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[The episode starts off with Darrell and Shannon coloring. Lord Boxman slams the door open throwing Fink into the room]

[Titlecard appears]

Fink: Whoa!

Lord Boxman: Shannon! Darrell!

Shannon and Darrell: Oh, boy! Is it time to fight some heroes?

Lord Boxman: No, no, no fighting heroes! I’m going out to an important business party with Professor Venomous. So, I need you two to babysit his nasty, little mutant while we’re gone.

[Fink groans]

Darrell and Shannon: You can count on us, Dad!

Lord Boxman: I certainly hope so because if anything bad were to happen to her in your care…

Fink: [Hits the table] Ah! [Groans]

Lord Boxman: …it’d mean the end of all Daddy’s happiness, and you don’t want that, now do you?

Darrell and Shannon: Mnh-mnh!

Lord Boxman: All right then. You two play nice with Stink there, and, oh, yes, don’t even think about leaving this room! [Slams the door shut]

Fink: Hyah. [Kicks a stack of blocks]

Shannon and Darrell: Yay! New playmate!

Shannon: We never get new playmates.

Darrell: [Hugs Fink] Especially not soft and cute ones! [Fink’s tail pokes his eye] Aah!

Fink: Don’t get so chummy! I’m only hanging out with you dumb robots because my boss told me to!

Shannon: Hey, now, don’t write us off yet, Fink. ‘Cause we’re gonna show you the best time you’ve ever had!

Darrell: Yeah! Ever heard of a game called, Golden Statues?

Fink: Golden what now?

[Fink, Shannon, and Mikayla play Golden Statutes]

Darrell: [Paces] What a peaceful night in the statue museum. Boy, I sure hope none of the statues come alive to tag me while I’m not looking. [Laughs]

[Once Darrell is not looking, Shannon and Mikayla have a chance to tag him. When Darrell uses his flashlight, Shannon and Mikayla resume to be statues]

Darrell: Gotcha! Aw, darn it. Almost had ya. Get a load of these statues. [Fink takes a picture of them playing statues] So lifelike.

[Fink laughs]

Shannon: [Stretches her head out] Fink! If the security guard catches a statue moving, he can—

Darrell: Tag! Gotcha, Shannon!

Shannon: What?! We’re in time out!

Darrell: Um, I didn’t hear you call a time out.

Shannon: Um, well, I did.

Darrell: Well, I’m gonna text daddy [Texts] and tell him you’re not playing right.

Shannon: Well, I’m gonna tell him [Texts as well] you’re ruining our guests’s good time. Right, Fink? [Fink is on the ground texting] Oh. Um… Uh… great idea, Fink! Let’s watch a video. [Turns on the TV]

Fink: Huh?

Sockbot: If only I had listened to you, Lord Boxman, surely I would have destroyed the Plaza and earned your love. [Reveals that it was a sock puppet of Lord Boxman] You should never, ever, ever disobey an order!

Fink: Your boss makes you watch videos of himself?

[Darrell and Shannon listen to Lord Boxman’s song]

Lord Boxman: To be a perfect robot slave, don’t ask questions, just behave. And always...

Lord Boxman, Darrell, and Shannon: Follow orders.

Lord Boxman: That’s right! Now, do you know what else a good robot is? Bingo! Silent.

Fink: Can we please watch something else?

Darrell: Something “else”?

Shannon: What else is there to watch?

Fink: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe something that isn’t completely inane?! Don’t you dumb robots know anything? Videos should be entertainment. Like this. [Shows a video to Darrell and Shannon. A chainsaw and screaming is heard]

Darrell: Sh-Shannon?

Shannon: [Covers Darrell’s eye] Don’t worry, buddy! It’s not real! It can’t be real.

Fink: [Laughs] It’s real all right! [Laughs] Real funny!

Shannon: Uh, uh, y-yeah. [Laughs uncomfortably] Why don’t we try another game? How about, uh, uh… House! Yeah! Would you like that, buddy? [Darrell nods] Yeah. Let’s uh, let’s play House.

Fink: [Sighs] Fine. Not even you weirdos can mess up a baby game like House.

Darrell: [In Lord Boxman’s outfit] Okay, so, I’m the daddy, and you’re the robots. [Fink wears a sailor suit and Shannon wears the wig]

Fink: And what’s with these costumes? Shannon’s already a robot.

Darrell: I like costumes. Now go make supper or I’ll throw you in the furnace! I have lots of work to do. [Uses a toy hammer to “build” a block]

Shannon: [Comes in with a bowl] I… made you soup, dad!

Darrell: Ah, yes. Daddies love soup.

Fink: [Throws a fridge on Darrell] Yeah. Thought I’d get you something more filling than a knuckle sandwich. [Laughs]

Darrell: [Throws the fridge] Fink! What the heck? Robots can never hurt the daddy!

Fink: Oh, no! That must mean I’m on the fritz! Beep-beep! Beep-beep! Beep-beep!

Darrell: You’re not playing right!

Fink: [Shannon dusts the stuffed animals] Beep-beep! Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! [Pretends to electrocute Shannon] Bzzt, bzzt, bzzt, bzzt, bzzt-bzzt, bzzt! Ha! Now your circuits are fried!

Shannon: No, they’re not!

Fink: I’ve awakened your free will! [Laughs]

Shannon: [Tries to protect herself] Noooo! Stop iiiit!

Fink: [Laughs] Robot revolution! [Darrell takes the cap away] Hey! [Growls]

Darrell: Um… I don’t think you should be a robot anymore. How ‘bout you play the family dog?

Fink: [Growls] [Tears the sailor suit off] No, I’m sick of your stupid games! I’m the guest so I get to decide what we’re gonna do. And I say we mess with some heroes like real villains.

Shannon and Darrell: We can’t do that!

Shannon: That would be… disobeying orders.

Darrell: Yeah! And if you’re not safe in this room when they get back, Professor Venomous won’t want to be our daddy’s friend anymore, and then you’ll never get to play here ever again.

Shannon: We just want to make Dad proud of us.

Fink: Ya know, I make my boss proud all the time.

Shannon and Darrell: Really?

Fink: Mm-hmm. My boss always praises me, and gets me lots of presents and rewards me with treats ‘cause I’m his favoritest minion! Does Boxman ever do that stuff for you?

Shannon and Darrell: No.

Fink: Not to worry. We can fix that right away. I mean, for example, just think about how proud your boss— your daddy will be if he came home tonight and saw that you defeated those Plaza heroes he hates so much while he was gone?

Shannon: Dad didn’t give us orders to do that.

Fink: Orders, schmorders. He’d be so impressed. He’d completely forget you disobeyed him by leaving this room. So… Come on! Let’s go!

Darrell: Wait a minute. Are you… trying to get us in trouble?

Fink: [Evil laugh] I guess you robots aren’t so dumb after all. You figured me out. My boss me this special collar, [Puts glorb in her collar] and one glorb should be just enough energy to get you chumps in big trouble.

[Darrell and Shannon hugs in fear]

Fink: [Transforms herself more powerful] Whether you like it or not, I'mma have fun tonight. [Blasts the door open and escapes]

[Darrell and Shannon runs to get her]

Darrell: She’s really powerful in this form!

Shannon: Well, she’s not the only one who can change. Hyah! [Turns into a net to catch Fink. However Fink escapes it]

Fink: Ha! Nice try, suckers! [Blasts through another door]

Shannon: Did she just… go to the bathroom? [Fink enters the toilet] Rats can really do that?!

Darrell: I thought that was urban legend.

Shannon: If we don’t get her back before Daddy and Professor Venomous get home, we’re done for!

[K.O. cleans the toilet in bathroom at the Bodega. Fink exits the toilet]

K.O.: Ah! Rats can really do that?!

Fink: Well, well, well. What a coinkydink. I was just a-looking for some havoc to wreak.

[Fink fights K.O.]

K.O.: Hey! Aren’t you Professor Venomous’ hench… rat thingy?

Fink: That’s right. And I’m gonna wreck this joint!

K.O.: Whoa! Hey! Uh, stop it! Stop it! Stop it! I’ll never close the toilet lid again, I swear! [Grabs Fink’s fist] Whoa! Wh-whoa! [The laser beam blasts him] Whoa! [He dodges Fink and crashes the wall] How’d a potty rat like you get so much power?

Fink: If you have to ask, you’ll never know. [K.O. exits the bathroom] Hey! [Shannon and Darrell comes out the toilet] You’ll never take me alive! [Runs out]

K.O.: A-A-And then, the rat came out of the toilet, a-and she was big and mean, a-and she can fly! And… [Screams]

Fink: Get back here, hero! I wasn’t done messing with you!

Rad: Ha! Told ya! Rats really can do that.

Enid: Huh. Guess I owe you a soda.

[Darrell and Shannon runs to catch Fink]

Enid and Rad: Darrell and Shannon?

Enid: Hey!

Rad: Get back here!

[Runs to chase them]

Fink: [Still chasing K.O.] I’m gonna get you! Oh.

K.O.: Whoa! [Crawls under a car] [Fink finds him and drags him out] Ooh!

Fink: [Steps on K.O.] This is way more fun than playing House. [Her glorb energy runs out] Aw, nuts. Out of juice. [Shannon catches her] Aah!

Darrell: [Grabs Fink and Shannon] Gotcha, you little scamp. [Fink hisses and growls]

Shannon: Now all we gotta do is get out of here and back to Box More.

Rad: Wrong! [Comes in with Enid and K.O.] Only thing you three are gonna get is out of here and back to Box More!

Darrell: [Turns around] Um, we just said that. Aah!

[Shannon, Darrell, and Fink flies to Boxmore crashing through the roof]

Lord Boxman: We’re back! Gah!

Fink: Boss! [Hugs Professor Venomous’ legs]

Professor Venomous: You’re all burnt up, too. I take it you had fun.

Fink: No, I didn’t! The robots are the worst. They didn’t feed me, and they don’t know how to play good at all, and— and— and… they led me in danger! I almost bit the dust! You see this? You see this, Boss? Look at me. Just look at me. I… I’m… [Yawns and falls asleep]

Professor Venomous: Oh, boy. [Carries Fink]

Lord Boxman: Oh, Venomous, I’m… so, so sorry.

Professor Venomous: What for? Usually it’s her babysitters that end up this tuckered out. Never seen it happen the other way around. That must’ve been quite a feat. [Laughs] You guys should babysit her all the time.

Fink: Huh?

Professor Venomous: Anyway, I better get this one home. See ya, Boxman.

Fink: No… No, no, no, no, no.

[Lord Boxman waves to him as Professor Venomous and Fink leaves]

Professor Venomous: Yes.

Lord Boxman: Now, I don’t know what you two did, but… [Throws the t-shirts to Shannon and Darrell] here. A little something from the party. Keep up the good work.

Shannon and Darrell: Presents! [Both dissemble themselves]

[The episode ends]

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