Sun light Lady and matrix book:

The true identity of the sun light lady is Elsa montage.Valentina's mother.Unfortunately, she couldn't raise her own daughter.Because the accident that happened in his last war was also incarcerated in the matrix book.That's what happened.:

The Lady of sunlight was fighting Foxtail,her greatest enemy.Foxtail may seem like a great and powerful hero out there.But she was actually a bad woman with dark plans.The Fox girl stole the matrix and tried to steal the other matrix with it.One of his wings was hurt when the Lady of sunlight was fighting him.That's why he had to run.Foxtail had him cornered.The Lady of sunshine was ready for any attack with her staff.Just as foxtail would attack him, the fox girl Matrixsi began to shine, and a set of lights fell on Foxtail.Smoke falling apart when foxtail started, he became a half-fox, and all his powers were gone.Because the Fox had used the girl matrix for her own benefit, and as a result she was cursed.The Lady of sunlight took a matrix from her neck,but then Foxtail jumped on her and the talisman fell to the ground.The Lady of sunlight pushed Foxtail aside and controlled the talisman.Half the dark matrix was broken.Foxtail took this opportunity and took the talisman from the ground and attached it to his neck and began to walk on the sun light lady.Just as matrixsi was going to use it on him, the sunlight noticed the baby in lady's car.Then instead of destroying it, he decided to give her the greatest of pain.He took the baby out of the car and disappeared with a dark smoke.Elsa montage fell down and started crying.He went to his brother Juniper the next day.He took her to the glop tree and told her what happened.Juniper was also the Ivy girl.He asked her to put herself in the matrix book and unify her talisman with the glop tree.So the remaining matrixes would be safe, and when she found the tree, she would find it in the book.So one of the matrices would choose him and he would be the protector of the future goodness.He was going to guide his daughter through the book.Juniper has fulfilled his wish and glop would remain a legend until it came to tree time.Juniper called his sister's daughter for years,but Foxtail escaped from Lakewood and lost track of him.Foxtail knew Elsa's daughter was special.So he named her Valentina, and when she was old enough, she was going to use her for her own good.At the same time foxtail knew that half of the dark matrix would not give him enough power.That's why P.It's O.I. e.N. N.He founded the t Academy.The students who studied there absorbed their power with a machine that was invented by Dr. greman in a way that no one would notice.Foxtail darkness with these powers he was feeding the matrix.When he had enough power, he wanted to take over the entire universe...

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