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Time to play by the rules of your own game, T.K.O.

—"Let's Fight to the End"

Turbo Enid or T.Enid for short, is the turbo form of Enid obtained with a turbo collar given to her by Fink to attempt to defeat T.K.O.

Physical Appearance

T.Enid's appearance is similar to Enid's. However, she sports a pair of patent leather boots complete with fishnet socks, black shorts, a blue loin cloth, black finger-less gloves, and a purple spiked collar and wristbands. Unlike Enid, she has six piercings, eyeliner, and black eye shadow. Her hair is also longer and more messy.

T.Enid has two fangs which are always visible and a single snaggle-tooth when her mouth is closed.


T.Enid retains a similar personality to her base form, however, she is much more willing to use her full power and not hold back, similar to other Turbo characters. T.Enid also seems to have increased confidence.

Abilities and Powers

T.Enid has all of regular Enid's abilities but enhanced. She could match T.K.O who had easily stomped Enid and Radicles in their base forms. Her and T.Rad were able to quickly defeat Boxman Jr. who had defeated everyone else in the tournament. As T.Enid, she was able to push T.K.O back with her ice breath and she also crushed him with a shadow hand. If her turbo collar is destroyed or she runs out of glorb energy, she will transform back into Enid.


She debuted in the episode "Let's Fight to the End", when Enid turns turbo after receiving a glorb from Fink and inserting it into a collar around her neck. She worked together with Turbo Rad to defeat to attempt to defeat T.K.O, ultimately failing.



T.Enid briefly fights with T.K.O, and T.K.O is the motivation for Enid to transform. Based of their short interaction, the two do not get along, and T.Enid is quickly overpowered when T.K.O absorbs the powers of the Lakewood Tree.


T.Enid and T.Rad appear very coordinated with one another and it is likely that their friendship carried over to their Turbo forms, however, they do not speak to each other at all during their brief existence, despite their intense coordination.

Episode Appearances


  • Unlike T.K.O, T.Enid undergoes a major costume change after her transformation.
    • The same applies to T.Rad.
  • T.Enid’s clothes looks similar to her pilot outfit.


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