Think about it. Now we all know in the episode "Let's Take A Moment" why Carol quit POINT, but I think there is another reason. My guess is that the second reason why she quit is because Professor may have done something horribly wrong with her, is by hypnotizing her with some kind of love potion that caused her to fall in love with her and when it wore off she woke up in an unknown area and she has also realized that she was hypnotized and she was having a baby, and that was when K.O. was born. Now I'm not certian of this but Carol may have 2 reasons why she quit but I don't know why she is wearing an earpiece. If anyone knows why, please tell me. I know this sounds crazy because that would make K.O. half hero and half villain, but in the episode "We Been Captured," Professor may have recognized K.O. because he remembers him as a baby so I guess that explains why he disguised himself as Shadowy Figure in the episode "T.K.O." because that made me suspisious. I know you all are probably gonna attack me for that, because I said that he might be K.O.'s father. I don't care, go nuts, have fun. I did posible research of Professor Venomous being K.O.'s father and that is the fanfic on wattpad "Secrets and Lies."

Anyways what are your thoughts on this theory? Let me know down below and I'll see you later.

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