I think they're cute together, and I know they're brother and sisters and not couples. Raymond with them makes them look cuter. I find Darrel funny and Shannon cute especially in the episode We're Captured and in our latest episode.
Shannon and darrel goes to pokey oaks

Lord boxman says his robots are too dumb to battle so he took them to pokey oaks kindergarten to to Get beaten by the original PPG

Baby shannon and darrel

Darrel and Shannon from when they we're first developed

Shannon darrell and ko

Some dumb drawing where ko, Shannon and Darrel are making weird faces.

File:Boxmore robots at pokey oaks.png
File:Shannon hates squidward.png
File:Shanonbob and darrick.png
File:Baby darrel.png
File:Cute duo.png
File:Happy new year.png
File:Shannon and darrel happy.png
File:Darrel and shannon patty cake.png
File:Darrel and shannon singing.png
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