The Looney tunes franchise: in Villains' Night Out lord boxman made a cartoon that parodies Looney tunes, and in Let's Watch the Pilot the Boxmore robots and ko,rad, and Enid appears in a tiny toons style while dancing. Dexter's laboratory: Dexter and Dendy's are smart characters that start with the letter d.ko and carol doesn't have a last name, Dexter and his family also doesn't have a last bane. Johnny bravo: Johnny bravo and rad are muscular and doesn't get girlfriends Powerpuff girls: lord boxman and fuzzy pumpkins are both voiced by Jim Cummings. Ed edd n eddy: Darrel is as dumb as ed, Dendy's name has the letters "e,d, and y" like ed edd n eddy. Grim adventures of Billy and mandy/evil con carne: Darrel and his glasses brain is a reference to boskov, and hector.Enid is similar to Mandy but she's less grumpy. My gym partners a monkey: rad's butt close up is like Jake advertising his butt.

Chowder: fink and Panini looks similar. The song Every Second Matters sounds like fireheart. During the montage of the first every second matters instrumental encore ko gets sweaty climbing stairs, chowder also gets sweaty climbing stairs during the best song montage.
Sweaty chowder ko and stairs

Best best best

Adventure time: the Face Your Fears episode is similar to the adventure time episode "What was missing". When Enid says " don't make fun of us you bug toot"!, it is simulated to masculine saying "is'm gonna poop my pants if Finn... ...instead of me!" Regular show: KO's face in "we've got pests" looks similar to Rigby's. Uncle grandpa: gripe is a walking talking fruit, and pizza steve is also a walking talking food, and banana Joe from gumball is also a talking talking fruit. Steven universe: It uses a the star closing translation from Steven universe in No More Pow Cards.dandy's voice sounds similar to peridot from Steven universe. Extra: The past Enid with shades with a blue/green shirt and braces looks like Mable pines from the Disney cartoon "gravity falls" Clarence: in the pilot, and shorts, a kid with a helmet resembles Clarence.KO,enid, and carol in the pilot looks a lot like belson. this was in #1st place in popular blog posts, then it was 2nd place, now it is 1st place again.

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