Hey guys!  Sorenrulescool5 here!  It's been awhile the last time I joined a wiki.  The last one was this one, and damn I don't regret it at all!  To celebrate the over 400, yes over 400 edits I have done, I will be counted down episodes I love and hate.  Note that I like every episode!  I only hate one episode.  So, with that all settled, lets start!

An episode I love:"T.K.O." (This episode rocked my socks!  I just love it!  Turbo K.O. KILLED me inside.  Let me paint a picture for you guys:Me and my siblings, in the living room, watching Cartoon network, the coming up next thing pops up, emo K.O., OH MY GOSH it's beutiful!  I must add my sister attacked my for freaking out, because I was freaking about it all day!  10/10)

​Episodes I really like:"Let's be freinds" (First episode I watch, holds a place in my heart.), "Let's have a stakeout" (Just WOW!), "Jethro's all yours" (Great to see my favorite robot for the first time!), "Let's be heroes" (Amazing first episode!), "We're captured" (Amazing episode about Boxman!), "Be just a pebble" (Deep lesson for all, heck I should get around it because I myself am getting bigger.), and "I am Dendy" (How I got into my Kappa pal!)  (All get a 9.5/10)

Episodes I like:"You have to care" (Now because of this episode I care about Enid.), "Parent's day" (Yay!  The parents of the trio are AWESOME.), "Plaza prom" (I liked the dance fight and the randomness.), every other episode but a few (Can't list them all!) (All get a 8/10)

Episodes I think are bland:"You are Rad" (Were is my story!  I don't get this!), and "We got hacked"' (WTF is this!?  I still liked the cgi,  good job Jared potter!)  (Both get a 5/10)

​An episode I hate:"You get me" (WHAT IS THIS?!  Enid's acting like a jerk, she get's turn into stone twice, Rad and Mr.Gar don't know shes stone, Wizard dude is dumb, and K.O. 'gets her'!?  WHAT THE F*CK MAN!  The only things I liked are that Dendy made her comeback and how Enid gets out of her first stone form.  It would be better if K.O. took her place the second time, now THATS a story.  -10/10)

That's what I like and hate.  Note once agian I like every episode, so I like "T.K.O." the most and "You get me" the least.  Say what your favorite and least favorite episode of the show are!  Soren out!

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