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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off with K.O. feeding Baby Teeth]
K.O. Shake-a, shake-a! Shake-a, shake-a, shake-a, shake-a! Shake-a! Who’s hungry?! [Laughs] [Baby Teeth barks] Dibbles for Baby Teeth! [Baby Teeth eats her meal] [Smacks lips] I sure could use some K.O. Dibble. [Cellphone buzzes] Ooh! It’s mommy!
Carol [Message] “Dear K.O., dinner!” [K.O. gasps] “We’re having spaghetti!” [Echos] Spaghetti! Spaghetti! Spaghetti!
[Titlecard appears]
K.O. [Runs out of the store] Spa…ghetti! Spaghetti! Spa…ghetti! [Approaches to his house]
Carol Welcome home, sweetie!
K.O. Spaghetti. [Eats spaghetti but sees olives] Ugh! Olives? Mom. I hate olives. [Places spaghetti back on its plate]
Carol Oh! I’m sorry, sweetie. My Nana’s recipe called for it. [Grabs a book out]
K.O. [Gasps] What’s that? A spell book?
Carol [Laughs] Kind of. [Opens book] You follow it to make tasty dinner. [Flips pages]
K.O. [Gasps] You make dinner? I thought dinner came from the dinner man. [Imagines the Dinner Man giving dinner to Carol]
Dinner Man Here is your dinner, ma’am.
Carol Nah. It’s time I tell you where dinner comes from. When you’re at school, I go out shopping for ingredients. [Shows how she gets dinner] Then I follow instructions in my Nana’s book and, uh, make dinner! Voila!
K.O. I didn’t know so much went into making dinner!
Carol [Pokes K.O.’s nose] It’s fine, kiddo. Let me make you a new olive-less batch.
K.O. No, I can make a jelly sandwich for myself.
Carol Dah-ah! I’m cooking for you.
K.O. [On the counter, thinking] She is doing so much hard work for dinner, and I’ve insulted her. How can I make this up to her? [Gasps] Mommy! What’s your favorite dinner?
Carol That would be galaxy truffle pasta!
K.O. [Writes on his notepad] Galaxy truffle…
Carol But galaxy truffles are really hard to get. I haven’t had it in years.
K.O. [Thinking] In years! I have to make the galaxy truffle pasta for her! And I know the perfect person to help.
Beardo Galaxy truffle pasta? [Laughs]
K.O. Hey! What’s so funny?
Beardo K.O., galaxy truffles are incredibly rare ingredients. I’ve never even seen one, myself. This is way out of your league. Dream on!
K.O. Okay. [Imagines him giving the pasta to Carol]
Carol I can’t believe you made me some galaxy truffle pasta, even though it’s way out of your league!
K.O. That was really nice. Now what?
Beardo Now you move on and think of something else to cook. [Holds out a dough]
K.O. I can’t do that, Beardo! [Beardo breathes fire to the dough] I’ll—I’ll look everywhere!
Beardo Looking won’t help, K.O.. You can’t find galaxy truffle with your eyes. [Pulls out some ingredients from his pocket] You find them with your nose! [Crushes the ingredients and belches fire to them] You’ll need a dinosaur’s nose in order to sniff out a galaxy truffle.
K.O. A dinose?! [Makes a dino call] [Baby Teeth comes to K.O.] Baby Teeth! [Laughs] [Baby Teeth licks K.O.]
Beardo Yeah, yeah, he’ll do.
K.O. Wanna help me find a galaxy truffle, girl? [Baby Teeth barks] So where can I find ‘em, Mr. Beardo?
Beardo The mystical forest across the way.
K.O. [Runs with Baby Teeth] Let;s go find us some galaxy truff—
Beardo Wait! [Takes off apron] I will come with you.
K.O. You will?
Beardo [Carries his oven] I’ve always wanted to see a galaxy truffle in the flesh!
K.O. Hooray! [Packs his bag]
[Baby Teeth smells Beardo’s hand and she goes finding the truffle]
[Beardo and K.O. follows Baby Teeth]
K.O. Oof!
[Beardo picks some plants while Baby Teeth drinks the pond. They continue their journey. Baby Teeth barks]
K.O. Baby Teeth! Wait up, buddy! [Gasps] You found… a rock?
Beardo Under it, K.O.
K.O. [Picks up the rock to see a truffle] It’s a gross lump!
Beardo Hmm. This gross lump might be what we’ve been looking for. A bit different from what I—
K.O. Aah! [The truffle is alive. Baby Teeth sniffs the truffle] Aww, they’re friends now. [The truffle eats Baby Teeth] Baby Teeth!
[The truffle spits out Baby Teeth as she runs away from the truffle. The truffle runs away]
K.O. After that truffle! I got it! [Grunts] Huh? [The truffle giggles]
[Beardo tries to get the truffle until the truffle whacks him. Baby Teeth fails to get the truffle]
K.O. How are we gonna catch this truffle?
Beardo Don’t worry, kid. These truffles are a delicacy for the very reason they’re so elusive. Let’s set up camp for the night!
[K.O., Beardo, and Baby Teeth are by the campfire]
Baby Teeth Ugh.
[K.O. sighs and his stomach grumbles]
Beardo [Laughs] That tummy feeling a bit empty, are we? Well, not to worry. [Sets up his oven] I can take of that little issue. We’ll chop up the fresh forest ingredients. [Cooks]
K.O. & Baby Teeth Whoa!
Beardo Fire ‘em up! Now we put it all together! Top it off with love. Mwah! And I present to you forest delight. [Places the meal on top of the stump]
Beardo Oh.
K.O. Whoa! [Sniffs] Ooh!
[K.O. and Baby Teeth grabs the meal and eats it]
K.O. The flavors of the forest. Beardo! [Gulps] How did you make forest crud so tasty? [Eats more]
Beardo [Laughs] Kid, you just need to make good with what you got!
Baby Teeth [Rests on the ground with a big stomach] [Leaves are rustling] Huh?
[A truffle sticks out of the bushes]
K.O. Truffle!
[K.O., Beardo, and Baby Teeth chases the truffle. The truffle heads to the cave]
Beardo It’s headed for the cave!
[A giant truffle comes out. The gang tries to run out but the truffle grabs them]
Mama Truffle Who dare infiltrate the sacred galaxy truffle grounds and attack my truffle children?
[The truffle children laughs]
Beardo Hey, Mama Truffle.
K.O. May we have one of your truffle children to make galaxy pasta for my mom?
Mama Truffle Children, we seem to have found dinner for tonight.
Truffles Yay!
[K.O., Baby Teeth, and Beardo are tied up]
K.O. Wait, we’re gonna be eaten instead?
[Baby Teeth whimpers]
Beardo Eh. I’ve had a good life.
K.O. What?! How can you be so calm about this, Beardo?!
Beardo K.O., I am a chef. Becoming a delicious meal for another in my final hours? I could not ask for a greater honor. [Stands up] Mama Truffle! Thank you for choosing me as your dinner tonight. [Breaks out of the rope] I only hope that I am delicious and satisfying. [Enters the pot of soup]
K.O. No! I’ll avenge you, Beardo! [Hugs Baby Teeth]
[Mama Truffle laughs. Beardo gets out the pot and coughs]
Beardo This broth is awful!
K.O. Beardo! You’re okay!
Mama Truffle Hey! Get back in there!
Beardo I refuse to be cooked in that garbage. [Unties K.O.] It was just so bland and tasteless that I couldn’t even tell what was in it.
Mama Truffle Silence! That broth is a delicacy! It’s made with a little water and a whole lot of me! [Laughs. The truffles stir the pot]
K.O. Is she taking a bath?
[A truffle pours the broth to the other truffles’ bowls. They eat it]
K.O. Blecch! Are they eating her bath?
Beardo No wonder this broth tastes so boring! It’s just truffle and water! Where’s the variety? Where’s the love?
Mama Truffle Variety? Love? Hah! We are the perfect ingredient!
[Beardo takes out his ingredients from his pocket, crushes them and breathes fire on them]
Baby Teeth & K.O. [Sniffs] Ahh!
[Mama Truffle and the other truffles smell the ingredients]
Mama Truffle What are these tantalizing aromas?
Beardo This is what variety and love smell like.
Mama Truffle Will you cook it for moi?
Beardo I thought you’d never ask! K.O.! Baby Teeth! Come, give me a hand.
K.O. Okay!
Beardo [Spreads the ingredients in the broth] We have a lot of galaxy truffles to feed! [Puts on his apron and turns on his stove]
[K.O. grabs the other ingredients. Beardo prepares them. K.O. pours the noodles over the boiling water. They cook more and Beardo puts “love” in the pasta]
Beardo Mama Truffle, I hope you won’t mind that I used a bit of your precious broth in order to make a batch of galaxy truffle pasta! Bon appetit.
K.O. Wow! I can’t believe we made that!
[Mama Truffle slides Beardo. Baby Teeth licks Beardo and he puts her. Mama Truffle and the truffles eat the pasta. They like it]
K.O. Whoa, they really liked it.
Beardo Huh. So that’s why they call them galaxy truffles. These little guys sparkle whenever they reach a euphoric state.
K.O. They’re like perfect little stars.
[The truffles reached their euphoric state]
Mama Truffle You outsiders have taught us much about the world today. So to thank you for your wisdom and compassion, we will no longer eat you. [Beardo picks his nose] Go now, in peace.
K.O. Is it okay if I took a truffle back home with me?
Mama Truffle No.
[They head back home. Beardo carries Baby Teeth as she’s sleeping]
K.O. I can’t believe we’re coming home empty-handed. [Groans]
Beardo Do you know what made our pasta truly delicious?
K.O. Mama Truffle’s bathwater, right?
Beardo Nope. It was love.
K.O. Huh? Wait a minute! That thingy was love?
Beardo Yep! If you cook with love, anything you cook will come out delicious.
K.O. Wow. [Stops]
Beardo It’s the ultimate spice.
[Continues walking. Next scene shows K.O. preparing a meal for Carol. Carol sits at the table patiently. K.O. puts glue around the platter and puts macaroni pieces. He puts honey on a piece of bread]
K.O. Volia.
[The platter also has olives and a honey lettering saying “Olives rule. I heart u mommy.” K.O. puts an olive on a stick on the bread. Blows a kiss on it]
Carol Uh, K.O.? I love it! [Hugs K.O.. Eats an olive]
K.O. Bone apple tea.
[The episode ends]

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