Hey guys, I want to tell you this that this wiki turned 5 years old! Yep, the wiki turned 5 as of this day.

A Brief History

This is somewhat of my basic knowledge of this wiki. So, this will be short.

Since July 7, 2013, the wiki was founded by a user named QuestionRules who has been the earliest wiki editors of this wiki. However, by the time he made a last edit from 2014, the wiki has not been edited since that time between 2014-2015, most likely due to no Lakewood Plaza Turbo/OK K.O.! content released that time.

Since 2016 (one year before the show premiered), some of the OK K.O.! content has been released, which was the shorts which would spike activity in the wiki.

However, due to founder's inactivity on the wiki, the wiki was eligible for adoption in a need for a new rule enforcers. A current bureaucrat named User:AmethystPearlFusion was willingly to adopt the wiki which later became the bureaucrat and admin of this wiki. Afterwards she got the rights for this wiki, she started to elect users to aid in roles from Bureaucrat to Content Moderator. Ever since then, the wiki has been somewhat active now. (I hope the wiki will gain new users or returning users to edit.)

Short Timeline stamps:


The show premiered and then we have actual content on the wiki from episodes to characters in article pages. Which would resulted a few new users to edit content and create pages. There was some older admins and content moderators editing here.


By the time the first month end in 2018, the wiki became understaffed with only AmethystPearlFusion as the only staff member for this wiki. Which is how Jaylop91 and I (and later Lophornis became the new admins for this wiki. When Season 2 premiered, the wiki had been equipped with a couple of recruits to the staff in order to make the wiki adding content and handling troublesome users and the wiki provides its own Discord server to serve as the wiki's chatroom/hang out zone. I hope this day the wiki will be having activity and content added as the show goes forward. I'm looking forward to continue editing articles as such and enforcing the rules to make sure the wiki is safe and fun. If you want more fun, go join the Discord chatroom and follow the wiki's Twitter and Instagram in the main page!

★ FreeSpirit98 ★ (talk)

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