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[The episode starts off at the Bodega, Enid and Rad laying on the ground with food. Rad has a lollypop on his mouth]

Rad: Enid, I’m so bored that I’m, like, excited to talk about how bored I am.

Enid: Yeah, that is exciting. I mean boring.

K.O.: How can you be bored?! There’s always something to do! Like, I just found out we have a bathroom, and I’m gonna go clean it!

Enid: We need a robot to fight.

Rad: Yeah, why didn’t Boxman send one today? [Enid puts a lollipop in her mouth] He busy or something?

[Next shoot shows the Boxmore Factory. Fink, Lord Boxman, and Professor Venomous walks in the factory]

Lord Boxman: Professor Venomous! I thought you were gonna reschedule [chuckling] like you usually do. But you didn’t have to dress up on my account!

[Titlecard appears]

Professor Venomous: Let’s make this quick, Boxman. I’m only here because P.O.I.N.T.’s been breathing down my neck lately.

Lord Boxman: Oh? They have?

Professor Venomous: P.O.I.N.T. is the biggest group of superheroes around! [Pans to the exterior shot of P.O.I.N.T. HQ] Their weapons, their defense, their everything! [Back to Boxmore] It’s better than anything that we villains have to offer. Why do you think I’ve enlisted your help in the first place?

Lord Boxman: No, really, I— I agree with you. I have to deal with P.O.I.N.T. all the time! I’m just so sick of them meddling in all of my affairs… [Professor Venomous grumbles] …that that’s why I called you here! This new project I’m working on is going to turn everything on its head.

Professor Venomous: A glorb-processing plant?

Lord Boxman: Good eye, P.V..

Fink: P.V.?

[Cellphone rings]

Lord Boxman: Every robot needs a glorb, and since glorbs are rather hard to come by, i have to make sure that each one I have is used to its utmost efficiency.

Professor Venomous: Hmm. And I take it this facility has something to do with your top-secret project?

Lord Boxman: Let me tell you all about it.

Fink: Status update, boss! [Clears throat] Cosma says… that we bring a snack.

Professor Venomous: Okay.

Fink: Vormulax is bringing her karaoke machine.

Professor Venomous: Yes!

Fink: And Billiam says not to be late because we raise anchor at 9:00 p.m. sharp.

Professor Venomous: Yeesh. We need to get out of here.

Lord Boxman: B-But… don’t you want to hear about my top-secret project?

Professor Venomous: No can do, Box. We;re going to a villains’ party tonight on Billiam Milliam’s hover yacht.

Lord Boxman: A… villains’ party? [As Professor Venomous and Fink leaves, Lord Boxman comes in front wearing a tuxedo] Can I come?!

Professor Venomous: No.

Lord Boxman: How about now?! [Rips his outfit to reveal a rapper outfit]

Professor Venomous: No. [Lord Boxman rips into another outfit] Stop that! You can’t go because you aren’t invited.

Lord Boxman: Not invited? Really? But I’m a villain!

Professor Venomous: You are box-man, Boxman.

Fink: Ha!

Lord Boxman: Touche. I’ll be your plus-one.

Professor Venomous: Fink’s already my plus-one.

Fink: [Sticks out tongue] Nyeh!

Lord Boxman: But she’s just a henchman! [Fink chops on his finger] Yipe! Look, Boxmore is more than capable of looking after pwecious widdle Fink tonight, oh, yes. just give me a chance to show you that I am more than just a box-man!

[Fink muffled yells]

Professor Venomous: [Checks watch] I suppose.

Lord Boxman: Great! Shannon! Darrell!

Shannon and Darrell: You can count on us, Dad!

Lord Boxman: My robots are going to baby-sit. Shall we?

[Scene shows a shot of Billiam Milliam’s yacht]

Billiam: And you look exquisitely evil tonight. [Cosma passes by] So lovely to see you, Vormulax. Mwah. [Kisses Vormulax’s hand]

Vormulax: Ohh. [Carries her karaoke machine]

Billiam: Let my minion take your karaoke machine off your hands. [Billiam’s minion takes Vormulax’s karaoke machine] [Professor Venomous comes in] Ah, Professor Venomous! It’s been so— [Lord Boxman barges in]

Lord Boxman: Ooh, lovely boat, Billy-Willy. Ow-whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo! [Pushes the minion]

[Professor Venomous sighs]

Billiam: You brought Boxman as your plus-one? You know he’s just a joke villain. He builds little toy robots.

Professor Venomous: He forced himself along. But surely no one will notice him.

Lord Boxman: [Laughs] Ooooh! I love tiny shrimpers. [Eats whole plate of shrimp] Ooh, tomates! Don’t mind if I do. [Eats the whole plate of tomates]

Billiam: Egad!

[Billiam’s yacht goes sails aboard. Big Bull Demon receives his drink from Billiam’s minion. Cosma and Vormulax chats. Billiam make a clink sound to his glass]

Billiam: Good evening, my villains and villainesses. You’re in for the most outrageous, sinful treat of a time tonight. To start things off… [Claps] … I will hand out some commemorative t-shirts.

[Billiam’s minions hands out the t-shirts to the guests while the guests were not impressed. Cosma in disguised, throws the t-shirt]

Cosma: Pfeh!

[Lord Boxman drinks the whole punch. A t-shirt falls on his face]

Lord Boxman: Ooh!

Big Bull Demon: Hmm. [Lord Boxman wears his t-shirt]

[Big Bull Demon grumbles]

Lord Boxman: Ooh! That’s my hot purple jam.

[Professor Venomous grumbles as well. He checks his phone that Fink messages him]

Professor Venomous: [Chuckles] Looks like she’s having fun.

[Lord Boxman dances and vocalizes]

Cosma: Ugh, this guy?

Vormulax: Smeh.

Lord Boxman: Hello, my fellow villains. Care to see my most recent evil accomplishments? Yes! [Cosma and Vormulax sees his tablet]

[The tablet shows a cartoon short titled “Boxman vs K.O.”]

Lord Boxman: Ooh, how I hate that do-gooder K.O.! That’s why I created this K.O.-seeking missile! [Puts the missile to Darrell’s arm]

Darrell: I don’t know, boss. That K.O. is pretty waskily.

Lord Boxman: I know that! That’s why… [Replaces Darrell’s head with a TV monitor. He has a camera video with him] I’m going to do it remotely. Simply genius. [He poses as Darrell’s place] Now where is that suffering simpleton? Ooh! [Sees Enid] You!

Enid: [Eats a carrot] Eh, what’s up, Box?

Lord Boxman: Be vewy quiet! I’m hunting K.O.!

Enid: Not sure if I know a K.O. Does he look kind of like this? [Holds out K.O.]

Lord Boxman: [Sputters] Yes!

Enid: Eh, never seen him. Can you be more specific? [Throws K.O.]

Lord Boxman: You know exactly who I mean. He looks like this! [Flips to a K.O. screen] [The missile launches to the monitor thinking it’s actually K.O.] No, no, no, no, no, no, not me! [The missile blasts to the monitor to Lord Boxman and lands on a drum] Aah!

[The cartoon short ends]

Vormulax: Why would you show us this?

Lord Boxman: Aren’t I just terrible? [Cosma and Vormulax leaves] Unh! Chop, chop, chop! Unh! Unh! Chop, chop, chop!

Billiam: Ohh! He’s ruining everything!

Professor Venomous: I have to stop this. [Takes off his suit coat. He dances his way to Lord Boxman to make him stop dancing] Boxman.

Lord Boxman: Whoo! Whoo!

Professor Venomous: Boxman! Boxman! Boxman! This is inane. [Walks away]

Lord Boxman: Is that karaoke I hear?

Big Bull Demon: Crystal eyes.

Lord Boxman: [Farts] Big Bull Demon, was that you?! Oh, that’s nasty! [Pushes Big Bull Demon out of the way. Takes the mic] Ahemp. [Vormulax leaves] I’d like to dedicate this song to my most evil best friend, and I think you know him. Professor Venomous. Oh, yeah. [Grabs Professor Venomous] When we walk down the street. Other villians wish that they could meet us. But they can’t. No, they can’t. [Tosses Professor Venomous] ‘Cause we’re two of hearts! [Mic receives feedback] [Cosma is about to puke and Big Bull Demon covers his ears as professer venomous is on the floor shaking] Two of hearts! We’re two of hearts! [Billiam and his bodyguards comes in] I don’t know if I mentioned this, but we are two hearts! [Billiam takes the mic from him] [Cosma and Big Bull Demon sighs as venomous stops shaking and sighs]

Billiam: Ahem. Dearest guests, why don’t we move on to the best part of our evil party? I’ve prepared the rooftop for our annual explode-off! Let us boast our terrible powers in a most excessive manner. [Prepares his plan]

Lord Boxman: Ooh! [Laughs] [Professor Venomous walks in] Ah, you’re just in time for the big, big show!

[Billiam head-shaped missiles launches to blow up an island]

[Crowd applauses]

Cosma: Ha. Watch this. [Launches missiles to the moon and blows up]

Cool Sun: Aw, man, none of that. I’m out of here. [Moves away]

Billiam: All right, who’s next? Oh, Big Bull Demon? Come on up.

Lord Boxman: [Pushes Big Bull Demon] No! No! No! Me! Me! Me! Mine! It’s my turn! I got a real good one. [Starts launching sequence]

[Crowd goes to see the missiles launched]

Billiam: Hmm, that, uh… wasn’t so bad, huh? [One of his minions show his computer] Oh, whatever is the matter, my boy. [Grabs computer] Uh, my fellow villains, I regret to inform you all that the coordinates Boxman entered were for…P.O.I.N.T.— [Shows a shot of P.O.I.N.T. H.Q.] P.O.I.N.T. H.Q..

[Crowd screams]

Lord Boxman: This one’s for you, Professor Venomous! [The missiles hits POINT HQ]

[Crowd gasps. A pterodactyl lands on POINT HQ. Crowd sighs]

POINT HQ: Automated defenses, activated. [The POINT HQ fires a beam to Billiam’s yacht. The yacht is destroyed]

Billiam: [Claps] Not to worry, everyone. [Whistles] [His bodyguards comes in] I’ve prepared emergency escape pods for such an occasion. Simply put on your life vest, jump on their back, and let them swim you to safety. [The guests puts on their lifevest and they escape the yacht with a bodyguard]

Hon Dew: Nice going, Boxman!

Cantalop: Yeah, why are you even here? You’re not one of us.

Billiam: Boxman, my boy. Your super power must be failure. [Chuckles] It’s the only thing you’re good at. [Commands his bodyguards to place Lord Boxman on the ground. Billiam walks over him] [On a raft of bodyguards with his minions] We don’t approve of you, darling!

[A bodyguard comes in to pants him]

Professor Venomous: Come on! There’s still one more escape pod. Let’s escape together.

Lord Boxman: No.

Professor Venomous: Eh?

Lord Boxman: I knew it all along, you know? I knew all the villains hated me. The real reason why I came along is because I wanted to show them that I don’t care what they think of me! They’re never gonna stop me from doing what I want, [Holds out a remote] whether it’s destroying the plaza or destroying this accursed yacht! [Pushes a button] [Laughs maniacally]

[A box drops on the yacht and sending Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous in the air. Lord Boxman pushes a button to get his flying desk to catch them]

Lord Boxman: I guess I got kind of carried away back ther—

Professor Venomous: I’m impressed.

Lord Boxman: Huh?

Professor Venomous: I love your dedication to crushing those plaza heroes.

Lord Boxman: But what are you—?

Professor Venomous: Your secret project? You’re gonna give me every last detail on it.

Lord Boxman: Oh. Okay!

Professor Venomous: And that’s not all. I have something to give you. [Opens a small box to show a bio-chip]

Lord Boxman: Ooh, hello. What is that?

Professor Venomous: This bio-chip will turn your little science project into the most fearsome weapon alive! Now… tell me everything.

Lord Boxman: [Chuckles] Sure thing. [Chuckles] Let’s go pick up, Fink! Whoo-hoo!

[The episode ends]

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