Hello everyone! To celebrate me getting over 200 edits and this wiki continusly growing I would like to ask...Who are you favorite charcters from Ok.K.O Let's Be Heros! and if you want you can put why.

My Favorite Characters.

  1. I don't know if you can tell but I LOVE Turbo K.O! and I mean LOVE. I could just go on and on and on about how much I LOVE HIM!!!
  2. I like Shadowy Figure as a villain because he is a REAL VILLAIN (unlike Lord Boxman) and he will make the show soo interesting to watch (not that it already is)
  3. I like Enid because I can relate so much to her. ( I also think middle school Enid is so adorable)
  4. I think (middle school) Rad is sooo cute.
  5. Carol is a funny and cool character, especially as a mom!
  6. K.O is just so innocent and cute. His little self just make me want to die!
  7. Honestly Dendy makes me think of Peridot from Steven Universe (They should do a cross over minisode!). I also cant help but ship K.O x Dendy. (and the part in "We Got Hacked " where they stare at eachother was soo cute!)
  8. Fink is just so small and cute. She reminds me of Tails the Fox from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  9. I love Mega Football Baby's voice and his laugh but thats about it :/
  10. I like the Kactus crew and how there characters are like "metal" bad they are really old now:(

My Least Favorite Characters.

  1. Honestly I despise Lord Boxman so much. He is like Dr. Eggman in sonic boom (which is terrible) and i hate the villans that arnt "real" villans but i like his robots!
  2. I dont like Mr.Gar that much because we only ever see him screaming at Rad and Enid or getting all nervous around Carol. If we saw him doing other things then maybe i would like him better
  3. Ok i know this counts as 3 characters but i hate the 3 "pests" from the episode "We've Got Pests " i dont really know why but just...ew
  4. Rad from the present (meaning not middle school rad) is just so...fake and I like it when he is...himself I guess (which is barely ever)
  5. I know Colwart istrying to be funny" but hes not hes just really annoying
  6. That white giant man lizard thing from the episode "My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad" was just...eww and gross and eww and ewwwwwwww
  7. Chameleon sr. unsuited form

    Just look at himm...EEEWWW!!!

Well thats all of the character is Like and Dont Like

Comment down below on ur favs and dislikes!

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