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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts off with Lord Boxman sitting behind his desk, talking to himself.
Lord Boxman The Boxmore corporation has been loosing a lot of money lately, because of your actions!
Lord Boxman chuckles sinisterly.
Lord Boxman Basically, because you've been SUCH A NINCOMPOOP. I've had to hire an expert to clean up your mess. Now, if you don't start shaping up, you'll be out of the job!
Lord Boxman stares at his mirror.
Lord Boxman Capiche?!
Lord Boxman sighs.
Lord Boxman Mm…
The phone buzzes.
Lord Boxman WHAT?!
Answering Machine The, uh… evil efficiency expert you hired has arrived.
Lord Boxman Oh.
Titlecard appears.
Lord Boxman Send her in.
Lord Boxman tosses the phone. Door opens and Boxman chokes from the purple smoke.
Lord Boxman What… in… the… Oh! Bluh-ight…
The client reveals to be Dr. Blight and MAL.
Dr. Blight Blight. Dr. Blight, at your service.
Lord Boxman Buh, buh, uh— Manbox! Uh, Boxlamb!
Dr. Blight confused.
Lord Boxman I’m Boxblam! I’m bugh, buh, Babaloobab!
Dr. Blight pinches Lord Boxman's cheek.
Lord Boxman Beh— oh.
Dr. Blight chuckles.
Dr. Blight Pleased to make your acquaintance, Lord Boxman. And I got to hand it to you, Boxy, baby. I couldn’t help but marvel at how much Box more pollutes.
Lord Boxman Eh, pollute?
Shannon and Mikayla hang around outside, while Jethro walks by.
Jethro I am—
Jethro slips on oil.
Jethro Hegererkah! Fruhugad!
The pipes spew out radioactive material. Ernesto hums as the radioactive material corrodes him. Darrell brushes his teeth.
Darrell Ptoo!
Darrell leaves the water from the sink running.
Lord Boxman I… hadn’t really noticed! I’m really more in the business of making monkey.
Dr. Blight A man after my own heart, or at least where my heart would be. If you want my professional opinion, at Box More,
Dr. Blight pushes a button to transform MAL to a board.
Dr. Blight you could make more
Dr. Blight extends her pointer.
Dr. Blight if you pollute more.
Lord Boxman nnnnnnteresting.
Dr. Blight As you can see from my extensive research,
Dr. Blight points to her chart.
Dr. Blight destroying the climate through climate change equals money.
Lord Boxman Tell me more.
Dr. Blight Oh, Boxy, baby. Why say it when I can spray it?!
Dr. Blight hits the pollute button and a weapon shoots out of Boxmore.
Dr. Blight Presenting the Ozone Slayer. This bad boy generates more smog and greenhouse gases than anything else in the world! All we have to do is give this hungry boy some good,
Dr. Blight opening a bin of “bad stuff”.
Dr. Blight and we’ll be melting the polar ice caps and changing the climate in no time!
Dr. Blight pours the substance into the machine.
Lord Boxman Ooh! This will surely destroy the plaza!
Dr. Blight And the world!
Dr. Blight and Lord Boxman laughs.
Lord Boxman Ye-oh. Why would we want to do that? We do live on… the world.
Dr. Blight continues pouring.
Dr. Blight Who cares?!
Dr. Blight laughing maniacally. Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond comes into Lord Boxman’s office. The "spray bottle"-esque machine emits the pollution, polluting the world and melting the ice caps. Lord Boxman, Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond laughs as well.
Dr. Blight And the best part of climate change is no one believes it’s real!
Dr. Blight laughs maniacally. The pollution spreads around the plaza, especially the Bodega. K.O. is mopping, Rad is doing push ups, and Enid is on her phone with her legs on top of the counter.
K.O. [Tries to wave out the pollution cloud] Man, something weird is up with the air lately. [Sniffs] Hmm. I’m gonna check outside. [Goes outside] Aah! [Sees the Boxmore roof with Lord Boxman laughing and Darrells carrying piles of logs. The pollution is spreading. Lord Boxman coughs] [Gasps] Rad! Enid! Lord Boxman and— and a mysterious, somewhat familiar villainess, the— they’re putting weird stuff in the air!
Enid Hmm. Pbht!
Rad Nah. [Grunts] [Sweating] It’s just, like, gray wind or something. It will blow away.
K.O. Uh… I’ll help then. [Inhales deeply] Pbht! [Panting] I— I don’t think it’s working. Why aren’t you guys bothered at all? [Checks the thermometer on the highest temperature] Ooh, it’s super hot lately, too. [Sweating]
Thermometer [K.O. touches it] Ooh.
Rad Little man, of course it’s hot. It’s summer. [Picks up K.O.]
Enid It’s actually winter, little men.
Rad Bah! Winter, shminter. [Drops K.O.] It’s a hot, sunny day. We should enjoy it in that sweet, giant pool in the parking lot! [Runs outside] Woo!
Enid [Puts on sunglasses] Later, K.O.. [Rad jumps in the pool]
K.O. [Runs out] Wait, you guys! I don’t think— [Gasps]
[Rad is on a floatie eating a burrito, Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton toss a beach ball to each other. Gregg drinks juice with Potato eating ice cream. Dolph Finn jumps in the water. Enid relaxes on the beach chair eating a popsicle]
K.O. This isn’t right.
Kwame on a water bike.
Kwame Oh, no! Has everyone given up, like my fellow Planeteers?
K.O. Whoa, who are you? You seem kind of familiar.
Kwame I am Kwame. I am from a hero team that fights pollution.
K.O. Ohh.
Kwame And when I saw all of the smog over this mini-mall, I came right away. And I’ve got four power rings to help. If I could just find people to give them to.
K.O. Oh, I— I know just the right people! Rad! Rad! Rad!
Rad breathes fire after eating the burrito.
Kwame Whoa, guy! You’ve got fire. Take this fire ring.
Rad takes the ring.
K.O. Enid!
[Enid produces four more popsicles and eats them]
Kwame Wow, you are crazy cool! [Enid snaps her fingers] Take this chill water ring. And you, small friend, you seem to care the most about climate change, so take this heart ring.
K.O. [Gets the heart ring] Wow!
A Real Magic Skeleton Hey.
Brandon Hey, we want some rings too.
Kwame Oh. There is only one ring left. You will have to share.
A Real Magic Skeleton & Brandon Aw, man!
Kwame It is time to save the plaza. Let our powers combine. Earth. [Rocks and ground pops out]
Rad [Smooches his arm] Fire! [Fire appears]
A Real Magic Skeleton [Holding Brandon back] Wind! [Wind appears]
Enid Water. [Water appears]
K.O. Heart! [Hearts appears]
[The powers of the rings summons Captain Planet]
Captain Planet By your powers combined… I am Captain Planet!
Rad, K.O., Kwame, Enid, A Real Magic Skeleton, and Brandon says "Go, Planet!"
K.O. [Pulls out a Pow Card] It’s the Captain Planet, with a power level of… planet! Oh, wow!
Captain Planet [Flies to the Boxmore roof] Well, well, well. I see your taste in perfume hasn’t changed, Doctor Blight. It really stinks!
Dr. Blight Captain Planet! It’s been a while you planet-saving pest!
Captain Planet I see your attitude stinks as well, Doctor Blight. Looks like you could use some… fresh air! [Inhales the pollution]
Rad That’s… really nasty!
Kwame It looks like they are going to give those villains a taste of their own medicine.
Captain Planet Mm-hmm!
Dr. Blight Wait, what are you doing?!
Captain Planet [Regurgitates the pollution blob and kicks them to the pipes to cover the smog] Don’t you know that smoking is bad for your health?
Dr. Blight You jolly green goober! Unfortunately for you, my new playmate plays rrrrrough! [Steps out]
Lord Boxman Greetings, Captain Planet. I wanted to show you my latest creation, [Gets out his latest creation consisting Darrell’s, Raymond’s, and Shannon’s parts] the Carbon-zooka!
Darrell I’m ready, Da— Goomf! [Blasts the ray to Captain Planet]
Captain Planet [Grunts] Aah!
K.O. Captain Planet, no!
[Lord Boxman and Dr. Blight laughs]
Captain Planet [Grunts] I knew I should have stuck to a low… carbon… diet. [His energy form returns to the gang’s rings]
K.O. This is terrible! What are we gonna do now?
Kwame Not to worry. We Planeteers are used to this. We still have our rings, and we have each other.
K.O. Mnh!
Kwame We are just going to have to solve this on our own.
All Right!
Rad Ha-ha! Fire!
Enid Water! [The fire and water smashes to each other] Why would you do that?
Rad Come on! What was I supposed to do?
Enid You saw that I was going to attack!
Rad We were supposed to work together!
[They both continue arguing]
Brandon Aah!
A Real Magic Skeleton No, wind. Wind!
Brandon [Grabs A Real Magic Skeleton’s arm] Come on, dude. Let me man the ring.
A Real Magic Skeleton No.
[Everyone else fights except for K.O. and Kwame]
Kwame Oh, no. Infighting. This is why all the original Planeteers left to get real jobs. We are doomed.
K.O. We can’t be doomed! Everyone, feel the power of heart! [K.O. sends the power of heart to everyone else]
Enid How could we have turned a blind eye to this?
Rad We got to help clean up the plaza! Let’s re-route the melted ice caps to the dry canals. [A depiction shows A Real Magic Skeleton, Brandon, Rad, Potato, and Dolph Finn pouring water]
Enid And with the water out of the way, we can clear the trash. [Enid, K.O., and Gregg takes out the trash]
Brandon Then of course, solar panels… [Rad, A Real Magic Skeleton, Brandon, Potato, and Gregg installs solar-panels]
All … for clean, efficient energy!
Kwame This is amazing! Let us combine our powers once more.
K.O. Mm.
Kwame Earth!
Rad Fire!
A Real Magic Skeleton & Brandon Wind!
Enid Water!
K.O. Heart!
Captain Planet By your powers combined, Captain Planet returns! [Captain Planet gets summoned from everyone’s power rings] Great work, Planeteers. I can actually feel the earth’s powers [Flexes] coursing through my veins. Now then, time to whip up a solution to mop up this pollution! [Turns into a tornado] Whoosh! Why don’t we quench our villains’ thirst for destruction. [The water gets splashed to Dr. Blight, Lord Boxman, Darrell, Raymond, and Shannon. The robots short circuited and they explode]
Dr. Blight Well, we’ve had a good run, Boxy Boo. But pollution don’t stop.
Lord Boxman [Sputtering] Wait! We can salvage this! I thought we were going to spray the whole word together. [Chuckles]
Dr. Blight Oh, Boxy, hon, [Twirls Lord Boxman’s hair] why spray it here when I can anywhere? [Laughs] Ta-ta! Pollution! [Laughs and jumps off]
[Lord Boxman whimpers and sobs]
K.O. Wow, that was amazing, Captain Planet! You saved the day again! I’m sure glad that everything is okay and back to normal.
Captain Planet [Sighs] That’s not exactly true, K.O.
K.O. It isn’t?
Captain Planet I’ve only gotten rid of the mess around the plaza. the air is still choked with smog. Also, everything outside of the parking lot is still underwater.
K.O. Golly. Uh, can’t you just, like, go around the world and suck up the smog, like you did here at the plaza?
Captain Planet It’s not as simple as that, K.O.. Even if I sucked up all the smog, climate change is permanent. The Planeteers and I tried to fight it ourselves many years ago. But things just got worse and worse.
K.O. Wow.
Kwame We are sorry to break this to you, K.O., but the earth is in serious danger. Saving the planet is no longer an option that we can chose to ignore.
Captain Planet Kwame is right. If we don’t save the earth while we still can, all life on this planet could perish.
[A hand sticks out a logo of Planeteers Alert]
All Go, Planet!
Captain Planet But if we work together today, we’ll have the power to make our future a bright one.
Kwame So make sure you do your part every day. [Cuts plastic rings]
K.O. You can do simple things, like unplugging your phone charger when not in use. [Unplugs the phone charger and phone]
Rad Or remembering to bring reusable bags when you go to the grocery.
Enid Or separating your trash into recyclables and compost. [Throws debris to their respective labels]
Mr. Gar Even the smallest of good deeds makes a big difference towards helping our planet.
Captain Planet The power to save the planet is yours!
[The episode ends]

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