I thought I would make my thoughts about the animation and drawings of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. I would like to say that...

I love them.

I really adore how OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is a board-driven show meaning that the storyboard artists are the ones that board the frames and write the dialogue of the frames. I really like how much OK K.O. can be off-model for moments when they are expressing emotions or something else. I felt like this show gave out much artistic/creative freedom with the artists style of how they draw characters from the show and their funny exaggerated faces. It made me laugh and made me see art in a different way. There are model sheets they use to reference so there may be on-model moments. And I also like that you can pick out which scenes the board artists did if you can recognise them when watching an episode.

The animation is also good! The colours of the background and their designs are nice and they are fluid instead of rigid since it's not a script-driven show. I like their effects on the explosives or things like snow.

I really appreciate their artwork!

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