This is the best show in the world. I don't think Dana Snyder was right about ending the season 3. I want Ian Jones-Quartey to make more episodes and more seasons so the whole world will be saved. If there's season 4, K.O., Enid and Rad are fulltime heroes so they let Potato, Pink Turtle and Sparko take care of the bodega just like the season 3 premiere and there'll be brand new different Boxmore robots to battle. I bet the season 3 finale will be the Darrell, Shannon and Raymond's redemptions by turning into organic humans and last battle between K.O. and the gang vs. Professor Venomous. If the season 3 is the final, I'll never be happy. I believe what my heart thinks and I believe in K.O., Enid and Rad as pure good, true superheroes in the world. If you give Chris Niosi a chance, there'll be more Ernesto appearances.

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