This is something that's kind of been bugging me since Villain's Night Out, and I wanted to see if anyone else had any onpinions on this subject. 

Between this episode and Stop Attacking the Plaza, it's been shown that Lord Boxman is driven to destroy the Plaza because it something he truly enjoys- much like a classic villain- and that he refuses to stop achieving his goals no matter what anyone else thinks of him. After Prof. Venomous (a highly respected "serious" villain in the series) gained Boxman's respect and mentioned how he admired his passion and dedication to crush the plaza heroes, it made me start to wonder if Boxman is worthy enough to be considered a "real villain" (even though I know this is partly a silly cartoon and I shouldn't be looking too deep into this kind of thing).

After thinking it over, this situation reminded me of the Hero Killer Stain from My Hero Academia, more specifically when he was scolding Tomura Shigaraki for blindly wanting to kill All Might without having a goal or conviction for doing it, which eventually led to Shigaraki figuring out what his conviction is. If Stain was put in the same situation as Prof. Venomous and saw Boxman's true colors, I've been curious about whether he would see if he has conviction in his goals for destroying the Plaza or if Stain would see him in the same way he saw Shigaraki since his goals are like a child's due to only destroying the Plaza because he really wants to.

That's where you all comes in. I wanted to see if anyone wanted to put their two cents into this debate and see whether or not Lord Boxman has a true conviction, making him the kind of villain the Hero Killer Stain would at least respect. 

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