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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts off with Lord Boxman laughing evilly and K.O., Enid, and Rad are tied up above the lava pit.
Lord Boxman Oh, this is so— Oh, I’m— Oh, I-I’m sorry. I just— I can’t believe I finally got you brats!
Lord Boxman laughing.
Lord Boxman It’s just too delicious!
Lord Boxman laughing evilly. Titlecard appears.
Lord Boxman You’re probably wondering, “Oh, dear. What ever is he going to do to us?”.
Enid None of us were wondering that.
K.O. I was.
Lord Boxman I’ll tell you— First, I lower you into a simmering pool of molten lava, your toe hairs singeing with every inch you drop! And then— then— just as you’ve come to terms with your imminent demise.. Blammo! A giant industrial fan blows you out of harm’s way.
Fan blows on K.O., Enid, and Rad.
Lord Boxman And you’ll be thinking, “Ooh! A cooling breeze!” When I— [Alarm beeps] Oh! Mnh! Oh, let’s just put a pin in this, shall we?
Lord Boxman storms off while K.O., Enid, and Rad tries to escape.
Lord Boxman Phew! Okay. [Pants] Now, where were we?
K.O. Y-You were gonna give us a juice box and send us home?
Lord Boxman Yes. The juice boxes— I put them somewhere. Ohh! Nice try, K.O.. [Pulls out glasses] Let me see— With the, uh, cool breeze, plus the… [Smashes glasses] Oh! So… the giant industrial fan blows [fan blows] you out of harm’s way into harm’s way. [Shows a bunch of knives hanging] But before you reach your doom, you— y-you— you… [Watch beeps] will… have to excuse me.
K.O. Guys, I-I’m c-confused. Are we in danger, or…
Enid Naaah. Don’t worry, K.O.. This is just how villains do, you know?
Rad First, they tie you up…
Enid Then they lay out their whole evil plan in a boring speech.
Rad The lava's a nice touch, though.
Enid Oh, yeah-- total retro move. Very classy.
K.O. You guys aren't scared?
Rad Dude, no!
Enid He just left so we could figure out how to escape K.O.
K.O. Well, that seems like a- [K.O. smells something] Oh! Ohh! What's that smell? I something...
Lord Boxman Burning!? [Boxman takes a burning roast out of his oven] Aah! No, no, no, no, no! [Sputtering, screaming; finds a drum labled "water"] Aha! Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! [Boxman dumps the roast into he drum which little did he know was actually labeled "Water proof matches" causing the drum to explode] Ohh! Well, it's-- it's okay. [Boxman panics as he tried to make the smoldering pile of ash look like a dinner.] Da dad dee... It's just perfect. [Doorbell rings] Aah! [He runs to answer the door. Once he approaches the door he rips out his labcoat revealing a formal outfit, he slicks his hair and adjusts his bowtie then opens the door] Welcome, valued customer!
[It is revealed the visitor was Professor Venomous.]
Professor Venomous Hmm. Boxman.
Lord Boxman Professor Venomous! So, so, so, good to see you! [Walks in to give Venomous a hug]
Professor Venomous Please, stop.
Lord Boxman [Clears throat] Uh, yes. Well, I'm glad you could make it. Uh, you know, spending quality time with clients is very important to me.
Professor Venomous [As he takes off his coat] Yes, and we have much to discuss. [Boxman laughs]
Lord Boxman Oh. Let me get that for you... [He reaches for Venomous' jacket but Fink kicks him and snatches the jacket] Aah!
Fink No one takes the boss's coat but me, bub!
Professor Venomous Ah, yes. This is my minion, Fink.
Lord Boxman Oh, my. [Fink blows a raspberry at him] Organic. All my henchmen are robotic. Keeps it simple. [Fink bites Boxman's hand]
Professor Venomous Yes, well, organic proved to be more reliable. Especially since, you know, I never got your... [angrily] LAST robotic shipment.
Lord Boxman [Laughing nervously] Well, I do apologize. T-There were errors in the manufacturing process. Entirely out of my control. It wasn't my fault. It really won't happen again.
K.O. [offscreen] Hey, Boxman!
Rad [offscreen] Please let us go, Boxhead!
Professor Venomous What was that?
Lord Boxman Those meddling... Um... vegetables! Yes, from tonight's vegetable medley, probably boiling over. [Chuckles nervously] 'Scuse me. [runs over to his lair]
Darrell & Shannon Dad!
Lord Boxman Make it quick!
Shannon Daddy, may we attend dinner?
Lord Boxman No.
Darrell Daddy, may I wear my costume?
Lord Boxman What?! No! Wrap it up!
Shannon Daddy, may I sing my song?
Lord Boxman No, you may not— Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait. [Hugs Shannon] Yes, yes! A wonderful idea, child. Go! Keep our guests distracted! [Runs to the Rad, Enid, and K.O. still being tied up] Sorry about that! [Laughs] Had a little trouble with some… uh…
Rad [Chuckles] "Wut’s cookin’, good lookin'"?
Lord Boxman Oh, don’t remind me. There was this roast, and I was— Oh. Oh! Right.
K.O. Wait. Are… you gonna cook and eat us?!
Lord Boxman Please. I’m a villain, not a monster. I’m gonna level with you brats. [Takes off apron] I, uh, I kind of may have double-booked this evening. I had this whole gala dinner planned with a very important client, when you three fell right into my clutches! [Laughs evilly] [Sighs] But perhaps it was a mistake to think I could have it all. [Throws apron into the lava pot]
K.O. So… you’re gonna let us go?
Lord Boxman No. I’m just gonna have to wait till after dinner— like a mint. A punish-mint.
Shannon [Dances] When you’re climbin’ up a ladder. And you feel a little splatter.
Lord Boxman Noooooo!! [Runs]
Enid [Groans] The nerve!
Rad Double-booking is so unprofessional. As if we’re not important enough to be tortured? [Grunts]
K.O. Don’t worry, guys. We’ll get out of this. In fact, I’m already free! [His arms are off the rope] Good thing I got the body of a baby boyy! [Gets out the rope and swings to untie Enid and Rad]
Enid & Rad Whoa! [Spins and releases]
[They get down and run]
Enid Why didn’t you do that earlier?
[They all hide from Fink who is humming Shannon’s song]
Fink [Scoffs] Dumb place for a coat closet. [Sniffs]
[A fart sound is heard]
Rad [Whispers] It was him! I swear!
Fink [Detects something] Hmm. [Runs off]
Rad Coast is clea— Huh? [notices Enid staring at the coat rack] Enid, the exit’s over there.
Enid Hold up. I got a better plan.
K.O. What could be better than escaping?
Enid Getting even.
[Fink pushes her fork to her food]
Professor Venomous Don’t play with your food.
Fink [Growls] But it tastes like foo foo!
Lord Boxman [Laughs nervously] I think it’s time for a toast— to the loveliest and most bestest client in the whole wide world— Professor Venomous! [Fink holds out a sign of corn] Whose mastery in bioengineering is unparalleled and— [Darrell comes out of the table in his sailor suit] and a true inspiration to— [Darrell hides] Get out of here, Darrell! [Laughs nervously]
Professor Venomous Forgive me, Boxman, but will the main entree be ready soon? [Fink plays with paper] I don’t have a lot of time.
Fink [Made a paper boat] He probably burned that, too.
Professor Venomous Wow. How’d you do that?
Lord Boxman [Laughs] I-I assure you— in just a few moments, you will be enjoying a decadent meal with absolutely no surprises.
K.O., Enid, & Rad [Barges out the kitchen in disguises] Who’s hungry?
Lord Boxman I’m finished!
Professor Venomous Who… are these people?
[K.O. slides the dinner from the table]
Lord Boxman [Thinking] Keep it together, Boxy. Huh? U-Uh, them? Well, they’re… uh, the caterers!
[The "caterers" continue to "prepare" dinner]
Professor Venomous I thought you were doing the cooking.
Lord Boxman Did you? [K.O. sets the silverware and glass of water. Enid puts a bib on Lord Boxman. Rad comes over with dinner] You… must’ve—
Rad [Throws dinner on Lord Boxman’s lap] [Italian accent] Oopsy whoopsy!
Lord Boxman My fault entirely. [Chuckles] How’s your pasta, Professor?
Professor Venomous Looks a little bland.
Enid [Italian accent] Freshy peppy?
Professor Venomous Yes, please.
Enid Okay! Just say when! [Puts pepper on Professor Venomous’ plate]
Professor Venomous When. When! [A pepper cloud is formed and he sneezed] [Growls]
[Fink cleans the spaghetti off of his head]
Lord Boxman Nyahhhh, ah!
Enid Freshy peppa?
Lord Boxman No! Look, will you just get out of here?!
Rad [Takes the plate from Lord Boxman and presents the next dish] Time for the third course.
Lord Boxman Thank you, garçon. You are free to go.
Rad But, sir, th—
Lord Boxman I don’t think you understand me. Rad, you’re all free to go!
Rad [Puts the food on Lord Boxman’s head] [Normal voice] Oopsy whoopsy.
Lord Boxman Rrrrrr! That’s it!
K.O. [Italian accent] Uh, but that can’t be it! You haven’t had your just desserts-a!
Professor Venomous Finally!
[Lord Boxman growls]
K.O. Ooh! I hope-a you like the coconut cream! [His mustache falls]
Professor Venomous Wait a minute. Is that—
Lord Boxman K.O., Rad, and Enid!! [Smashes his chair]
Enid [Normal voice] The jig is up. Hock the pies!
Rad You’re just full of good ideas today. [Throws a pie]
Enid I know. Yah! [Throws a pie to Lord Boxman]
[K.O., Rad, and Enid throw pies everywhere]
Fink [Pelted by a pie] Aah!
[Professor Venomous crawls under the table]
Professor Venomous You had better have a good explanation for this.
Fink Yeah! Coconut cream?! What were you thinking?!
Lord Boxman Professor, I-I— I… Ooooohh! I’ll destroy those brats for ruining dessert!
Shannon Oh! Are we destroying brats?
Darrell Are having dessert? [A pie is thrown at him] Ugh! [Lord Boxman catches him] Thanks, Dad. [Lord Boxman bends him] Ooh!
[Shannon laughs as Lord Boxman takes her arm one by one. K.O., Enid, and Rad continues throwing pies as Lord Boxman builts a bazooka. He catches the pies]
Enid Uh, guys, we’re tapped.
Lord Boxman [Rips his coat and shirt off and puts his tie around his head] And now you’re trapped! [Fires the pies which pelts the gang]
Enid Ugh!
Professor Venomous Boxman!
Lord Boxman Oh! Professor, please! I-I can explain! I can explain! I can— I can— Okay, I can’t explain. But this was not the way it was supposed—
Professor Venomous [Covers his mouth] May I?
Lord Boxman Oh… yes. By all means.
[K.O., Rad, and Enid struggles to get out]
Professor Venomous Dinner parties are just so… stuffy. [Loads the bazooka] But vanquishing heroes— now, that’s much more exciting!
Fink [On top of the bazooka] Fire!
[The last pie launches the gang out of Boxmore]
Fink [Laughs] [Falls off] Whoa! Oof!
Professor Venomous I have to be honest, Boxman. I agreed to come tonight with plans to sever our business relationship after dinner.
Lord Boxman [Voice breaking] What?!
Professor Venomous You seemed too distracted lately. Though, now I understand why that was. Hard to find folks who value the sport in squashing heroes. And if all your robots can be as fun as this one, then I’ll gladly order 1,000 of them!
Lord Boxman You… still… want my robots? You still… [Whimpers] …want me?
[Professor Venomous chuckles. Lord Boxman laughs and gives Professor Venomous a hug]
Lord Boxman Just… Big hug! [Thinking] Oh, Boxy! You really can have it all. [Fink triggers a punching glove to him] Waughhhh!
[Fink laughs. The next scene shows the gang still in pie trap]
K.O. W-What is this?
Enid It’s called "losing."
Rad Would a loser get to travel the open air in a vehicle made of delicious pie? I don’t think so. [Eats the pie]
[The episode ends]

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