Alright so basically this is a "fix it" AU where the last 2 episodes never happened and everything went the way I personally wanted (not actually expected, for obvious reasons) things to go

I tried to arrange the events mostly in chronological order

Warning this is very very very long I spent way too much time on this

The Distant Past

Dr. Weakpoint

  • Some basic info about him: he is a humanoid cyborg chicken, knowledgeable in both robotics and biology, and a villain with a cruel, cunning and manipulative personality (let's just say he has some things in common with Boxman, Venomous, and Shadowy's negative traits, though he's still way worse than those 3)
  • Weakpoint's family members consist of non-humanoid chickens (3 of which are seen in Plaza Prom), a cyborg human wife (seen in the circle framed picture here), and a son named John Boxman
  • Weakpoint founded the hero group POINT (initially consisting of just himself and a bunch of cops; the heroes were recruited later), but his true purpose for doing this was to eventually start experimenting on the heroes and brainwash them into obeying him (he failed to do any of this however)
  • Weakpoint was later kicked out of POINT (by the time Boxman was a late teen/young adult) after its heroes found out about Weakpoint being a villain
  • Weakpoint created Steamborg to present himself as a "joke villain" to let the heroes' guards down, then created the Mecha Lizards/Mecha Maws (as well as worked on other projects) in secret

Boxman's Past (Childhood)

  • As a child Boxman was actually quite shy and friendly, his more villainous personality mostly came from the influence of his father Weakpoint
  • Weakpoint wanted Boxman to be his successor to continue his villainous legacy, so Weakpoint taught Boxman how to build robots and how to be a "great villain" and such
    • Weakpoint always told Boxman that whenever a creation/weapon/underling is disloyal to its creator/user/boss, it must be destroyed
  • Boxman was frequently verbally abused by Weakpoint, sometimes even threatened to be destroyed, though there were also rare moments where Weakpoint complimented Boxman whenever he made him "proud"
  • At school Boxman was often bullied for his appearance (robot eye and chicken arm) and being a "nerd"
    • He eventually befriended Eugene Gar who was in a similar situation (more details below)

Mr. Gar's Past (Childhood)

  • Gar, too, was often bullied at school for being a skinny (he wasn't muscular yet at that time) "nerd" with big glasses, bowtie and awkward personality
  • Gar first met Boxman at their elementary school where Boxman defended Gar from a bunch of bullies
  • Gar and Boxman had been best friends since then, even in middle and high school, always hanging out together
    • (btw before anyone brings up Gar attending POINT Prep so he couldn't be in the same school as Boxman: I'm assuming POINT Prep is a college of sorts rather than a high school)
    • In middle school Boxman taught Gar how to make robots, which is how Gar knew how to build Plazamo
  • Gar is actually gay, and both he and Boxman had feelings for each other, but neither of them realized it at that time
    • Gar grew up in a heteronormative religious family (hence his sister being a nun), which is why Gar lived most of his life assuming he's straight
  • At some point in high school Gar told Boxman that his dream is to be a great hero, and suggested him that they could become heroes together. Boxman told Gar he actually wants to be the greatest villain (mostly bc of Weakpoint's influence, though he didn't tell Gar that part) and that they should be villains together. This started a heated argument between Gar and Boxman, ending their friendship
    • This incident is also what caused Boxman to start hating friendship

Laserblast's Past (From Childhood to Late Teens)

(Note idk 100% if "Kincaid" is actually his last name or if it's just Carol's last name, so I'm just gonna call him Laserblast throughout the whole thing even though he hasn't started calling himself that yet)

  • Laserblast was a homeless orphan who lost his parents at a very young age (he has no memories of what exactly happened to them)
  • Laserblast's energy absorption power is inherited from one of his parents, but his hidden Turbo power is the result of an extremely rare mutation that has nothing to do with genetics
  • Child Laserblast (around 6-11) was eventually found by Ginger who let him work with her as her candy thief sidekick
  • After Laserblast saved Ginger and got arrested by POINT's cops, Dr. Weakpoint took him in, claiming that he "saw potential in him" and wanted to make Laserblast his minion
    • Weakpoint made Laserblast call him "boss"
  • When Weakpoint discovered Laserblast's hidden Turbo power (after scanning him), he started experimenting on him in order to awaken that power and turn Laserblast into the "ultimate weapon"
    • Weakpoint named this project "Project TURBO" (TURBO is supposed to be an acronym here, I haven't decided what though)
    • Weakpoint also unsuccessfully replicated this Turbo power with Pird (another one of his creations), whose "Shadowy Figure" outfit in TKO's House is actually a failed Turbo form (his appearance changes but he has no actual powers whatsoever)
  • Weakpoint kept "Project TURBO" a secret from everyone, even from Boxman, so Boxman never knew there was this other kid living in a hidden lab in his house. Laserblast knew Weakpoint had a son but he never saw him nor knew his name
  • After finding out that Laserblast's Turbo power comes from his negative emotions, Weakpoint tried to awaken the power by constantly (verbally/emotionally/physically) abusing him, treating him far worse than Boxman in order to make Laserblast's negative emotions grow (I'd rather not write this part in detail)
  • Despite all this Laserblast always suppressed his Turbo power and refused to let it awaken, because he was terrified of it and was scared that something bad would happen if his power awakened
    • Whenever Laserblast refused, Weakpoint would tell him that "[he] can only be powerful when he uses [his] Turbo powers, and without it [he'll] always stay weak forever"
    • Laserblast sometimes had nightmares of being his own mindscape and seeing a cage containing a dark blob, which gradually grew in size every time he dreamed about it
  • Laserblast taught himself biology whenever he was able to sneak out from his room (whenever Weakpoint forgot to lock it before going to sleep) and use Weakpoint's books/notes/computer
  • When Laserblast was a late teen, Weakpoint's house was raided by POINT heroes after they had kicked Weakpoint out of POINT (Weakpoint took Boxman and escaped). Laserblast was found by Dr. Greyman and Foxtail and was recruited to be POINT's hero, which he accepted
    • Greyman and Foxtail never found out about Project TURBO because Weakpoint took all the data with him when he escaped, and Laserblast never told them about it either so they just assumed he was forced to work as Weakpoint's henchman

The Past: Pre-Sandwich Incident

Laserblast in POINT

  • Laserblast's obsession with power came from his desire to become a powerful hero without using his Turbo power; he wanted to prove Dr. Weakpoint wrong
  • There were few times where Laserblast's Turbo power briefly showed (similar to what sometimes happened to KO) whenever he got too angry, usually during battles: the wristbands on one of his gloves turned purple and grew spikes, his eyelids turned purple under his mask, his teeth became sharp, and there were little bits of purple electricity around the hand with the spiked wristbands
    • However, none of his teammates ever noticed this because it only happened for a split second, as Laserblast was able to immediately suppress his Turbo powers every time it happened
  • Laserblast's insecurities only made his Turbo power continue to grow, despite this he still managed to suppress that power throughout his whole hero career

Laserblast and Carol

  • Even though Laserblast felt insecure by comparing himself to Carol he still genuinely loved her, and of course Carol genuinely loved him as well
  • Whenever they went on dates they'd often go to a certain forest, which they loved because of how beautiful it is, and considered it their "special place". They promised that if they ever have a child, they'll bring them to this place one day (which ironically enough, they both did)
  • They bought a pair of matching off-white heeled boots, not just because they're cute but they also kinda symbolize (idk if this is the right word for this??) how they'll always kick bad guys' butts together

The Past: Post-Sandwich Incident

The Creation of "Them"

  • Laserblast actually planned to visit Carol and the other POINT members to let them know he's actually alive, after this one final experiment (regardless of whether it's a success or failure), even though he was kinda scared to face them (especially Carol)
  • He did that one last experiment and... scene cuts to Laserblast in his mindscape
  • The caged blob, now enormous in size (with the cage barely able to contain it), started taking a monstrous humanoid form, and the cage started to break
  • The monstrous humanoid shadow thing/"Turbo Laserblast" glitched out uncontrollably, then got split into two beings: Professor Venomous and Shadowy Figure, with the cage getting destroyed in the process
    • Laserblast was in front of Venomous (facing towards him) and Shadowy was behind Venomous, which was why Venomous only saw Laserblast and not Shadowy. Laserblast and Shadowy could see each other though
  • Venomous saw Laserblast and immediately assumed he was the one who's locked him up in the cage. Venomous attacked Laserblast, grabbed him by his shirt and prepared to throw him into his subconscious as revenge
  • Laserblast saw Shadowy and tried to call him for help, but Shadowy hid away instead, and Venomous accused Laserblast of trying to trick/distract him
  • Venomous threw Laserblast into the elevator (which is dark gray/black in contrast to KO's gold elevator) and sent it down the subconscious, trapping Laserblast in there
  • During all this Shadowy snuck around and avoided being seen by Venomous, because Shadowy was afraid Venomous would also try to throw him into the subconscious if he got caught
  • Venomous took complete control of Laserblast's body, and he'd stay in control for the next 6-11 years
  • Shadowy only took control of Laserblast's body whenever Venomous was asleep, because even though he'll never admit it, Shadowy was actually kinda scared of Venomous and didn't want to directly confront him
  • On the flipside, the experiment did also cause Laserblast's own non-Turbo power to return. Too bad Laserblast can't even use it when he's stuck in his subconscious

Lad & Logic & Weakpoint (& Gar)

  • At some point after Lad Boxman built Mr. Logic, Dr. Weakpoint paid him a visit (both his first and last)
  • Weakpoint was rather impressed by Boxman's creation and complimented Boxman for this
  • Weakpoint acted quite friendly towards Mr. Logic, giving him the hair clippers and the green jacket that he was wearing as gifts
  • Weakpoint jokingly told Boxman that Mr. Logic is technically Boxman's son, which would make Weakpoint Mr. Logic's grandfather
  • Before leaving, Weakpoint told Boxman he's made him proud, but he can make him even prouder, motivating Boxman
  • Fast forward to Mr. Logic giving Gar that haircut. Boxman saw Gar's now visible face through his window and actually recognized him as his ex-best friend
    • This was why Boxman was especially angry when Mr. Logic returned and wanted immediate revenge against Gar with the Junkfish
  • Mr. Gar didn't find out about his ex-best friend being the owner of Boxmore until some time later

The Recent Past

A Deal Between Two Evil

  • Venomous was determined to get rid of Shadowy, the same way he got rid of Laserblast: by trapping him in his subconscious
    • However this was not because KO and Fink wanted him gone, but specifically because Venomous wanted to be the only one in control of Laserblast's body
  • Venomous entered his mindscape and found Shadowy, starting a battle between the two
  • When Shadowy was about to lose the battle, he quickly told Venomous that they're not so different and that they can actually work together, prompting Venomous to stop (but not let his guard down)
  • Shadowy explained to Venomous that they're both halves of Laserblast's Turbo form that got split up due to his experiments, and how Shadowy had been hiding from Venomous since then
    • Venomous and Shadowy both resented Laserblast, as they both believed Laserblast was the one who kept them trapped in the cage
    • They both remember what it was like being locked in the cage before they got split (back when they were this dark blob): they couldn't see, they couldn't hear, they couldn't speak or scream, all they instinctively knew was that they were trapped
  • Venomous and Shadowy's conversation revealed that neither of them can feel compassion (like Flowey from Undertale) due to being embodiments of (Laserblast's) negative emotions
    • Both of them did try to feel love towards others in the past (they both only had distant memories of feeling compassion, from Laserblast's memories): in Venomous' case, he tried to care about his minion Fink, and later Boxman and the other Boxmore robots. Venomous thought he'd feel something if he acted nice towards them and saw them be happy, but he felt nothing. Even when he tried to be nice towards his own son KO, Venomous felt empty. Eventually, constantly pretending to care about the people that he couldn't actually care about (no matter how hard he tried) got tiring for Venomous. It felt more and more like he was only doing this to keep his henchman and business partner loyal to him
    • Meanwhile, Shadowy had the same approach as Venomous when he tried to feel love towards KO (who he found out was his son before Venomous did). He hacked the bodega's Pow Card machine so KO's level would show up as 100, but he felt empty after seeing KO be happy on the news. When he saw glimpses of KO's Turbo powers on that same news he thought awakening TKO would help him feel something towards his son, as that would give them something in common, but even then he felt nothing towards KO/TKO. Shadowy had completely given up on trying to feel compassion since then (his motive for trying to bring out TKO changed after that: see last bullet point below)
    • (This means TKO could never feel compassion either, at least not on his own)
  • Shadowy suggested Venomous that they should synchronize together to become more powerful, and that they should use their newfound power to destroy everything: they're both sick of everyone and everything at this point, so why not just destroy them all? It would certainly be much more fun than continuing to play pretend
    • Not to mention this would be a great revenge against Laserblast, by destroying both his loved ones and his past reputation as a hero
  • Venomous accepted Shadowy's offer, and they both synchronized to become Shadowy Venomous (the same way KO and TKO did to become PKO)
    • Venomous always found it strange that he never had his own spiked wristbands despite other Turbo forms such as T.Fink and TKO having them. Venomous now understood why after seeing Shadowy Venomous' spiked wristbands and realized Shadowy was indeed telling him the truth
    • Shadowy Venomous tested his newfound powers by shooting an energy blast from his hand at a bunch of random Boxmore bots, instantly destroying them. Venomous was amazed by how powerful they are now, and he and Shadowy high fived each other
    • Venomous: "...And how exactly did you know how to do all this?"
      Shadowy: "I saw it in a movie once"
  • Venomous and Shadowy planned to get TKO to join them, as TKO is a Turbo form just like them (they may not feel compassion towards each other but at the very least they could still understand each other)
    • (This was also Shadowy's new motive after the events of "TKO" for trying to bring out TKO)

The Present: Part 1

Boxman's Visit

  • Lord Boxman heads to Weakpoint's place in order to ask him for help
    • Boxman says something along the lines of "So that TKO kid is gonna team up with his dad and destroy my place, ruin my business? Well, two can play that game"
  • On his way, Boxman reminisces about all the past betrayals he's faced: he just got betrayed by Venomous, before that he got betrayed by Darrell, and before that he got betrayed by Mr. Logic, and before that he got betrayed by Mr. Gar... his childhood best friend
    • Boxman wonders if things would've been different if he and Gar had stayed friends, and admits to himself that he does miss being friends with him
    • Boxman also finds the lone "unique" Jethro on his way and takes him with him
  • Once Boxman arrives at Weakpoint's house, he is hesitant to enter because he's scared of disappointing his father
  • When Boxman enters the house, Weakpoint is watching the news (showing Boxmore getting destroyed) on TV, holding the Pow Cards of Laserblast, Venomous, and Shadowy Figure
  • Weakpoint calmly greets Boxman (without getting up from his chair or looking at Boxman), mentioning how it's been so long since he's seen him,
  • Boxman nervously explains everything to Weakpoint about what happened
    • There's this whole exchange:
      Boxman: "I-I failed you..."
      Weakpoint: "No, you failed me."
    • Weakpoint sees Jethro (who hides behind Boxman when Weakpoint glares at him) and asks Boxman if that's all that's left of his robots (which Boxman immediately denies)
  • Weakpoint explains to Boxman about Project TURBO and how Venomous was its test subject that escaped
  • Weakpoint says it's funny how Boxman and Venomous wound up working together, because Weakpoint was planning to give it (Venomous) to Boxman as a gift had Project TURBO been a success
    • Boxman is clearly disturbed by Weakpoint's objectification of Venomous and the way he calls him an "it"
  • Weakpoint agrees to help Boxman (as he gets up from his chair, tossing the Pow Cards into the burning fireplace, and turns toward Boxman)
    • Weakpoint reminds Boxman of what he's taught him: that if a weapon turns against its user, it must be destroyed. This makes Boxman feel a little regretful about his decision but he still goes along with it

The Tournament

  • A tournament is held at the plaza, not because the Pow Card data got reset (Carla kept them in a flash drive and restored them using her laptop), but in order to "lighten up the mood, give people hope, blah blah blah" (the blah blah part is literally said out loud)
    • Enid thinks the reason behind the tournament is ridiculous
  • Just like in the canon episode, the winner(s) of the tournament will (each) get one wish from the President of the Universe
  • Also like in the canon ep, Mr. Gar and Carol are the judges
  • TKO and Shadowy Venomous both enter the tournament, though individually rather than as a team
  • Rad and Enid enter the tournament (as a team) after learning that TKO will be there, in the hopes of bringing KO back

In the Subconscious

  • Meanwhile, KO is stuck in his subconscious, panicking and not knowing what to do
  • Suddenly KO hears a distant voice calling for him, prompting KO to follow the voice
  • To KO's surprise, the one calling him was Laserblast himself (he now has a slimmer body shape just like Venomous and Shadowy, and wears the same outfit as Venomous)
    • KO initially mistakes Laserblast for Venomous but soon learns that's not the case
  • A latent power of both KO's and Laserblast's (a "telepathy" of sorts) has connected their subconscious into one, which is how KO and Laserblast could meet each other
  • Laserblast explains everything to KO: his past desire to be powerful without using his Turbo power, the Venomous/Shadowy split, Laserblast's imprisonment in his subconscious, Venomous impersonating Laserblast, Venomous and Shadowy's conversation/deal (which Laserblast was able to overhear)
    • KO freaks out about the fact that it's possible for a Turbo form to split up, Laserblast quickly reassures him that it likely only happened because of his experiments on himself (though even he's not completely sure if that was the real reason)
    • Laserblast tried to warn TKO about Venomous and Shadowy back when TKO was still in his subconscious, but he never heard Laserblast's voice
  • Laserblast apologizes to KO for everything that's happened because of him. KO assures Laserblast that none of this is his fault and that he shouldn't take blame for what Venomous and Shadowy have done. The two share a heartfelt hug
  • KO tells Laserblast that they should try to find a way out of the subconscious. Laserblast says he's tried many times and failed to find the exit, and that the overwhelming number of "nightmares" (those red floaty things) made it more difficult to do so. KO gives a pep talk to Laserblast about how if they work together, they'll be able to escape
  • KO and Laserblast fight off the nightmares together
    • One of the nightmares takes the form of Carol (presumably Laserblast's due to the guilt he feels towards her). KO and Laserblast get hesitant but still defeat nightmare-Carol
    • The last 3 nightmares take the form of Venomous, TKO, and Shadowy. KO assumes they're the "final boss", and he and Laserblast defeat the remaining nightmares together
  • KO and Laserblast high fives each other, believing all the nightmares are gone now
  • Suddenly the true "final boss" appears before them: a giant nightmare in the form of Dr. Weakpoint. Seeing this causes Laserblast to break down
  • KO asks what's wrong, and Laserblast tells KO about his past with Weakpoint, to which KO comments "that's horrible!"
  • KO gives another pep talk to Laserblast about to how he shouldn't give up, he's still a strong hero and that he can defeat Weakpoint, etc.
  • Laserblast gathers up his courage, he and KO combo attack on nightmare-Weakpoint
  • Defeating nightmare-Weakpoint causes the two elevators (the exits) to reappear
    • KO and Laserblast share another hug before entering their respective elevators (gold for KO, black for Laserblast)
    • Laserblast says he's worried that Carol won't forgive him for what he's done, but KO reassures him that Carol is kind and understanding so she'll surely forgive him, and that KO will make sure to explain everything to her
  • KO and Laserblast return to their respective mindscapes

TKO vs Enid and Rad

(This is mostly pretty similar to what went down in the canon ep, though there are some differences)

  • Fink gives the Turbo collars to Enid and Rad before the fight with TKO
  • Enid and Rad's Turbo forms actually last long enough to defend against TKO
  • However Enid and Rad's Turbo collars run out of "juice" (glorb energy) at the last minute, leaving them vulnerable against TKO (though the collars are never destroyed)

KO's Inner Battle

  • Just as TKO's about to finish off Enid and Rad, KO returns to his mindscape and tries to stop TKO, battle between KO and TKO begins
  • During the battle, KO apologizes to TKO for what he's done to him tries to talk TKO into stopping his rampage
  • TKO yells at KO that he's sick of how no one ever cares about TKO as himself and everyone only cares about KO, and that he wants to be treated as his own person
    • TKO: "Everyone always goes KO this, KO that, well what about me?!"
    • TKO says Shadowy Venomous was the only person who actually acknowledged him as his own person for once, which is why he sided with him. Even someone who physically can't feel compassion at least tried to care for TKO, so why won't anyone else do the same?
  • KO hugs TKO and tells him that he sees him as his own person, that he loves and appreciates TKO and sees him as his friend, and that he'll make sure everyone else will acknowledge TKO as his own person as well
  • TKO feels the sincerity in KO's words and stops fighting, and the two reconcile with each other
    • TKO admits he does understand why others would almost always call him KO, since TKO and KO are technically the "same", but TKO was still hurt by how others treated him and got carried away by his feelings
  • TKO lets KO take control of his body

Mom vs Dad

  • KO takes control of his body and stops TKO's attack from being launched at Rad and Enid
  • Rad, Enid, Dendy, Carol, and Mr. Gar all hug KO, happy that he's back
  • KO explains to them about TKO being his own entity separate from himself, as well as about the whole Laserblast/Venomous/Shadowy situation
  • Carol is especially shocked when she learns about Laserblast's story. She gets an idea, and enters the tournament
    • Carla: "Ain't no rules that say judges can't join the tournament!"
  • During all this, Laserblast returns to his mindscape and tries to attack Venomous and Shadowy, but the two creates a cage around Laserblast and traps him inside, demanding him to stay in there
  • Both Venomous and Shadowy are shocked to find out that they've been matched against Carol
    • Laserblast also sees this and goes "don't you dare hurt her...!" Little did he know, neither Venomous nor Shadowy want to hurt Carol
  • At the beginning of their fight, Carol copies Shadowy Venomous' power and becomes Turbo Carol (T. Carol)
    • The red text that show up around Carol make it very clear that Carol only copied the Turbo power and that KO inherited his Turbo power from his dad, not his mom. Even Carol herself has to verbally assure KO that she's only copying Shadowy Venomous' power
    • Shadowy Venomous blushes for a second when he sees T.Carol for the first time
  • The fight begins. T.Carol tries to hit Shadowy Venomous, who only dodges her attacks without fighting back once
    • Dynamite Watkins and Carla talk about how Shadowy Venomous had been merciless against his previous opponents, always defeating them with a single attack as soon as the battle began, so it's very strange that he's not attacking Carol at all
  • T. Carol lands a punch on Shadowy Venomous, briefly knocking him down. Shadowy Venomous flies upward to avoid T.Carol, who launches herself towards him in what appears to be an attempt at a final attack
  • ...But then T.Carol hugs Shadowy Venomous, much to everyone's surprise, especially Venomous and Shadowy themselves'
  • Carol changes back to her normal form and tells Shadowy Venomous (Laserblast) that KO told her about everything, she didn't realize her words back then would've hurt him so much, she never meant to imply that he's weak and that she's always genuinely seen him as a great hero
  • Tears form at Shadowy Venomous' eyes, he hugs Carol back without saying anything
  • Inside the mindscape, the cage around Laserblast is destroyed

The Present: Part 2

Boxman and Weakpoint's Arrival

  • An army of robots (Steamborg, Mecha Lizards, Mecha Maws, Junkfish, other various robots and cyborgs) approach the tournament, with Boxman and Weakpoint standing on top of a giant Mecha Maw at the front
    • Boxman sees Shadowy Venomous hugging Carol and becomes bitter
    • Gar and Carol are shocked to see that Weakpoint was the creator of the Mecha Lizards and Mecha Maws all along
  • Boxman and Weakpoint get down from the Mecha Maw. Weakpoint smirks and greets everyone with a calm and condescending attitude, Boxman neither smiles nor says anything
  • Mr. Logic recognizes Weakpoint as his grandfather. Weakpoint greets his grandson and notes that he still has the green jacket that he gave him, asking him if he also still has those hair clippers too. One of the other Boxmore bots goes "that's our grandfather?!"
  • Weakpoint also personally greets the ex-POINT members: Silver Spark, El-Bow, and of course, "Laserblast"
  • When someone asks Weakpoint why he's here, Weakpoint tells them not to worry since he's not here to join their little game of tournament, just here to avenge his son. Weakpoint then launches an attack on the plaza with his robot army. Everyone starts panicking
  • Weakpoint takes out a laser cannon gun and shoots it at Carol. Shadowy Venomous shields Carol from the attack and gets hit instead, getting badly injured
  • Shadowy Venomous takes Carol (carrying her bridal style) and flies off, KO and Fink try to go after them but they (along with Enid, Rad, Dendy, Gar, etc.) are surrounded by the robot army
  • The heroes begin fighting against Weakpoint and his army of robots
    • KO and TKO synchronize and fight the robots as PKO
    • Fink brings more glorbs to Enid and Rad and they fight the robots as T.Fink, Tenid, and Trad
    • Other heroes such as POINT (including POINT Prep students) and Hue Troop arrive after finding out about what's going on at the plaza

Boxman Rebels

  • During the battle, Weakpoint asks Boxman about his "archenemy" and that he'd gladly kill him
  • Weakpoint aims his laser cannon gun at Gar, who is being held down by a bunch of Mecha Lizards and Mecha Maws
  • Boxman jumps in front of Gar and shields him from Weakpoint's gun, prompting Weakpoint to angrily ask "what do you think you're doing?!"
  • Boxman tells Weakpoint that he's going too far and that they're supposed to be villains, not monsters. Weakpoint laughs at Boxman and reminds him that villains are supposed to be evil and that he's making a fool of himself if he thinks villains should have standards. Weakpoint warns Boxman that he better get out of the way if he knows what's good for him
  • Boxman holds Gar's hand and declares that if that's what villains are supposed to be then he doesn't want to be one anymore, and that he will not let Weakpoint hurt his childhood best friend
  • Weakpoint says fine, in that case he'll have to get rid of Boxman first, and aims his gun at his son's head
  • Just as Weakpoint's about to pull the trigger, Gar breaks free from the Mecha Lizards/Maws and elbow-attacks Weakpoint
  • While Weakpoint is knocked down, Gar and Boxman apologize to each other about what happened in the past and reconciles. They share a hug and promise that they'll stay friends and always protect each other
  • Boxman brings all the Boxmore robots (including Mr. Logic and Double Beat) together and has them fuse into Super Mega Boxbot, with Boxman as the pilot
  • Gar and Boxman (+ Super Mega Boxbot) team up together to fight against Weakpoint's army
  • Meanwhile Weakpoint has gotten up and is now more actively fighting against the heroes (with his laser gun)
  • Steamborg fights Super Mega Boxbot under Weakpoint's command

In the Forest Part 1

  • Shadowy Venomous takes Carol to the "special forest" in order to keep her safe
  • After placing Carol on the ground against a tree, Shadowy Venomous collapses and becomes unconscious
  • Carol freaks out, scared that Shadowy Venomous (Laserblast) might die. She shakes him to try to wake him up, then she starts performing CPR on him in an attempt to save him

Laserblast's Inner Battle

  • The now free Laserblast confronts Venomous and Shadowy
  • As Laserblast fights Venomous and Shadowy he, like KO, tries to talk them into stopping their villainy
  • Venomous and Shadowy tells Laserblast there's no use in trying to convince them to stop, as neither of them can feel compassion so they feel no remorse whatsoever about what they're doing
  • Laserblast yells at Venomous and Shadowy that there is someone that they care about, the one person that they love without realizing it: Carol
  • Laserblast says despite the fact that Carol is Venomous and Shadowy's enemy and so they could've easily just beat her in the tournament or let her get killed by Weakpoint, there was still something that kept them from hurting her, something that compelled them to risk their lives to save her, and that "something" was their love for Carol
    • (Side note: this is never actually mentioned in this scene, but it's supposed to be implied that the love for Carol is also the reason why Venomous never fought back Carol in Big Reveal and why Shadowy never brought up Carol whenever he tried to unleash TKO even after KO mentioned her right in front of him)
  • During this, there are flashbacks of Venomous and Shadowy's memories:
    • Venomous watched the Boxman Jr. battle on a monitor in his house. When he saw Carol get hurt by Boxman Jr., he suddenly got angry, though he never figured out why. The next day, Venomous absolutely refused to create another bio chip for Boxman to repair Boxman Jr. despite Boxman's pleas and even got mad at Boxman for repeatedly asking him
    • Shadowy visited the "special forest" whenever he wasn't doing villain stuff, whether it's day or night, thinking about the times he (well, Laserblast, to be more accurate) and Carol spent together there
    • Venomous used the green goo to create a clone of Carol. Clone-Carol warmly greeted Venomous and smiled at him, and Venomous hugged clone-Carol, only for clone-Carol to melt into goop. Venomous fell to his knees (saying "no...!") in front of the goo puddle and started crying, but then realized the remnants of clone-Carol had turned into "Carl". Flashback ends with Venomous holding Carl close to him
    • Shadowy arrived late at the scene of TKO's first battle against everyone. Shadowy saw TKO about to attack Carol and instinctively tried to rush towards them and... save Carol? Shadowy didn't understand why he felt the need to do that (he stopped himself from approaching them after TKO punched himself and went unconscious)
  • Venomous and Shadowy now understand that what they've been feeling towards Carol is indeed love, and they are both filled with guilt as they realize how much they've hurt the one person they could care about, regretting their past actions. Both start to cry
  • Laserblast says Venomous and Shadowy may not have physically hurt Carol, but what they've done still emotionally hurt her, and pleads them to stop, if not for anyone else, at the very least for Carol
  • Venomous and Shadowy agree to stop and let Laserblast take control of his body
  • As Laserblast's about to take back control, Venomous and Shadowy try to get in the elevator to the subconscious, believing everyone will be better off without them (note they're not trying to run away from their responsibilities or anything, they're only doing this bc of guilt)
  • Laserblast stops Venomous and Shadowy, saying that all 3 of them have messed up, but that they still can and have to fix this together, and offers them his hands
    • Venomous takes Laserblast's hand first, and offers his own hand to Shadowy. Shadowy is reluctant (due to guilt) at first but then holds both Laserblast and Venomous' hands
    • Chains form around their wrists (similar to this) except in this case, they represent the three uniting together. Also Laserblast's chains are light blue like KO's, Venomous' are lightish purple, and Shadowy's are really dark purple (nearly black)
    • After the whole chain thing happened, Venomous now has a spiked purple wristband around his right wrist while Shadowy has one around his left
  • Laserblast finally takes back control of his body

In the Forest Part 2

  • Still attempting to save Laserblast (still in Shadowy Venomous form), Carol tries mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on him
  • As Carol "kisses" Laserblast, his appearance changes back to normal (as Laserblast himself is now in control) and he wakes up
  • At first Carol jumps back and she and Laserblast both laugh awkwardly. Then they hug each other, saying how much they've missed each other
  • Carol and Laserblast both realize they're in the "special forest", and they briefly talk about how they used to spend time here
  • Laserblast apologizes to Carol for leaving her. He's already understood at some point after leaving that Carol wasn't trying to imply he was weak, but he couldn't come back to Carol sooner because of reasons that Carol now knows. Carol forgives Laserblast
  • Carol admits to Laserblast that she was actually born powerless, which surprises him. When Carol was younger, she was always bullied by her peers for her powerlessness. It was only from years of studying and training that she mastered how to copy others' powers. Even then, she felt insecure about herself for being an "unoriginal copycat" and admired Laserblast for his unique powers (among other things)
  • Carol and Laserblast joke to each other about how they should've opened up about their tragic past and insecurities earlier and laugh together (in this sweet and wholesome way)
  • Suddenly an explosion is heard from a distance, Carol and Laserblast remember the whole thing going on at the plaza and prepare to head back
  • In Laserblast's mindscape, he tells Venomous and Shadowy that they should all synchronize together, and the other two agree

The Final Battle

  • The battle against Weakpoint and his army is still going on at the plaza, but the heroes are losing
  • Steamborg has knocked down Super Mega Boxbot and is heading towards PKO
  • Suddenly, out of the air appears Perfect Laserblast (Plaserblast) and Pefect Carol (P.Carol), combo-kicking (with their matching boots) Steamborg and instantly destroying him
  • The heroes are happy to see Laserblast and Carol back, and PKO shares a hug with his parents
  • Fink is confused about her boss' new appearance. Plaserblast awkwardly tells her that it's a long story and he'll explain everything to her later
  • PKO, P.Carol, and Plaserblast give part of their energy (basically a reverse of Laserblast's usual energy absorb power) to the heroes, healing them and giving the characters wearing Turbo collars Perfect forms: Perfect Fink (P.Fink), Perfect Rad (Prada), and Perfect Enid (no)
  • The battle continues, with the heroes more at an advantage this time
  • Weakpoint says he knows the ultimate weakness of Laserblast and his son: their peanut allergy. Weakpoint takes out two cannon guns (1 in each hand), and with them shoots peanut butter at PKO and Plaserblast
  • PKO and Plaserblast (and in their mindscapes, KO & TKO and Laserblast & Venomous & Shadowy) collectively scream and try to get away from the peanut butter
  • P.Carol, Prad and Perfect Enid get in the way of the trajectory and eat the peanut butter. The other heroes start doing the same every time Weakpoint tries to hit PKO and Plaserblast with peanut butter (the whole thing happens in this goofy OK KO way)
  • Weakpoint screams angrily at the heroes to get out of his way. When his guns run out of peanut butter, Weakpoint takes out a peanut machine gun and shoots it at PKO and Plaserblast but the other heroes eat those peanuts too
  • P.Carol finds Laserblast's helmet on the ground (Venomous kept it at Boxmore after Big Reveal but it ended up outside amidst the chaotic large-scale battle) and tosses it at Plaserblast (shouting "catch!"), who puts it on and shoots laser at his enemies with it
  • Eventually PKO lands a hit on Weakpoint, sending the latter crashing down under the plaza into the area with the glorb tree
  • Weakpoint desperately eats the floating glorbs around him (he just grabs them and shoves them into his mouth) and transforms into Dr. Strongpoint (basically a Weakpoint version of Lord Box-Max)
  • PKO and Plaserblast duke it out against Strongpoint and the other heroes fight off the remaining robots
    • Strongpoint flies upwards during the battle (similar to the final battle in Let's Play Heroes)
  • Strongpoint taunts Plaserblast about how he succumbed into using his Turbo power after . Plaserblast says it doesn't matter as long as he uses his power to be a hero
  • Strongpoint punches Plaserblast's head, destroying his helmet, saying it's too late for him to try to be a hero again after everything Venomous, Shadowy, and even Laserblast himself has done
  • Strongpoint tells PKO and Plaserblast that it's naive of them to try to use their Turbo powers for good and that their Turbo counterparts will return right back to being evil again after all this due to their inherent nature that can't be changed
  • Strongpoint's words make TKO, Venomous, and Shadowy doubt themselves, weakening PKO and Plaserblast's powers due to being out of sync
  • KO and Laserblast tell Strongpoint that they trust their Turbo counterparts and believe they can change for the better
  • TKO, Venomous, and Shadowy are encouraged to fight for good again. PKO and Plaserblast's components are back in sync and can use their full powers again
  • Strongpoint gets enraged and screams at PKO and Plaserblast that they're destined to be villains and that they'll never be able to change the fate that they were born into. Strongpoint starts charging a big attack at his two opponents
  • PKO and Plaserblast yell a big "SHUT UP" at Strongpoint and combo-punch him, sending Strongpoint flying straight down with such force that all his feathers fall out
  • Strongpoint crash lands on the street and reverts back to Weakpoint. He looks around (while still lying down) and sees all his robots and cyborgs are destroyed, realizing he is truly screwed

The Present: Part 3

Bye Bye Weakpoint

  • Boxman approaches Weakpoint and smugly greets him
  • Weakpoint has the audacity to command Boxman to help him get up and go home if he wants his forgiveness
  • Boxman mockingly says he no longer cares about how Weakpoint feels about him but he'll still "help" him anyways since he's (Boxman's) so nice
  • Boxman gathers the Boxman bots and has them assemble into a cannon around Weakpoint
  • The cannon aims and shoots Weakpoint at Cool Sun
  • Boxman waves bye bye to his father, telling him to enjoy his stay at his new home, and thanks Darrell for the idea
  • Everyone cheers in celebration of Weakpoint's defeat
    • PKO and Plaserblast return and hug Carol, then PKO goes and hugs Enid, Rad, Dendy, and Mr. Gar
    • The Boxbots disassemble and hug Boxman together, then Boxman and Gar hug each other

Tournament Isn't Over Yet

  • Just as everyone is relieved that the big battle is over, Dynamite Watkins reminds them that the tournament isn't over yet and that "Shadowy Venomous" (now Plaserblast) and Carol must continue their match
    • Plaserblast and Carol exchange concerned glances with each other
  • Carla flips through the rulebook and finds out there is a rule that forbids judges from entering the tournament. Carol is disqualified
  • Enid and Rad are too worn out from fighting in the big battle so they withdraw from the tournament
  • So the final match ends up being Plaserblast vs Chameleon Sr.
  • Before the fight begins, TKO tells KO that he has something important to say to his dad, so KO lets him take control
  • TKO tells Plaserblast about how Chameleon Sr. has beaten up Carol in the past. TKO exaggerates the whole story and even goes as far as to say Carol "almost got killed"
  • Laserblast, Venomous, and Shadowy collectively fly into a rage after hearing TKO's story
  • Chameleon Sr. gets terrified when he sees enraged Plaserblast
  • Before Chameleon Sr. could withdraw, Plaserblast launches himself towards him and ora ora rapid-fire punches him (Laserblast, Venomous, and Shadowy are also briefly seen rapid-fire punching in the mindscape), finishing him off with an upwards punch that sends him flying into the air
    • Everyone is shook. TKO (in his mindscape since he gave control back to KO) is smugly amused
  • Plaserblast calms down and does a victory pose
    • Laserblast, Venomous, and Shadowy are also seen doing the same victory pose in their mindscape
  • Plaserblast is announced as the winner of the tournament, everyone cheers for him
  • The President of the Universe arrives to give the winner his wish
  • The President sees PKO and Plaserblast and mutters to himself that it's amazing that someone could actually change their own fate
    • PKO goes "what?" and the President just goes "oh nothing, young blood!" (or something along the lines of that)
  • The President tells Plaserblast that since he's technically a team of 3, he gets 3 wishes
  • Plaserblast thinks for a moment, then tells the President that he'll save all 3 wishes for later and use them when he really needs them

Their Apologies

  • After the end of the tournament, Laserblast decides to tell the whole truth to everyone else who doesn't know yet
  • Laserblast apologizes to Gar, Foxtail, Greyman, and Rippy Roo for abandoning the team, and they reconcile. Laserblast also apologizes to everyone else for letting them down back then
  • Now it's Venomous' turn to apologize
    • First Venomous apologizes to Carol and KO
    • Then he apologizes to Fink and Boxman. Boxman accepts his apology but Fink, after learning that Venomous took over Laserblast's body for 6-11 years, yells at him that he's even worse than Shadowy and runs off with tears in her eyes. Boxman tells Venomous not to worry but the latter is still regretful
    • Venomous also apologizes to everyone else, though with seemingly slightly less effort than his previous apologies but still with enough sincerity
  • Finally it's Shadowy's turn to apologize
    • Shadowy apologizes to Carol and KO, though he's a lot more awkward about it than Venomous
    • But then Shadowy refuses to apologize to everyone else and outright says it's because he doesn't have a reason to care about them. Only when Laserblast and Venomous keep nagging on him does Shadowy say fine and reluctantly apologize to everyone "...I guess"
  • Laserblast sighs and says Venomous and Shadowy still have a long way to go. Though there's a bit of optimism in his face expression and voice when he says this
  • TKO apologizes to everyone as well, not because KO made him do it (he didn't) but because TKO himself wanted to

Mr. Gay

  • Mr. Gar's feelings for Boxman returns and is stronger than before. Gar notices it feels different from what he's been feeling towards Carol
  • Gar realizes that he is indeed gay, and that he has a crush on Boxman. Gar also figures out that his feelings for Carol were platonic all along
  • Gar first nervously tells Carol about this, and breaks up with her. Carol is supportive of Gar, and the friends hug each other
  • Gar then confesses his feelings to Boxman (with a lot of anxiety). Boxman accepts, admitting that he feels the same way for Gar. Gar and Boxman share a kiss
  • Scene briefly cuts to Corn Shepherd (the god worshiped by Gar's religious family) in his corn heaven giving a thumbs up of approval
  • Boxman introduces Gar to his robot children as their new stepfather. The Boxmore bots are surprised yet happy about this news, especially Mr. Logic

Rekindling an Old Flame

  • Carol and Laserblast talk about how they've been wearing the matching boots even after being separated because of how much they missed each other
    • Carol says even when she tried to move on from Laserblast by dating Mr. Gar, she still couldn't completely forget about him (Laserblast), which is why she kept wearing the boots
  • Carol also remembers she kept Laserblast's candy even after his supposed "death". She goes to her house real quick (she briefly turns into P.Carol for this) and brings him the candy. Laserblast is surprised she kept it all along and thanks her
  • Carol shyly asks Laserblast if they can maybe get back together, to which Laserblast answers yes. They hug then kiss each other
    • KO sees this from a distance and gasps with starry eyes
    • Venomous and Shadowy (in Laserblast's mindscape) also gasp with starry eyes (and blushing), then they cheer and hug each other

Fink Joins the Family

  • Fink returns because she had nowhere else to go
  • Fink awkwardly approaches Laserblast and tells him she's sorry for what "bos- I mean Professor Venomous" has done to him all those years ago
  • Fink asks KO, Carol, and Laserblast if she could stay with them. The three accepts Fink. Fink starts crying, and the other 3 give her a hug
  • Venomous asks Laserblast to take good care of Fink and be a much better boss for her than he (Venomous) has ever been, to which Laserblast promises he will

Let's Work Together

  • The final scene of 'The Present' section is all the heroes joining together to rebuild the plaza


KO's Family

  • Laserblast and Carol get married. They have a double wedding with Gar and Boxman
  • Some time after that, the POINT members offer Laserblast a job at POINT Prep as the teacher of wisdom, but he politely declines because he wants to spend more time with his family
  • This part is basically a montage of various scenes of KO's family hanging out together:
    • Carol and Laserblast make cupcakes for KO and Fink
    • Laserblast attends Fink's recorder recital
    • KO and Fink play videos game together
  • Fink calls Laserblast "Laserboss" and Carol by her name, but it's clear that she thinks of them as her parents and KO as her brother now (and they see her as their family too)


  • TKO, Venomous, and Shadowy have slowly been feeling more and more compassion thanks to their connection with KO and Laserblast respectively
  • KO, Fink, Carol, and Laserblast has pretty much accepted TKO as another member of the family at this point
  • Sometimes KO lets TKO take control of his body and interact with others like Enid, Rad, Dendy, etc. who now see TKO as their friend
  • Venomous feels bittersweet about Fink and Boxman moving on from him but he's still glad to see them happy
  • Shadowy gets a little too overprotective (like in a comical way) of Carol and KO sometimes (he's trying too hard to make up for the bad things he's done)
    • Sometimes Venomous also gets overprotective along with Shadowy over Carol and KO, accidentally forming Shadowy Venomous whenever that happens
  • Laserblast creates a house for Venomous and Shadowy in his mindscape (including a karaoke machine, Venomous' favorite)
    • Whenever Laserblast gets a random song stuck in his head it's actually Venomous and Shadowy singing on the karaoke machine. Sometimes Laserblast sings along with them
  • Whether Venomous and Shadowy ever reconcile with KO, Carol, and/or Fink is left ambiguous

A New Store

  • Ever since Mr. Gar and Boxman got together (and later married), they've been wearing matching pink and black striped ties (a combination of both their old ties)
  • Gar and Boxman have combined Gar's Bodega and Boxmore into one giant store that sells all kinds of hero supplies ("GarBox"? idk this is just a placeholder name I might try to come up with a better name later)
  • KO, Rad, and Enid continue to work at the store even after the major changes, with Fink joining them as the newest employee

Misc. Stuff

(This part is in random order)

  • Laserblast turns were-animal KO, Rad, and Enid back to normal using his bio-engineering skills
  • Fink and Unique Jethro attend Lakewood Public School along with KO and Dendy
  • Laserblast meets Ginger again, there's a short scene where they hug
  • The other Boxbots actually acknowledge Mr. Logic as their brother
    • Mr. Logic also now lives together with the rest of the Boxman family
  • Red Action ends up together with Elodie while Enid ends up with Rad
    (I still like Rednid (and Elonid for that matter) but I recently started liking the Relodie(?) ship a lot which is why I changed this also Elodie deserves a gf)

Weakpoint's Return

  • Months after the tournament incident, Weakpoint falls from Cool Sun back to earth
  • Weakpoint builds his own robot/cyborg factory ("Weakshop" or something along the lines of that, again another placeholder name) where Boxmore used to be
  • Now Weakpoint is the one who sends robots to attack the plaza, like what his son used to do

Final Scene

  • Weakpoint sends one of his robots, Steamborg, to the plaza
  • The whole squad - KO, Enid, Rad, Dendy, Carol, Laserblast, Mr. Gar, Boxman, major Boxmore bots like Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond - all prepare to fight Steamborg
  • The scene ends with the squad shouting "OK KO, let's be heroes!"

Welp you've made it to the end, thanks for reading!

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