Let me just say, I took a break from OK K.O. for a while to focus on my schoolwork, but I watched all the Season 2 episodes that have been released so far and I am SO GLAD to be caught up!

First, I'll comment on the officially released stuff (from "Seasons Change" to "Dendy's Power").

I found the first twelve episodes this season to range in quality from "cute and fun" (Plaza Film Festival) to REALLY AWESOME (Your World is an Illusion and TKO's House).

I think it's cool that Carol and Mr. Gar are dating! They really seem to care about each other and KO loves them both. Their relationship has come a long way. On that note, I hope we'll get to learn more about Gar and Carol, or at least more about their time in POINT.

I'm glad Boxman at least realized that he wasn't the best fit for Boxmore and praised Darrell for his good work. I'm sure he'll come back, but it'll be good for the robots to be on their own for a while. (Even if Darrell does do some pretty ridiculous stuff sometimes.)

Nick and Joff are a wonderful team, and it's so sweet how much they love each other. I'm not sure how I feel about Joff's new voice, but I guess it's okay. And it's nice to see 2 guys in a kids' show being casually affectionate!

I absolutely LOVED Your World is an Illusion. A lot of shows break the fourth wall these days, but this episode did something different with it. How the ending made me feel is hard to put into words, but it was definitely a positive emotion.

Both Dendy episodes were great as usual. She's such a fun character, and she reminds me of when I was learning to code on Scratch in elementary school. Also, she has super-jump powers?!

Point to the Plaza was... interesting. I thought Foxtail was a great character back when she was first introduced, but here she just seems like kind of a jerk. Plus, what's her deal with Gar? Does she still hold the sandwich incident against him? And if so, why can't she be mature about it instead of insulting him and acting all petty? Chip Damage seems like a shady character as well. I'm glad Enid got some recognition, though. This was a good episode for her.

I have mixed feelings about Red Action to the Future. I love Red and Enid's relationship, and I'm glad we got some development, but then... all the events in the episode happened and didn't happen?? (Older Red Action was amazing, though.)

This blog post got SUPER long... I'm gonna pick up with TKO's House and the unreleased episodes in my next post!

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