TV-14 V
         Do you think that in a future season OK K.O. will be rated TV-14 V in the future? Think about it. When they add this rating, then the story will follow into a dark path of blood, hurt, comfort, and violence. I posted the blog "Is Professor Venomous K.O.'s father," if you haven't read that, you are welcome to read that if you want to. Now if Professor Venomous is K.O.'s father, then he'll be half hero and half villain. We all now know that why Carol quit POINT in the first place but there is a second reason but I already explained it in the previous blog, you will have to check that if you want to know. Anyway, if K.O. is half hero and half villain, then he'll become Turbo K.O. again, but this time, his powers become hardcore, and when Carol and Professor Venomous fight to the death, T.K.O. stops her and let's Professor Venomous get away and Carol can't fight his son, but when he eliminates Mr. Gar her partner, Carol had no choice. She becomes more powerful than she was before and her personallity is now similar to her youngself but has the current outfit. I guess that you can say that she is Young Carol with a current outfit. And there if that happens, there will be an epic death battle called "T.K.O. vs Carol." And you know what else, when Carol was just about to get K.O. back, T.K.O. will come up with a plan to get rid of her but his plan will cost his life. This is just a thought I came up. I'm sure I'll get attacked for that, I don't care, have fun. But I'm just saying, this thought will happen if this had a TV-14 rating.

Let me know what are your thoughts are and I'll see you later.

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