So this other guy created a list of his favorite OK K.O. characters, so I will too! 

My Top 10 Favorites:                                                                                                                                                   #1. Dendy - Omg I just love her! Her voice is cute, and I like when she just appears out of nowhere. And she's so tech-savy.

  1. 2. Enid - I just love her! She's so cool, she's like what I would be like if I worked there. XD And I love her DJ Fireball suit!
  1. 3. K.O. - How can you not love him!!? He's too adorable and pure!! He's like me at times.
  1. 4. Carol - She's a great and funny mother. I loved how in My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad, how when that Chameleon dude insulted her sun, that she just went badass!
  1. 5. Darrel - He's just so funny and I love his voice! So cute!
  1. 6. Radicles - Don't always like him but he can be funny, and I loved his young version!
  1. 7. Jethro - I don't know why but I just find him super funny, especially when he says, "I AM JETHRO!!!"
  1. 8. Mr. Gar - I find him funny and I love when he sees Carol, but I don't like the fact that he's always on secret missions, I wish he'd appear more.
  1. 9. Mikayla - I like how Lord Boxman created an animal robot.
  1. 10. Shannon - I just like her, but that episode where she gets shocked by lightning and falls in love with Rad, is hilarious.

Tell me what's your favorites!

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