Yellow Technique is a minor character in OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. She's from the future and a member of the Hue Troop.

Physical Appearance

Yellow Technique is a slim, dark-skinned character. She has medium pastel yellow colored hair, which covers her right eye. She also has sharp eyebrows and eyelashes and a pointy nose.

Since she's part of the Hue Troop, Yellow Technique wears an armor that leaves her midriff exposed, dark grey shorts, cannon arms, a single yellow right hand glove, a belt, and high heels.

In her case, her armor is yellow colored, with a few blue stripes, and the symbol in her belt buckle is a skull.


She usually acts in a calm, relaxed, mature manner. However, she is not serious all the time, as shown when she did her introduction.

Yellow Technique has been shown to be stringent and disciplined, which can be viewed as a foil to Red Action's frivolous qualities. This is shown by Yellow Technique's prominent presence when the Hue Troop attempted to bring Red Action back to the future to answer for her actions. This was also demonstrated When Yellow Technique requested Red Action to fight an important battle in the future. Red Action wanted to bring K.O. and Enid along, and Yellow Technique refused because it is against the rules.

Abilities and Powers

  • Laser Blast: Both arms can transform into cannons that shoot lasers.


She pilots a yellow vehicle called the Lamprey. Its operational characteristics suggest it may be a ground-effect vehicle.

Observed Weaponry

  • The Lamprey can generate a sucking vortex.

Episode Appearances


  • Character concept and design by Mira Ongchua.
  • Lamprey designed by Parker Simmons.
  • Character production model sheets by Brandon Wu.
  • Red Action has a selfie with Yellow Technique on her social media account. The caption was "remember the future times" and included a broken heart.


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