Oh wow, it's been 2 years since I've edited in the wiki. I feel kinda feel odd how the time flew to be. As I remembered that when I first came onto the wiki that Season 1 was half way finished. And now, here we are nearing the end for OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. I want to thank myself for watching and joining the show in the first place as I have a fun ride watching the show and its characters and wished it was longer, but at least it's having a planned ending. I just hope OK K.O.! can live on post-series in some form like in games and comics. I like these characters and fun adventures and this show has been on my Top 10 list of Cartoon Network-only shows. So, I'm ready to fight to the end to see what will be in store for the final story. Anyways, so I will still continue being a bureaucrat/admin and Discord moderator for the wiki trying to get everything in. I will never forget this show and I will recommend it to my friends if they want a chance to see it and if I want to use it for inspiration for art or stories. ✌️

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