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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off with Enid snapping and Corn Shepard watering his corn field]
Corn Shepard [Humming] Huh? [Opens his ears]
[Shoots down corn and Enid uses her power kick to make popcorn. TV turns on and the titlecard appears]
K.O. Wow, Enid! That was amazing!
Rad Yeah, that’s all right. But check this out! [Throws popcorn but misses the microwave]
[Rad puts the popcorn back to the microwave which eventually blows up]
K.O. & Rad Gar’s favorite microwave!
[Tries to blow out the fire]
Rad Quick, K.O., cry on it! [K.O. cries]
Enid Hey. Be cool. [Approaches to the microwave. Chews a lollipop and pounds on the microwave to extinguish the fire]
K.O. So cool, Enid. Thanks! [Enid throws the popcorn to his face] [Pipes shaking] Maybe you can fix those faulty pipes, too.
Enid Yeah, sure— when I feel like it.
K.O. [Eats popcorn] Isn’t [gags] Enid the [gags] coolest, Rad? [gags]
[The fire creates an icy throne for Enid]
Rad [Shivers] Totally.
[A trio of pests surfs out of the pipes]
Gnarlio Macdaddies!
Rad & K.O. Aah!
Gnarlio The name’s Gnarlio— the cool lizard. And these are my homies— Peej…
Peej #Sup.
Gnarlio …And Chill Cat.
Chill Cat Dat’s my name. Don’t wear it out.
[Rollerskates in a circle]
Gnarlio Where’s the party at?! [Laughs]
K.O. Pests! [Takes a broom to sweep them away] Shoo, shoo!
Rad [Stops K.O.] Whoa, whoa, whoa! Dude, no! These aren’t just pests, they’re cool pests. Don’t worry. I’ll handle the talking. [Clears throat] Hit it. [Hip-hop beat plays] [Multiple Rads appears] Go, go, go, Rad. Go, go, go, Rad.
[Rad plays the electric guitar] [Changes outfit] What’s up?! You dawgs want to par-tay?! [Blows a party blower] Are you diggety down to cliggety clown? [Honks the red nose]
Gnarlio Absolutely, my dude! Give me five up-top! [Rad is about to give him a high five but Gnarlio tricks him] Psych!
[He and his friends laugh]
Peej #Lame.
Gnarlio Yeah, we’re down to clown— clown on you! [Laughs] Hu— W—What? [Tosses his sunglasses] But you. [Moves his wave to Enid] You haven’t even looked in our general direction.
Gnarlio, Peej, & Chill Cat That’s tight!
Enid Heh, thanks.
Gnarlio So you want to, like, hang with us or whatever?
Enid Sure. Sounds like fun. [The pests lift Enid up chanting “Par-tay!”] Y’all mind if I chill with these guys for today? You can handle the counter, right?
Rad [Scoffs] Yeah, we can handle it. In fact, we’re gonna go handle it right now [slides K.O. gently] ‘cause it’s cool to… have a job and not wear sunglasses… and ride on skates.
Enid Cool. Catch you guys later.
K.O. Bye, Enid! Bye, Gnarlio! Bye, Peej! Bye, Chill Chat! Have a fun ti— [Rad and K.O. shuts the down]
Gnarlio Man, those guys are dweebs.
Enid Yeah, but they’re my favorite dweebs.
Rad Hoo! Glad to get some fresh air. Those chumps were really crampin’ my style back there.
K.O. You’re cramping? My mom likes to use these packs called Frostyblaze that can help with that! We have them in aisle o—
Rad [Puts his hand on K.O.’s mouth] Not that kind of cramp, K.O.
[The pests and Enid play hacky sack]
Gnarlio Think fast, brah! [Kicks sack to Chill Cat]
Chill Cat Whoa! Comin’ at ya, Peej! [Kicks sack to Peej]
Peej Put some #stank on this one! [Kicks sack to Enid]
Gnarlio Hack that sack, E-dawg!
Enid Huh. Hyah! [Hacky sack hit the window and Crinkly Wrinkly]
Crinkly Wrinkly [Plays with it] All right!
Enid [Chuckles] Nice.
Chill Cat, Gnarlio, & Peej Wicked!
Enid Thanks, guys.
Peej [Climbs on Enid] #TotalPwnage!
[The others climbed on her as well]
Gnarlio What else kind of shenanigans ya got around this joint?
Enid I could show you guys how to get infinite snacks from the vending machine?
Gnarlio Yes!
Chill Cat All right! Tubular!
K.O. Enid sure does look like she’s having a lot of cool fun with her cool friends. Uh, that’s cool.
Rad I just hope she comes back to man the counter soon. Luckily it’s not too busy.
[A tumbleweed comes by and reveals to be a customer]
Tumbles Uh, hi, there, boys. Can I ask y’all a quick question?
Rad A question? Uh, go ahead and, uh… ask it?
Tumbles I was— was wondering if… you had any…
[Clock rings]
Rad Well, that’s our lunch break! Guess we’ll just have to answer your question after we get back. [Puts a blanket over Tumbles and the counter] Hang tight, sir. [Enters the break room with K.O.] Whew. That was a close one. Let’s get some grub! [Opens freezer] Hmm. Ah! Care to share a pizza for one, for two, K.O.?
K.O. Hmm!
[Smoke comes out of the microwave and both gasps]
Rad Ugh. Hey, Enid, could you give us a hand?
Enid Launch. [Peej throws a bread and Enid uses her powers to slice in half] Launch. [Chill Cat and Gnarlio throws meat and Enid uses her powers to slice the meat] Launch! [The pests throws the tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese. Enid throws her sunglasses to slice them. [Sunglasses return and she holds out a completed sandwich. Eats it]
Chill Cat, Peej, & Gnarlio Sick!
[Gnarlio and Enid high fives]
Rad Eh, she seems busy. Cold pizza is better than hot pizza anyway, right?
[K.O. and Rad eats the cold pizza]
Chill Cat So what’re we gonna do now, Enid?
Peej #Let’sParty!
[Gnarlio skateboards over them]
Enid Ha, chill out, guys. It’s lunch. We can just sit and talk, you know.
Chill Cat About what?
Enid Um, let’s see. Who’s read a good book lately? Or watched a good movie?
Peej #Books.
Gnarlio This is lame! Luckily, I just called up some buds who are ready to par-tay. [Chuckles]
Chill Cat & Peej Party!
Enid What do you guys do when you’re not partying?
Chill Cat, Peej, & Gnarlio Party!
Enid No, I said when you’re not partying.
Chill Cat, Peej, & Gnarlio Party!
[A party bus with a crowd lands in front of the Bodega]
Frat Boy 1 [Holds out a boombox] Who rocks the party that rocks your body?!
Crowd We do!
Frat Boy 2 I got so much money to spend and so many bad decisions to make!
K.O. Do you hear something, Rad?
Rad Uh, K.O.
Tumbles Oh, wait!
[Crowd comes in the Bodega. The pests and Enid waves out of the break room]
Peej, Gnarlio, & Chill Cat Whoa!
Gnarlio Here the party at! Finally! This palce is jumping!
Enid Oh, no.
Frat Boy 3 Dude, give me your strongest fruit punch on the rocks.
K.O. Uh, we don’t sell rocks. Uh… take a number? [Another person brings K.O. to his side]
Frat Boy 4 So, what’s good here?
K.O. Um… everything? Rad, I think these people are in the wrong store.
Rad Uh… I sure hope Enid comes back soon.
Gnarlio [Swinging on the chandelier] Par-tay! Par-tay! Par-tay! [Drinks apple juice]
Enid Hey! That chandelier was just installed this morning!
Chill Cat [Being carried from the crowd] Par-tay hearty!
Peej [Spray paints on people] #Partay!
[All wreak havoc with the crowd]
Chill Cat Best party ever!
Rad Please, we’ll get to you when we can!
Tumbles Please! I beg of you! My muscles— Oh, they ache! They cramp! I need Frostyblaze!
K.O. Rad, there’s an actual customer, and I actually know what they want!
Rad Huh?!
K.O. I will help you valued customer!
Rad Don’t go out there! K.O.!
[K.O. jumps into the crowd and Rad gets buried with it]
K.O. Excuse me. [Gasps] [Sees the Frostyblaze]
[Peej, Chill Cat, and Gnarlio climbs on top of the shelf]
Gnarlio This is gonna be totally sweet!
Enid There you are!
Gnarlio Hey, E-dawg! Help us knock over these shelves and catch a tasty wave with us.
Enid [Sighs] Before it was just innocent vandalism. But this is straight-up destruction. I need you to cool it.
Gnarlio [Scoffs] Whatever, man. We are coolin’ it. Guess you’re just as lame as your dweeb friends. Come on, gang. Let’s catch that tasty wave! [Knocks the shelf]
Enid No!
[A domino effect is creating by knocking a couple of shelves while K.O. tries to get the Frostyblaze]
K.O. Almost there.
Gnarlio [Slow-motion] Tasty wave, bro.
K.O. Huh? [Gasps] [Enid holds the shelf with her foot] Enid! Those pests are ruining the store!
Enid I know, K.O. I’m gonna take care of them.
K.O. Are you gonna kick their butts?
Enid Nah. I’m gonna kick their minds. [Kicks the shelves back to the pests]
Peej Uh-oh!
[The shelves fall on them]
Gnarlio What the… E-dawg, what the heck?!
Peej #Notcool!
Chill Cat We thought you were Enid McCooly-Coolerson! More like Enid Lamer McLamestein.
Gnarlio Let’s get out of here, brosephs.
Enid You talk about being cool, but do you even know what that means? Hey! [Snaps] Look me in the eye! [The pests are frightened by her] Being cool is about being real. So, who are you, really? Chill Cat, who are you without your 3-D glasses? Why do you wear them all the time? 3-D glasses don’t even look like that anymore. Peej, you don’t have to put a hastag in front of everything. Sometimes it’s more cool to say things that aren’t trending. And you, Gnarlio, what are you without Rollerblades, your surfboard, your backwards baseball cap? Who are you without all the layers of trends and the “cool” persona you’re trying to be? Who are all of you when you’re not being self-destructive party jerks? I know who I am. I’m Enid, I work the front counter at Gar’s, and I friends with K.O.. [Rad clears throat] And Rad, I guess. Anyway, I know who I am. Do you?
Gnarlio Let’s go, guys.
[The pests leave. Enid and K.O. steps out]
K.O. Do you think you got through to them, Enid?
Enid I don’t know, K.O.. I guess only time will tell. Hmm. Let’s go help Rad clear out this party. [Walks back to the Bodega]
Chill Cat I guess I’m out of here. Deuces, guys. [Leaves]
Peej Lates, Chill Cat. I should probs dip, too. [Leaves]
Gnarlio Yeah, catch ya on the flip side, Peej.
[They all part ways. Peej stands on the mirror, takes off her glasses, and writes Who am I? She sells novels and signs them. Chill Cat works as an optometrist with a degree. Her client is Tumbles. Gnarlio returns from his work to home with his family. He has a son and a wife]
Gnarlio Jr Daddy!
Gnarlio [Hugs his son] [Laughs] There’s my guy!
Mrs. Gnarlio Welcome home, sweetie.
Gnarlio Hey, hon. Uh, could you tuck little Junior here into bed? I need to take care of something real quick.
Mrs. Gnarlio Sure thing, hon. I’ll meet you upstairs. [Kisses her husband]
Gnarlio Jr. Night-night, Papa.
[Gnarlio takes off his suit coat and sits on a chair. He opens his memory album. Sheds a tear on it]
Gnarlio Thank you.
[The episode ends]

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