• I must say, I really liked the concept of having automated corresponding episodes, all thanks to the three modules (EpisodeLinks, TabSwitch & TabSwitch/data) and an EpisodeLinks template, but I have one quetion to say. How do you make the automated corresponding episodes actually work? I tried this in the Hilda wiki, but it didn't work. The way the automated thing doesn't work is that the {{#arrayindex: episodeLinks|1}} format is visible when in preview mode during editing, while here, the format is invisible, meaning that the automated corresponding episiodes actually works.

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    • Ah. I see the issue.

      The Hilda Wiki doesn't have the arrays extension enabled.

      To make the templates and the modules to work, you would need to Contact FANDOM to enable the Arrays extension on the Hilda wiki, and the automated episode order should be working.

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    • A FANDOM user
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