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Speaker Dialogue
K.O. walks to Gar's, sees that Sparko, Potato and Pink Turtle as new hires. Sparko works in the cashier, Potato cleaning the floor and Pink Turtle stacking boxes.
Sparko Hmm…
The name appears: "Sparko, Lv. 3, Electric Boy, New Hire at the Bodega".
Sparko Oh, hey, K.O. Back from the mission? Bet you did great out there.
K.O. THanks. (thinking) Did I really? Rad and Enid could've probably taken care of it on their own. Huh.
Sparko laughing, sighs.
K.O. (thinking) Sparko seems kind of nervous. Is he worried about his new job too? (speaks to Sparko) Um, you're doing a great job, too, Sparko.
Sparko Oh, man! Really? I thought I was doing a horrible job.
K.O. and Sparko laughs, sighs.
Sparko It means a lot to hear that from a pro like you, K.O.
K.O. Well, time to get back to the old Bodega grind.
Mr. Gar K.O.!
Sparko Whoa!
Mr. Gar Emergency mission! We need you in mission control now!
K.O. Oh, man.
Enid Ugh, heard that.
K.O. Uh, mopping floors isn't do bad.
At the bodega garage, Rad and Enid are preparing, Enid groans by stretching. When she turns around, she sees K.O. walk sadly with a rainy cloud on his head.
Enid Hey, K.O., is everything all right? You're not your usual sunny self.
K.O. Oh.
K.O. makes a funny face.
Enid No dice, little buddy. That's not gonna fool me. Now, what's the matter?
K.O. Well, it's just that… I don't think I'm contributing as much to the team as you guys.
Rad But you punched a dragon into next week.
K.O. But is that my only skill? One thing?
Enid Hmm.
Enid thinking.
Enid I wound't worry about it, K.O. Punching a dragon into next week is plenty.
K.O., Rad and Enid Wow.
Dendy Wow. That must be the Rainbow Dragon. They usually feed on glorbs to survive, but this one must have been so malnourished that it lost its brilliant hue. It explains why we did not recognize it sooner.
K.O. It's so beautiful.
Ted Viking Uh, excuse me, Mr. Dragon.
Dragon Huh?
Ted Viking We're so, so sorry for driving you away. We didn't know you were "yust" "yungry".
Foxy Please come back any time! And, uh, have as many glorbs as you wish.
Enid Well, all's well that ends well.
Rad Yep. But, K.O., I got to ask, how did you know that all the dragon wanted was some glorbs?
K.O. Oh. I don't know. I guess I just thought about the dragon and why it was attacking instead of just trying to punch it.
Enid Thoughtful, empathetic, and insightful. Looks like you're learning a new skill.
K.O. gasps.
Enid What do you think, Rad?
Rad Yep. A special skill called maturity.
Rad burps in Enid's face, laughing at her, angering her. Enid kicking Rad on the face.
Enid What is wrong with you?! Your breath smells like trash!
Enid squeeze Rad's face.
Enid Why would you burp right in my face?!
K.O. Yahoo!

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