I have several ideas for future episodes. Check them out.

  • Freezer Parasite: In a homage to "The Thing", K.O., Rad, and Enid discover a mysterious creature in the freezer which soon begins to infect them.
  • Pet Sitter: K.O. agrees to babysit his neighbor's cat, only for the cat to get mixed up with Mikayla.
  • Enid is Rich!: After Enid receives a million dollar fortune, her friendship with K.O. and Rad falls apart.
  • Fight Club: K.O. and Rad make the massive mistake when they ditch their job to join a fight club.
  • Real Name: Darrell threatens K.O. to say his real name in front of a crowd of people when he is chosen to give a speech at Lakewood Plaza.
  • Heroes Tonight: K.O. tells a big lie to a talk show host.
  • Lanette and Boxman: K.O. finds Lord Boxman's diary and discovers a big secret.

What do you think? Which ones do you like? Do You Have Ideas as well?

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