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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off with K.O. placing a wet floor sign while Mr. Gar is commanding his employees]
K.O. [Humming] Time to mop.
Mr. Gar So let’s put our noses to the grindstone…
[K.O. places a circle of wet floor signs]
K.O. And now that we’ve taken proper precautions… [Clears throat] Watch out, all! Here comes the dirt exterminator, with the star of today’s session—[holds out a mop] the power mop!
Enid Uh, that looks like a regular old mop to me, bub-o.
K.O. [laughing] Oh, no, no. This is but its dormant state. Let us tap into its true potential. Bloop. [Pushes the button to generate the mop, K.O. falls off]
Enid Ew!
Rad Dude, nice!
[The mop starts to clean]
Enid & Rad Whoa!
[Gregg takes food to Potato’s basket, which the mop knocks Potato down]
A Real Magic Skeleton Power balls… Power— [The mop knocks the power balls stand and A Real Magic Skeleton]
Mr. Gar Stop that renegade mop!
Enid Stop right— [The mop knocks her out]
Rad Come to Papa— [The mops knocks him out as well]
K.O. I got it— Oof! [The mops knock him out as well]
[The mop crashes throughout the bodega and titlecard appears]
Mr. Gar Bodega-men! [Enid, Rad, and K.O. stands in salute] Looks like the store… will be closed today for repairs.
Enid Well, I don’t particularly mind.
K.O. Noooooo!! Uh. I mean… no. That won’t be necessary. Because I know someone who can fix just about everything.
[Dendy enters the bodega]
Dendy You called for my assistance, K.O.?
K.O. Dendy! Dendy, Dendy, Dendy, Dendy! We got— We got problems!
Dendy Hmm. I understand your predicament.
Dendy [Points to Mr. Gar] Mr. Gar here is overcompensating for his receding hairline with muscles.
Mr. Gar Hey!
Dendy [Points to Rad] Rad is pretending to be super macho. Even though, he’s a big softy.
Rad Th— That’s not true.
Dendy [Points to the mop] We have a cleaning apparatus with a tacky design. [Points to Enid while she’s picking her nose] Or perhaps, is it how Enid acts super cool because she’s internally struggling with her identity.
Enid Uh. uh. [Stomps on the ground] Uh. Absolutely not.
Dendy Hmmm..uhmm, it must be...
[Mr. Gar picks up Dendy and screams at her]
[Dendy falls on the ground and adds some cords to the mop, K.O. is amazed]
K.O. Woooow!
[Dendy plugs cords into the backpack and opens a hologram screen]
K.O. Coooool! [said fast] What's that?
Dendy Oh, that is just a digital read-out of the mop’s cyber mechanic.
K.O. what's that?
Dendy Thats a statistical analysis of the Pow Card economy.
K.O. What's that? Looks kind of, advertising.
Dendy That's an unconvincing pop-up ad trying to trick gullible people to letting a virus lose onto their system, I highly advise that [pop-ups appear] again — you just pressed it didn’t you?
K.O. [More pop-ups appear] [Panting] No?
[More pop-ups appear that it sent a signal to the mop, glitching i. Enid and Rad roll down, causing some glitch to spread]
Dendy We should take cover as well.
[K.O, nods in agreement]
[The mop glitches then it hits some shelves and the cashier.]
Dendy [Sigh] K.O., I really wished you let me finished before you wanna go ahead and press that pop-up. This is highly inconvenient. What were you thinking?
K.O. [Laughs Nervously] I did not touch it! I swear. Besides, it does not matter who caused it. I can, mop it up!
[The mop disappears]
K.O. Ohh, yeah. My mop’s broken, I’ll just clean it later!
[The sign glitches]
[A Real Magic Skeleton walks towards the glitch, then glitches to transform into CGI form]
Brandon Yo! Let's head back, woah? Buddy are you ok?
[His friend glitches, making Shelves fall]
Enid Uhh, what the heck is going on here?
Dendy [Sarcastically] Well, K.O. apparently didn’t click on a pop-up ad that unleashed what seems to be a contagious glitch virus.
K.O. That's right I didn't.
[Enid, Rad, Dendy, and K.O. screams]
Dendy What is it needing?
Rad Calm down my friends! I got this in no time!
[Rad makes a can wall, which gets busted]
Rad I don’t know why I thought that would work.
Potato You think this carrot is good for the ratatouille?
[Potato and Gregg get bitten by A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon]
Enid Let's just leave the glitch mess in someone else’s hands, AND RUN!!!!!
[K.O. touches the door and appears the glitch has spread to the door]
K.O. Enid! The door is glitched too!
Enid Aw dang whack. Uhh, let's go to the break room!
[Brandon, ARMS, Potato, and Gregg rise from the ground chasing them. The four keep running until Rad’s ankle breaks]
Rad HMP!!!!
Enid I got you dude!
Rad I can walk, I can walk. [His bone shows up, making him hurt worse]
K.O. Rad!! No!!!
Rad Don’t cry little K.O.! Radicles does not give up! [His hand bone also cracks] I'll just, levitate.
[The glitches eats Rad]
[Most of the glitches are going towards K.O.’s way]
Rad [Pixelated speaking]
[Enid, K.O., and Dendy comes to the door]
Enid Come on! Come on! Faster! hurry! Grab some things to barricade the door!
[Rad almost bites them, then Enid shuts the door, looking disgusted. Rad’s Face is on the door]
[The glitch is on the door]
Enid The glitch is spreading! Quick! Throw things at his face.
[Dendy and K.O. throws random stuff in his face]
Enid Aughhh, I can still see his cruddy face!
[Dendy puts ketchup on Rad’s face]
Enid Oh, thanks Dendy!
[The ketchup gets pinched, making them spread to revealing Rad’s CGI eyes]
Dendy K.O., I hope you know That none of this would have happened if you didn’t click that pop-up.
K.O. [Guilty] I didn’t click anything!
[The barricade has the glitch’s hand, clipping through it]
Dendy & K.O. ENID!
Enid Woah, geez. How did they get through the barricade!
Dendy They’re clipping through the walls. I’d step away from the barricade Enid!
Enid Heh, uhh yeah!
K.O. [Worried] Uhmm, Enid? What's wrong with your hair?
[The glitch has spread to Enid]
Enid Hahaha. It's probably just a stain from [glitches].
K.O. Are you sure you're ok?
Enid I’m fine K.O., [Appears glitched, mouth and eyes are duplicated] Come here!
[Dendy and K.O. are scared and the rest of the glitches clip through, resulting them to run]
K.O. I wish I could just hit reset on the whole day, If I only never opened up that dumb pop-up!
Dendy That's, it!
K.O. I know Dendy! I hit that pop-up even though you said not to [Crying] I’m so sorry! [A tear drops]
Dendy That is not what I'm referring to. Well, I mean yes, but the whole world could have been destroyed because of your earlier actions. But I meant what you first said, [Thinks] about hitting reset, we should be able to fix this if we use my hack pack to recalibrate the plaza and radiate the glitches presence from a fundamental level, everything would be ok! [She thumbs up, a sweat comes down]
K.O. [Amazed] Snippity snap! Where is your hack pack?
Dendy It's [A vision of where her Hackpack is on the other side of the store] still in the store. [Sits]
K.O. What? We’ll never make it out there!
Dendy Yes, it is impossible. We are definitely doomed, but at least we will end our existence. Together.
K.O. [realizes and sits as well, in front of Dendy] Dendy, let's look at each other. So that the last thing we see before we go is a friendly face. Instead one of those glitch things, I’m glad you were my friend Dendy.
Dendy I’m glad that I was your friend too, K.O.
K.O. Those glitches sure are taking their time!
[Having six Glitches, makes them slow to process, making them loading, stuck]
K.O. Uhmm, what's going on?
Dendy It appears as if the glitches, have glitched! Having this many glitches at once must have overloaded the system!
K.O. Do you know what this means?
Dendy We have more time to study the glitches before they destroy us!
K.O. No no no! It means we got time to get your Hackpack!
[Rad tries to glitch them]
[K.O. and Dendy crash to a few objects]
K.O. It’s surrounded by ad screens!
Dendy Worry not! I have prepared a backup keyboard incase of emergencies! [A keyboard appears]
K.O Woahh!
Dendy Now we just need to hit CONTROL ALT, DELETE at the same time.
K.O. Uhmm, ok ok ok, CONTROL, ALT, DELETE!
[The glitches busts the door]
Dendy We must connect the glitches to the Hackpack as well. I'm Just not sure how.
K.O. I know how! [Gets six plugs] I started this, I’m going to finish it.
[The glitches are walking towards Dendy and K.O.. K.O. is towards them with plugs]
K.O. [Screams] Here it comes! [Spreads the plugs to The glitches]
[All of them have plugs]
K.O. [Goes to the backpack] Control, Alt, and Dele- Ow! [K.O. gets held by the glitches, and bitten] Must, reach, Delete!
Dendy Oh, I'll just get that for you! [Clicks Delete]
[The glitches go away, a dot glows, forming reloading and it reloads the whole plaza]
Dendy Ahh!
K.O. Everyone! your not creepy anymore!
Rad Eee, K.O., Uhmm.
[K.O.’s face is glitched]
K.O. What? I'm just glad everyone is ok now!
Mr. Gar Well, whatever this manual says, maybe you should fix your study.
Dendy [Laughs oddly]
[Zooms into K.O,’s face, ending the episode]

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