Wally the White is a minor character in the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes series. He made his first appearance in "You Get Me".

Physical Appearance

Wally is a short, elderly wizard who takes on the appearance of a standard wizard. He has a notable gray beard, pointy nose and big, round eyes. Wally is seen wearing a violet-blue cloak with a dark periwinkle wizard's hat.


Wally is easily prone to violence towards people he has a problem with, leading to him turning them to stone if he finds them to be rude. He is also afraid of Enid when she threatens him.

During the trial of "Soda Genie", he is easily persuaded from one side to another.

Abilities and Powers

  • Statue Spell: A spell that allows him to turn victims into a statue of steatite, commonly known as soapstone. This spell lasts for up to 24 hours but was able to be broken by Enid's will.
  • Levitation Skills: He is able to move things, not unlike Radicle's levitation powers, with a blue beam. He uses this to carry Enid when she is in statue form.
  • Floatus- Poatus: Causes the victim to be levitated above the ground. However, the victim can still move, as K.O. is able to fly when the spell is cast on him. When cast, it looks like a blue blast of energy or magic.
  • Metus Phemus: A spell that he cast at K.O. when trying to take Enid away. When cast, it looks like blue bolts of lightning. Its consequences are unknown.
  • Endicus Cannonus: Another spell he shot at K.O. When casting, the blue spell has sparkles around it, and when shot out it looks like a blast of water. Its consequences are also unknown.
  • Higgledy Piggledy: This spell shoots a stream of pigs out of each of his hands.

Episode Appearances


  • His name is a shortened version of his voice actor's name, Wallace Shawn.


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