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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts off with K.O. preparing his plate of nachos.
K.O. Lightning cheese to represent a flash of instinct.
K.O. places jalapenos.
K.O. Laser jalapenos, to represent the precision of a sharp intellect.
K.O. places beef cubes.
K.O. And beef power cubes, for strength. By these ingredients combined, I’ve created the ultimate nacho mix! Fit for a hero!
Baby Teeth drools wanting to eat the nachos.
K.O. Or… maybe they’re fit for the official animal mascot of the Bodega— Baby Teeth!
Baby Teeth eats the nachos.
K.O. Who has been here this whole time. It must be nice to be such a cute and beloved animal.
Alarm blares.
K.O. Uh?
Titlecard appears, K.O. heads out of the store.
Enid So what do you think we got today?
Rad Ah, I don’t know. I’ll bet it’s another lame Darrell.
A Boxmore box lands on the ground while something in it is creating noise. Enid chuckles.
Enid Uh, is it okay in there?
Rad chuckles.
Rad Yeah. You two can take this one. I’m out.
K.O. Rad!
Rad Come on, K.O.. I’d feel bad clobbering a robot that can’t even open its own box.
The robot claws the box with letter "M" to open it. It reveals to be Mikayla, she growls.
Enid Good thing it was able to get out, huh, Rad?
Rad Hey!
K.O. H-Hi there. E-Excuse me?
K.O. approaches to Mikayla.
K.O. You look a lot different from your brothers and sister. Are you, like, their pet?
Mikayla approaches K.O.
K.O. Or…
K.O. gasps.
K.O. Could you be the official animal mascot of Boxmore?
Rad K.O., stop talking to it!
Mikayla hisses.
Mikyala Mikayla!
K.O. Mikayla? That’s a beautiful name! Uh, my name’s K.O..
Mikayla prepares to scratch him.
K.O. And I work at Gar’s Bodega, where we—
Rad catches K.O..
Rad Aah!
Rad falls to the ground with K.O.
Rad Enid!
Enid I got it!
Enid jumps.
Enid Hyah!
Mikayla dodges it and runs away while Enid chases her.
Enid Keep your paws off my friends, jerk!
Mikayla jumps between cars, however Rad catches her with his finger move.
Enid Nice save.
Rad Heh. I’m back in the game. Whoa!
Mikayla keeps banging on the pole to knock it down while the pole falls off. Rad lets go of Mikayla.
K.O. Rad! Hey, buddy.
Mikayla growls.
K.O. Come here. I-I’m not gonna hurt you.
Mikayla hisses.
K.O. See? There’s no need for us to fight.
Mikayla growls and digs the ground making a mess.
K.O. Owwww! Whyyyyy?!
Rad drives his van to block the mess. He and Enid gets off the van.
Enid Looks like our normal approach isn’t working.
Rad She’s too unpredictable. It’s like fighting a wild animal.
K.O. gasps.
K.O. That’s it. In times of need, the hero’s noble animal companion always sweeps in to win the day!
K.O. whistles.
K.O. Baby Teeth! Come forth!
Baby Teeth still eating the nachos.
Baby Teeth Huh?
Baby Teeth looks out but continues to eat nachos.
Enid Any other bright ideas?
K.O. Hmmmm. Well… maybe we could become animals.
Rad "Become" animals? How could we do that?
Dendy [Opens Rad’s van door] It’s simple. You just need to be bitten by a were-animal.
Rad, K.O., & Enid Dendy!
Rad What were you doing in my van?
Dendy [Shows a hologram of a were-animal] A were-animal’s fangs secrete a special were-enzyme that activates the bitten’s inner beast.
K.O. Uh… were-animal?!
Rad [Chuckles] I think you mean, "Where is animal, K.O."
[K.O. laughs but Enid is unimpressed]
K.O. Yeah, my bad.
Enid [Grabs K.O. and Rad and shows them to Crinkly Wrinkly] There animal! Let’s get bit.
Rad & K.O. Hm!
Enid, Rad, & K.O. Come on! Bite us! Please bite us! Bite me!
Crinkly Wrinkly Whaaaat?! [Wheezes]
Enid Look, I know it sounds strange, but I promise you it’s for a good reason. [Crinkly Wrinkly bites her arm] Owwww! Ugh! [Shakes him] Get off me you dusty, little creep!
Crinkly Wrinkly [KO catches him] Why, thank ya, sonny! [Chomps K.O.’s nose]
K.O. Owww! Ugh!
Rad [Laughs] [Crinkly chomps Rad’s hand] Aaaaaah!
Crinkly Wrinkly A-hoo-hoo-hoo! I’ve been wanting to do that for ages!
Enid Wait, you wanted to bite us?!
Rad Ew!
K.O. You weren’t supposed to like it!
Enid Ugh! Blek!
Rad That cannot be legal.
Crinkly Wrinkly [On the bus] Hahaha, enjoy your cuuuuurse! [The bus drives off]
Enid Your garbage curse didn’t even work, you dank, old pillowcase!!! [A bunny tail appears behind her]
K.O. Enid! Y-You have a new ponytail! On your butt!
Enid Oh! Cute! But I don’t think it’s a ponytail. It’s more of a… [She grows bunny ears and transforming into a bunny] Oh, uh, oh! [Her feet transforms into bunny feet ripping her shoes] A bunny! It must be because I’m so… [Hops] …quick on my feet.
Rad Whoa! Nice! If your inner animal is fast, then mine must be something totally macho. Like a classic werewolf! [Claws and a tail is grown out] Yeah! I can feel it! [Rips his shirt off] [Laughs] [A collar with a bell appears on his neck] Oh. A cat? Nice. Must be because I’m so… [Licks himself] …cleaaaaan.
K.O. Wow! Wow, wow, wow! You guys look so cool! [Grows a tail out] Ah! I can’t wait to find out what I’m gonna be!
Enid & Rad A puppy!
Rad That’s so K.O.!
Enid Of course he’s a puppy! It’s perfect because he’s such a good boy!
[K.O. transforms into a puppy and barks. Enid and Rad cuddles him]
Rad Yeah, who’s a good boy?!
K.O. Me! Me, me, me!
Enid & Rad Yes, you are!
Enid Yes, you are!
[Mikayla comes in to fight Rad]
Enid Oh, right. Mikayla. Time to use our animal powers to put this monkey business to an end!
Rad Ohhhh, she’s a monkey? I thought she was some kinda… jaguar… guitar… l-lizard.
[Mikayla growls and gets out her paw]
Enid [She kicks Mikayla] Whoooooo… cares?
Rad Well, I’m a little curious.
Enid [Throws Mikayla around with her feet] You want a bite of the action, K.O.?
K.O. I think I’d rather show her my… Bark Blast! [His bark blast blasts Mikayla]
Rad Cat Scratch Fever! [Scratches Mikayla]
Mikayla Aaaaaaah! [Launches to Box More and Box More explodes]
Rad Heh. Nice. [Smacks lips] Sooo, how do we go back to normal?
Enid Uhhh…
K.O. W-We could ask Crinkly Wrinkly to bite us again?
[Enid and Rad shudders]
Enid You know what? I’d rather stay a rabbit.
Rad Yeah, I can deal with this.
K.O. Wait. Really?! [Chuckles and wags his tail] We’re just gonna be animals from now on?!
Rad Yeah, sure.
Enid It’ll be fun.
K.O. Yippee!! [Barks, pants]
[He sees a group of dogs walking and follows them]
[Enid sees a bunch of images of carrots on her phone and Rad touches her phone. Pird approaches and Enid digs a tunnel]
Singer I wanna be a good boy, too. And sniff, drool and bury a bone in the yard. I wanna scratch bellies with you. You’re so cool. [Enid exits the ground and sees a crate of carrots] Can I borrow some fleas while we’re at it? [Howls] [K.O. waves his dog friends bye and scratches himself, taking out fleas] [Rad is sleeping in front of the Bodega. K.O. walks in and pets him but gave him a flea] I’m not sayin’ I think every puppy dog is smart. But between you and me, barking is a form of art. [Rad scratches himself. Enid is seen eating carrots. K.O. waves to her but he gave her fleas as well] Doggies are smart, and barking is a form of art. [K.O., Enid, and Rad scratch themselves to get rid of fleas. K.O. knocks the crate of carrots with Enid and falls on Rad]
Rad This isn’t fun if there’s fleas!
Enid Yeah, I’m done.
K.O. [Butt scoots] Ohh. Ow. S-Should we go talk to Crinkly Wrinkly then?
Enid & Rad No!
Enid We just need… a haircut!
[Mr. Logic shaves all the fur from Rad, Enid, and K.O.. But the fur regrows itself quick. Rad drops a mirror. Rad, Enid, and K.O. continues to scratch themselves]
K.O. Now should we talk to Crinkly Wrinkly?
Rad & Enid No!
Rad We just need… a-a human to bite us!
Enid Yeah, a human.
[Mega Football Baby gnaws on K.O.’s arm at the arcade]
K.O. Um… help.
Enid Okay, yeah, let’s go get Crinkly Wrinkly.
Crinkly Wrinkly Of course I could bite ya again! But t’won’t do squat! Haw haw!
Enid What?!
Rad Huh?
Crinkly Wrinkly [In the bus] I’m afraid you gamey little children are stuck like that! [Laughs crazily]
K.O. We can’t turn back?! Ugh! W-Why didn’t Dendy tell us that?!
Dendy [Rolls down the van’s window] You didn’t ask.
K.O., Rad and Enid Dendyyyyy.
Rad Seriously stay out of my van.
Dendy rolls back the window.
Potato Psst! You know, you three don’t have to live like this… if you don’t want to.
Enid No offense, Potato, but what do you know about not being a rabbit?
Potato I know I look like just your everyday anthropomorphic bunny, but… I’ve found a way to escape my mundane reality and be the person I’ve always wanted to be. I-I could show ya how! But you might not like it.
Shows a shot of people line going to the Fantastic! Video Store. Puck Reverie lets them in.
Potato This is it.
Rad I don’t get it. Why’re people going into the old video store?
Enid Yeah, what’s the deal, Potato? Uh… Potato? Pota—
Potato waves.
Potato Over here.
Potato wears a human girl costume.
Potato Sorry, I had to get changed. Um… what do you think?
K.O., Rad and Enid Whoaaaa!
Rad Cool!
Enid You’re so cute!
K.O. Amazing, Potato!
Rad You look just like a human.
Potato Oh, gosh, no. Just wait till you see everyone else.
They all enter the store. It reveals that it’s a convention where animal characters dress up as humans.
K.O. Wow, this place is cool!
Enid Yeah, it feels kinda like a costume party.
Rad Lotta familiar faces, too. Look, there’s Dogmun, Dolph Finn, Rex, Mikayla… Wait! Mikayla?!
Mikayla turns around and hisses.
K.O. She’s gonna wreck this peaceful gathering!
Enid Not on our watch!
K.O., Enid, and Rad prepares to fight. K.O. barks.
K.O., Enid, & Rad Aaaaaaaaaaah!
Potato Stoooop! What are you doing?! She’s just trying to give you your outfits!
K.O., Enid and Rad Huh?
Mikayla shows them their outfits.
K.O. Aw, geez. We’re so sorry, Mikayla.
Rad Yeah. You were just hanging out with everyone else here, huh?
Enid You wanted to help us fit in, and look like humans. Because that’s what you want, too, isn’t it?
Potato Yep! This is a place of acceptance, not violence. It’s a place where you can be someone else for a while. And some of us have realized that that makes us feel even more like ourselves. So, are you gonna try out your new costumes, or what?
At the Bodega, K.O., Enid, and Rad wore their regular costumes. Enid sits on the counter, Rad levitates a box and transports it to a pile of boxes. Baby Teeth is eating her nachos and K.O. picks one.
K.O. sighs.
K.O. I’m so glad everything’s back to normal.
A nacho crumbles because he’s in his costume. The episode ends.

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