"Thank You for Watching the Show" is the 20th episode of Season 3 of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, the 112th episode overall, the season 3 & series finale, and the third & final episode of the Plaza Tournament one hour special event.


When K.O. finds moments of his life slipping by, he begins to suspect something weird is going on.[1]


Rad and Enid walked into Gar's Bodega and then K.O. asks them what happened and they said they'd bring him on future missions. Then it changes to "NEW episode-to-episode" and repeats until K.O. finally realizes that it's just part of growing up and it keeps repeating until its many decades (after K.O. turns 35+) which a human-looking Rad, and an alien-looking Enid are fighting a new robot named Robbie, but K.O. drops from the sky in an adult himself and destroys Robbie. K.O. monologue ends along with the Show's end credit song plays with K.O. ending it by saying "Thank you for watching the show" in the same pose every end of the intro (K.O. went out when the Earth "explode"), but waving goodbye to the viewers rather than punching, concluding the series.

Future Events

The episode reveals what most of the main and supporting characters of the show would go on to do:

  • Enid leaves the Bodega to attend Witch College. She eventually returns and becomes the new owner of the Fitness Dojo with her lover, Red Action.
  • Rad leaves the Bodega to lead the Planet X Space Force. He eventually returns and opens up a cat-themed café called "Don't Talk To Me Til I've Had My Coffee (And Petted A Cat)".
  • Carol and Mr. Gar get married. Mr. Gar also revisits his hometown and pays tribute to his deceased grandmother, who previously ran Abuela Garcia's Bodega.
  • Nick Army and Joff get married.
  • Potato and Colewort get married.
  • Ernestro, Jethro, and Mikayla inherit Boxmore from Lord Boxman.
  • Darrell opens up a farm and calls it "Darrell Acres."
  • A Real Magic Skeleton becomes the new owner of iFrame Outlet. Brandon continues to work with him.
  • Big Bull Demon and Small Calf Demon become musicians.
  • Billiam Milliam buys the moon, but Cosma eats it shortly afterwards.
  • Shannon gets a spin-off show called, "Impress Me!" Her duplicates make up the audience while Raymond and his duplicates perform in the show's band called, "Ray and the Monds".
  • Beardo reunites with his brother, Weirdo, and both of them start cooking together.
  • A demonic Squeezo now appears if someone says "Don't squeeze, don't squeeze, don't squeeze the Squeezo" in the mirror similar to Bloody Mary.
  • Professor Venomous eventually apologizes to Lord Boxman for his past behavior. They are later seen wearing matching rings, implying that they got married.
  • Mr. Cardsley is now being tortured in the afterlife by ghosts.
  • The remaining members of P.O.I.N.T. eventually retired from the Academy.
  • Combo Breaker successfully applies to P.O.I.N.T. Prep, which is now run by Biki, Elodie, and Purrcival.
  • Mr. Logic continues running Logic Cuts and reconciles with Boxman.
  • Pird eventually has his own family.
  • Chameleon Jr. eventually becomes less of a spoiled brat thanks to attending a youth program called, "Corn Again", which he now helps promote.
  • Fink becomes a professional Esports gamer.
  • Ginger tricks Gertie and Gladys into thinking she died.
  • Dendy graduates as valedictorian in her class and eventually becomes the new C.E.O. of Pow Card Industries.
  • K.O. grows up to become the new boss of Gar's Bodega, succeeding Mr. Gar and a Level 100 Hero. He still regularily defends the Plaza from Boxmore's robots. His employees bear a strong resemblance to Rad and Enid (though their genders and species are swapped).



  • Rob and Sara made their formal appearance in the show as they appeared from OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo game.
  • Toby Jones confirmed on Twitter that the teenagers that resemble Enid and Rad are no one in particular and ambiguous for viewers to interpret themselves and the characters have no canonically decided lineage.[2]
  • There were 59 title cards in this episode.

Production Notes

  • On August 19, 2019, Toby Jones tweeted about mixing for this episode.[3]
  • Kari Casady and Tania Franco are guest background artists for the episode as they contributed to the "Gar's Roots" scene since they are background artists from the Cartoon Network show Victor & Valentino.


Cultural References

  • Sunny Bridges from Class of 3000, Zak Saturday from The Secret Saturdays, and Randall P. McDuff from the failed 2004 Cartoon Network pilot movie Party Wagon are briefly spotted in Cartoon Network city being attacked by Strike.
  • An elderly Mr. Gar/El-Bow visits the Monte Macabre from Victor and Valentino where it is revealed that he was born there.
  • Kid Jammer from "Power Punchers" in the video game universe and episode of the same name from Craig of the Creek makes a cameo appearance in the future running from Robbie.
  • Brick Frog from The Venture Brothers makes a cameo appearance in the future Lakewood Plaza running from Robbie.
  • Enid, attempting to leave to Witch School, is seen wearing a blue witch uniform that resembles the Luna Nova Academy uniforms from Little Witch Academia.
    • This blue uniform with the red sections is a reference to Akko Kagari's uniform from the same anime.


  • The poster for "The K.O. Trap" was mistitled as "TKO Trap".


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