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    A YouTuber by the name of SungWon Cho (aka ProZD on YouTube) recently joined the cast of OK K.O. as the voice of "Johnny" in Whacky Jaxxyz. Now I haven't seen the clip on YT yet and I don't know who this "Johnny" person is (if you spoil who he is to me I will report you) but it just goes to show that more and more rising YT stars are getting featured on national television, which can be good or bad, in some cases...

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  • DaveByDaylight

    This is a piece of (K.O. x Character) fanfiction that I admire. Plz read it!

    This ship may seem stupid to you (probably because you're busy with Kendy (K.O. x Dendy), but that's okay cuz I was too) but the story is actually pretty amazing, with the right blend of action, comedy, horror, romance, drama, suspense/thriller, and more! Plus, it's so heartwarming you'll probably cry each chapter. Support Zoryan El Muerto and this story by reading it!

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  • DaveByDaylight

    This OK K.O.! game on Cartoon Network's website called "Parking Lot Wars" is said to reveal K.O.'s true name. If you click on the "i" on the top left hand side of the opening screen, it tells you the information on all of the main characters on the show. K.O. appears there, but he's not called K.O. He's called:

    Kaio Kincaid

    (pronounced KAY-oh KIHN-kayd)

    However, Cartoon Network Games is notorious for creating non-canon material. However, they've changed over the years, and maybe this is one step closer in discovering who K.O. is and what his past looked like.

    Let me know in the comments below if you thought this was awesome news or if you feel this is totally non-canon. It's up to you.

    Until Ian JQ confirms or denies this.

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  • DaveByDaylight

    Do Mr. Gar and Carol have romantic history together?

    I say yes, because in the episode T.K.O. when Gar spills the beans that he loved K.O.'s mom, she said "Not that" instead of being all shocked and surprised. This implies that Carol knows what Gar means by that, but it could also be Carol trying to quickly calm (Turbo) K.O. down and didn't have time to talk about Gar-loves-Carol nonsense. Maybe he could be K.O.'s unknown father that has been lurking since the episode "My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad" (but maybe not).

    As such, these are just my own thoughts, so comment on this if you thought this was helpful or if you want to add to this thought.

    (P.S. I have seen the episode "Face Your Fears" and I know they were both in a group known as POINT.) …

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