s bodega, where a crowd has gathered to see the newcomer hero with a power level of 100. You heard me, level 100! And here is the famed hero himself, K.O.! How does it feel being the most powerful being in the plaza —possibly the world!
K.O. Well, I always knew I would be a great hero some day, but I didn’t think it would happen after only a week! Guess I’m just that good!
Dynamite Watkins And how do your friends and family feel about this newfound power of yours?
Enid [Enid and Rad tries to get in the way] Make way, coming though! Move it, jerk! Not to brag, but me and K.O. go way back to the beginning of the week. N.B.D.
Rad And I sort of act as K.O.’s best friend/life coach/older brother figure. We’re really close.
Potato K.O.! Can i have your autograph?!
K.O. Ha, sure kid. [Signs Potato’s book] [Thinking] Wow, being level 100 is so cool. [Signs another book] Everyone loves me and I feel so important! [Signs Brandon’s arm] I can’t wait to put my amazing skills to the test and some dastardly foe! [Signs another book] And who should I make this out to?
Lord Boxman Lord Boxman.
K.O. [Continues to sign] Lord… boxm— Lord Boxman!
Lord Boxman So, you’re the little twerp claiming to be level 100. Ha! Impossible!
K.O. Oh, yeah? If I weren’t a level 100, how else would i have kicked your butt all week!
Lord Boxman Well, that was… on purpose! I lost to you on purpose, yes, as a… as a prank on you! So… ha! Anyway, [pulls out a remote] today I have something specially prepared that only a true level 100 hero could handle. Much stronger than anything you’ve yet faced. [Drops a box, revealing a giant Darrell] Say hello to my latest creation. I call him, Big Darrell. I’ve upped him to be level negative 100! Ba-ha-ha!
Crowd Oh! This is bad!
Enid K.O., this thing is really powerful. Yeah bud, maybe we should call Mr.—mph!
K.O. [Shoves his Pow Card to Rad’s mouth] Heh. Trust me, guys, this will be easy for a level 100 like me. Just try not to get in the way. you really think this bucket of bolts will be able to stop me? Heh. i stomped you once and I’ll stomp you again, Lord Buttman!
Crowd K.O.! K.O.! K.O.! K.O.! [While Enid and Rad are worried]
K.O. You’re going down, robo-dweeb! Level 100 takedown! Aah! [Big Darrell flicks K.O. with his finger, sending K.O. rolling to the ground. [Gasping] Grr! Stand back, everyone, I’m gonna smack this chump down! [Growling]
Big Darrell Huh? [Picks up K.O., and writes GET WRECKT with him on the parking lot]
Lord Boxman Ha!
Crowd [Gasping]
[Big Darrell crushes K.O. on the ground, and he laughs and fist-bumps Lord Boxman]
K.O. [angry] Agh! [Thinking] I don’t understand! I should be trashing this junk-head. I mean, come on, I’m the great level 100 hero! Mwah.
Big Darrell [laughing] Hey! Seriously, are you on your phone? So rude. Give me that! [Snatches K.O.’s Pow Card]
K.O. Hey!
Big Darrell Oh, your own pow card. Rude and narcissistic!
K.O. Give it back!
Big Darrell You want it so bad? Come get it! [K.O. struggles to get his Pow Card] Oop!
K.O. Give it back to me!
Lord Boxman [Puts on movie glasses and eats popcorn] Hoo hoo! This is rich!
K.O. Argh! Come on!
Big Darrell Fine. You want it so bad? Go fetch. [Throws K.O.’s Pow Card]
Lord Boxman Ooh-hoo-hoo!
[Pow Card smashes to the ground]
K.O. No! [Jumps to see his Pow Card glitching, realizing that his level is 0] Huh? Level 0? [Pow Card destroyed] It was just a glitch all along?
[Crowd gasps]
K.O. [Thinking] Sometimes, a hero is faced with a seemingly impossible challenge. Like staring down something that makes him incredibly sad… [Rain pours on him]
Cloud Oh, I’m sorry! Here’s a tissue.
[K.O. blows his nose]
Big Darrell Quit spacing out will ya?
K.O. Um… wait. Let’s call it off for now.
Big Darrell Ha! What I’m about to do to you will be the worst thing that’s ever happened to you. And the last! ‘Cause you’ll be destroyed! [Prepares to punch K.O.]
K.O. Aah!
Big Darrell Take th—
Enid [Enters the fight] Yah! [Slams him to the ground] Don’t worry, K.O.! We’ve got your back!
Rad After all, I’m level 2!
Enid And I’m level 3! So together…
Enid & Rad We just might be able to—
Big Darrell Get off me you… you…
Lord Boxman Filthy monsters.
Big Darrell You filthy monsters! [Throws Enid and Rad to the ground]
Enid & Rad Aah!
K.O. Rad! Enid!
Red Action What’s the deal, kid? You said you were level 100!
K.O. I thought I was! But, it was a mistake. I’m sorry!
Red Action I don’t want no autograph from someone that’s not even on my level. [Fires K.O.’s autograph]
Drupe Not cool.
A Real Magic Skeleton Guess I don’t want mine either. As a level 2 and all. You want it?
Brandon No, dude! You know I’m level 2, too!
Colewort I’m level 1. Uh, was I not supposed to— [Runs out] oh, my gosh, I don’t know, I’m sorry!
K.O. Hey, wait! You guys are 2, you’re 4, Rad and Enid are 2 and 3, uh… Mr. Logic! Can you add up everyone’s levels?
Mr. Logic [Scans everyone’s levels] Three, one, five, three, one, two, four, eight, one, three… Everyone here in the plaza adds up to…
Colewort 10! Is it 10?
Mr. Logic 100!
Crowd 100?
K.O. Did you hear that, guys? If we were all one hero, well, you’d be my most prized pow card!
Red Action You guys thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?
Crowd Yeah!
Colewort No?
Lord Boxman Oh, Darrell, you’re doing such a good job!
Big Darrell Wow! Uh, thanks, Dad! I never heard you say that before. Hm?
K.O. Huh?
[The crowd is formed into one giant arm]
K.O. Me?
Big Darrell Oh, big arm—wow. More like big whoop! Am I right, Dad?
Red Action Come on, kid!
K.O. But, I’m just level 0. I can’t do anything.
Rad Sure you can, K.O.. You just gotta give it a good smack!
[K.O. prepares to use the giant arm to smack Big Darrell and crushes him into two halves. Darrell comes out and his body blows up leaving his head intact]
Lord Boxman No! Oh, those wretched do-gooders! Wretched do-gooders! [Picks up the Darrell head] You haven’t seen the last of— [His hovering desk lands on a bush] uh… whoa! Aah! [Falls off to the bush and runs to the Boxmore Industries]
[Crowd cheers]
Enid Nice job out there, squirt!
K.O. Thanks, but I didn’t really do much. You guys are the real heroes! I might not be there yet, but I know I’m not alone! [Sees the crowd] It did feel really good to think I was an actual her—[Pow Card beeps] Oh?
[K.O. fixes his broken Pow Card to see that his level was changed to 0.1]
K.O. [Gasps] Oh, yes! You see this? [Shows his Pow Card to Enid and Rad] Huh? I’m point one! I’m point one! I’m point one! [Flies to the sky] Only 99.9 more levels to go! Woo-hoo!
Rad Uh, should we tell him that power levels aren’t everything?
Enid Nah, he’s happy.
[A K.O. firework shows up and the episode ends]

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