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[The episode starts off with a flashback of Carol and K.O. mediating near a pond]

Carol: Just keep your eyes closed and your mind quiet, K.O.. If a thought pops into your head, just let it go.

[A fly passes by and lands on K.O.’s face]

K.O.: Hmm? [Tries to slap the fly but the fly flies away] Mm, mm! [The fly is on his hand] Hm? [K.O. missed the fly and tries to slam it repeatedly] No! Oh! [The fly lands on his nose and K.O. gets frustrated as he doesn’t slam the fly] [Cries]

Carol: This stuff can be pretty hard sometimes, huh?

K.O.: [Sniffles] Mm-hmm.

Carol: The path to greatness is hard and long. Even boring sometimes. But there are no shortcuts. So you have to stay… [Grabs the fly] focused.

K.O. [Gasps] [Carol let the fly go] Focused. Mm. Focus. [Carol and he went back to mediating] Focus. Focus. [Back to the present] Focus, K.O.. [Titlecard appears]

Darrell: Get ready for an extra-special beatdown!

K.O.: [Grunts] Powerfist! No!

[Darrell punches K.O. when Rad catches him]

Rad: Need a hand, kiddo?

K.O.: Rad! You’re—

Rad: I know, I know. I’m your knight in shining armor. The best of the best. The biceps and the triceps…

[Enid dashes through to fight Darrell but Darrell shields himself. Enid finally crashes Darrell sending him flying]

Enid: Hyah! Hyah! [Darrell falls to the ground]

Rad: Show-off.

Enid: Rad, you’re missing the action!

Rad: [Sets K.O. down] All right, I’m coming. [Hovers] Yeesh.

[Enid and Rad fight Darrell off-screen]

K.O.: [Thinking] I spend all my time with cool heroes at the plaza now, but I’m still getting thrashed by Darrells? Why can’t I be strong like Rad and Enid? And how could I call myself a hero when I can’t even shoot a powerfist when I need it?

Enid: Hey, power isn’t everything, brushhead. [Pats K.O.’s hair] You’ve got your own heroic qualities. Like… being cute! At least you’re cute.

Rad: The hero thing takes time. I wasn’t always this powerful. Oh, wait. Yeah, I was. [Chuckles] You’ll catch up to us someday, though. Or not.

Enid: Dude.

Mr. Gar: Good work, employees! I’ll now praise your acts of heroism one by one! Enid, very impressive foot-eye coordination, as always! Rad, well-done saving that small child with your finger beam! Great improvements from you both.

Rad: Yes!

Mr. Gar: K.O.. Eh… uh… Good hustle out there. [Hands K.O. a broom] Now get this cleaned up.

K.O.: Oh.

Mr. Gar: All right, team! Break!

[Enid and Rad walks while K.O. cleans the mess. K.O. sees his Pow Card with no progress updated]

K.O.: “Good hustle.” [Throws the mess from the fight to the garbage] “Good hustle?” I-I don’t want good hustle! I want power! [Throws dustpan and broom. However a mysterious figure catches the broom]

Shadowy Figure: So, it’s power you want, eh?

K.O.: Oops! [Hops down] Uh, sorry, mister. [Chuckles] I didn’t— I didn’t see you over there.

Shadowy Figure: Never mind that. What matters is that I see you. [Points the broom to K.O.]

K.O.: Huh?

Shadowy Figure: More importantly, [K.O. grabs the broom] I see something in you that no one else sees.

K.O.: What’s that?

Shadowy Figure: The great power that already courses through your veins.

K.O.: It… does?

Shadowy Figure: Locked up tight within you is more strength than all of your little friends combined. Would you like me to show you how to unleash it?

K.O.: [Chuckles] You’d do that for me?

Shadowy Figure: Of course. Just think of me as a friend showing you a secret shortcut. [Opens a path from the bushes]

K.O.: Hmm. [Drops the broom] Sounds great! [Hops over the pit] [Giggles] Wait a minute! [Walks back] I don’t even know who you are, mister.

Shadowy Figure: Of course. [Chuckles] How silly of me. Let me step out of these shadows. Here. [Hands K.O. his Pow Card] Take my card.

K.O.: [Gasps] Wow! [Grabs the Pow Card] Level 8? You must know all about power.

Shadowy Figure: Mm-hmm.

K.O.: [Puts Pow Card into his pocket and enters the path] Huh? [Looks back] “Good hustle.” Hmph.

[Pans to next shot of K.O. and Shadowy Figure near the pond]

Shadowy Figure: The secret to unlocking your true power is… your anger.

K.O.: My anger? But [Chuckles] I’m not really mad anymore. I think throwing that broom kind of helped.

Shadowy Figure: You can always find anger within if you’re looking for it. Now, close your eyes.

[K.O. closes his eyes and transported to his mind. A black substance is in a cage]

K.O.: Ew! What is that?

Shadowy Figure: [Voice] That is your anger. The key to your power. But first, you must make it grow. Now, think about Enid, Rad, and Gar. Think of how they mistreat you.

K.O.: W-What? No. No! They’re— They’re nice to me! They’re my friends!

Shadowy Figure: Really? Would true friends talk down to you like this?

[Thought of Enid, Rad, and Mr. Gar saying stuff to K.O. appears]

Enid: Power isn’t everything. At least you’re cute.

Mr. Gar: Good hustle, kid.

Rad: You’ll catch up to us someday. Or not.

Mr. Gar: Good hustle, kid.

Enid: Power isn’t everything. At least you’re cute. [Echos] Cute.

Rad: Or not.

K.O.: [Groans] Stop! Don’t say that!

Shadowy Figure: Everyone holds you back because they’re afraid of your raw, natural ability. They want you small and nice, [K.O.’s anger increases] blissfully unaware of your true potential. They want you weak. [K.O.’s anger increases into his form] Yes. Feel it in your fists. [K.O. grunts] Now, fire a blast.

[K.O. tries to fire a blast but failed]

K.O.: Oh, man! What happened?

Shadowy Figure: Hmm. Perhaps we haven’t found the true locus of your anger.

K.O.: [Pounds the ground] Dang it! This isn’t fair!

Shadowy Figure: Um…

K.O.: [Groans] Mom says hard work will make me strong, but it hasn’t. [Pounds the ground] You said getting mad at my friends would work, but it doesn’t! No one knows what to do with me! I’m gonna be a powerless little kid forever! [Fires power fists]

Shadowy Figure: Yes! This is the feeling you needed to find. Keep growing it. [Laughs] Make it stronger— strong enough to unleash your true power!

[Scene pans to K.O. trapped in a cage in his mind with his anger form out]

K.O.: No! What’s going on?

[His anger form laughs. K.O. makes a transformation]

Shadowy Figure: [Laughs] See? You’re already the great solo hero you were born to be. [Laughs evilly] It’s time for your friends to see how powerful you’ve always been.

[Scene shows an exterior of the Bodega while an alarm is heard. Enid and Rad step out of the Bodega. A Boxmore box falls from the sky, opening it revealing Darrell]

Darrell: Miss me, losers?

Enid: We didn’t miss you. We hit you. A lot. Remember?

Rad: [Laughs] Whoa! Good one, Enid. Did you get that, K.O.? [Notices K.O. wasn’t in the shot] K.O.?

Enid: Mnh-mm.

Darrell: [Laughs] Oh, boy. I set you up for that one. It’s cool, though. ‘Cause this time… [Laughs] Oh, just wait. [Turns into a bigger version of himself] This time, I’m gonna get the last laugh! [Launches out several weapons to use] Pretty impressive, huh? Lucky for me, though, I won’t even need to pull punches. [Gets a car and smashes it] Once this cannon charges up, just one blast, and your precious plaza will be obliterated! [Fires up cannon]

Rad: I think we might need to get some help for this one.

Enid: We stay and fight.

Rad: [Chuckles nervously] That’s another joke, right?

Enid: We’ll never make it back in time. Are you with me or not?

Rad: Yeah. I’m with you.

Darrell: This is it, Lakewood losers! [Enid and Rad prepares] Now… prepare to— [A mysterious figure slices Darrell in half and blows up]

Rad: Whoa. [Darrell’s parts fall out and shows K.O.’s alter-ego form, T.K.O.] Dude! That was amazing!

Enid: That’s putting it lightly. How did you do that, K.O.?

T.K.O.: No. [Puts his finger to Enid’s mouth] Not K.O.. Turbo K.O.. T.K.O. for short. [Heads to the Bodega]

Enid: Is he serious?

T.K.O.: [Laughs] You have no idea.

[A backdrop shows A Real Magic Skeleton performing his tricks with Brandon eating and dropping chips. Crinkly Wrinkly uses Skateboard Nerd to skateboard and Skateboard Nerd throws him off]

[Carol drives to the plaza]

Carol: K.O., I see you got this dark and edgy thing going on, and I think that’s really fun, but would you happen to know where my eyeliner went?

T.K.O.: I don’t feel like talking right now. [Plays heavy metal music from the radio]

[Carol lowers the music a bit. Next scene shows Enid and Rad shocked that T.K.O. mops while listening to music. T.K.O. knocks the bucket of water and mop. He retrieves the bucket]

Enid: I’m liking the new cleaning technique, K.O.. [T.K.O. throws the bucket] K.O.? Hey. Earth to K.O.. [Enid touches his shoulder and T.K.O. slaps her arm] [Enid gasps]

T.K.O.: It’s T.K.O..

Enid: [Chuckles] Okay, T.K.O.. How did you pull off those cool moves yesterday?

T.K.O.: Pfft. Tss. Kehhh. I’ve realized that the whole world is a pizza of suffering and torment. The dough is betrayal. The cheese is the laughter from my so-called friends. And there’s never enough sauce.

Enid: [Laughs] Uh, a little dramatic, don’t you think?

T.K.O.: Ugh. Cram it, wage slave.

Enid: Okay, as a cool person, I respect your apathetic attitude, but as your friend, this is too much. [T.K.O. mops and listens to music]

Rad: Oh, Enid. [In a different outfit] There’s no such thing as too much. [Waves his hair] Right, little dude? [T.K.O. walks away] [Crying] T.K.O. is lame! I don’t like him.

Enid: Yeah. Only teens have earned the right to angst and brood. [Sighs] We got to snap him out of this funk.

[T.K.O. listens to music behind the boxes. Enid and Rad surprises him]

Enid and Rad: Hey, little buddy!

Rad: [Pats T.K.O.’s hair] You want to play some videos game?

Enid: Or blow stuff up? Rad: Or we could just talk. [T.K.O. struggles when Rad is hugging him]

Enid: Yeah! Your pals Rad and Enid are always here for you! I even got you delicious lightning nachos! [Shows nachos to T.K.O.] Aww, come on! Eat up, cute stuff!

T.K.O.: I’m not cute!! [His wave of energy blows the boxes, Enid, and Rad away]

Enid and Rad: Ow.

T.K.O.: I challenge you to a power battle!!

Rad: What?!

Enid: K.O., you can’t!

T.K.O.: I told you, it’s T.K.O.. And I’m a whole different animal now. [Goes to fight Rad and Enid. They both dodge it] [T.K.O. punches the counter] [T.K.O. punches Rad off the ceiling to the sky] [T.K.O. prepares to fight Enid]

Enid: You better not. [T.K.O. punches the shelves and cans, while Enid cartwheels] You little spammer!

[T.K.O. was about to punch Enid, but she turns into a log stump]

Enid: [Transforms to the roof] Rad? Rad! Must have knocked him into orbit. Just how strong is this kid?

T.K.O.: [Hovers up to the roof] Thought you could get away, huh?

Enid: What is going on with you?

T.K.O.: [Grunts] I’m just finally… me. [Throws beams to Enid when she dodges them but makes debris] [Enid jumps all over] Come here, Enid! Let me show you my darkness! [T.K.O. continues to wreck the plaza] Stop running! [Enid turns into a log stump to get farther from T.K.O.]

Enid: This isn’t you, K.O.! You’re better than this!

T.K.O.: Go ahead! Keep talking down to me. It only makes me stronger!

Rad: [Flying down to the ground and hits it] Aaaaah! [Whimpers] My skeleton.

A Real Magic Skeleton: Somebody say skeleton?

Brandon: [Eats chips] Rad!

[A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon runs to him]

A Real Magic Skeleton: Why are you in a crater? [Rad whimpers and cries] I can’t understand you! You’re gonna have to move your jaw!

Brandon: [Sees Enid and T.K.O. fight] Dude, get your phone!

Rad: [Gets up] That kid… is gonna get… [Grunts] wrecked.

[T.K.O. continues to damage throughout the plaza chasing Enid]

T.K.O.: End of the line, Enid. [A couple of civilians runs to see the plaza damaged] Stop… ignoring… me!! [Rad uses his finger beam to contain him]

Enid: Rad!

Rad: I— [Sniffles] I got this. [Enid gets off the roof] All right, little dude. Just stay back. I don’t want to hurt you. [T.K.O. break out of Rad’s beam and uses it to send Rad to the ground again] [Whimpering] All right. That’s fine. I’m just gonna… take a break.

[T.K.O. hovers and laughs]

Enid: K.O.! This ends now!

T.K.O.: Oh, yeah? What? You planning on revealing a secret power move?

Enid: Nah. I just told your mom.

Carol: K.O.! How could you? You know I’m always willing to support your choices, but this phase has gone too far!

T.K.O.: It’s not a phase, Mom! This is… [Crushes the A symbol of the Bodega] who… [Punches the other letters] I… am!

Mr. Gar: [Groans] My store!

T.K.O.: [Laughs] Good hustle, Gar. Now it’s your turn to clean up the mess! Hyah. [Shoots a beam that slices a piece of the Plaza sign]

Brandon: [A Real Magic Skeleton records it] Whoa. Holy— [The sign falls]

Carol: All right, Gar. It’s time to unlock your iron-clad heart and tell him your true feelings!

Mr. Gar: Huh?

[T.K.O. throws beams out]

Carol: Gene! He needs to hear it from you! You’re the one he looks up to!

Mr. Gar: K… K.O., I…

Carol: Hurry! Before he destroys the entire plaza!

Mr. Gar: [Groans] K.O.! I love your mom!

[Enid, Rad, Brandon, and A Real Magic Skeleton gasps]

T.K.O.: What?

Carol: [Hits Mr. Gar] Not that, you wet noodle! Tell him what all his work means to you!

Mr. Gar: Uh, huh? Oh! Oh! Uh, y-you’re a valuable help at the bodega, K.O.! Uh, excellent work! You’re a very nice, helpful boy!

T.K.O.: [Growls] Enough! [Enid and Carol gasps] Your approval’s useless to me now! Shut the front door!! [Pounds the ground to create a huge beam dome. Carol, Mr. Gar, Enid, Rad, A Real Magic Skeleton, and Brandon are contained in it]

Brandon: My skeleton!

T.K.O.: [Laughs maniacally] Any last wor— [About to punch Carol but punches himself]

[T.K.O. lands himself to K.O.’s mind]

T.K.O.: Huh?

K.O.: [Out of the cage] It’s time for you to get back in the cage.

T.K.O.: I’m never going back!

[T.K.O. and K.O. fights]

K.O.: Hyah!

T.K.O.: You can’t make me!

K.O.: Aaah.

[K.O. grabs T.K.O.’s hand and throws him]

T.K.O.: Aaah! [Chuckles] [Punches the ground sending K.O. hovering. K.O. laughs] Don’t you like being strong?

K.O.: If being strong means hurting my family and friends, then it’s not worth it!

T.K.O.: You really think you’ll ever be a hero without me?! [Kicks K.O. and punches behind him] [Chuckles] Face it, K.O.. I’m stronger, faster, and if we’re being real… cooler than you. Fact is, you need me. [Tosses K.O.] Now, get up and get back in your cage, faker.

K.O.: [Grunts] No! It can’t end like this!

T.K.O.: You can’t match me! [Grunts]

[K.O. closes his eyes and hears a fly buzz. K.O. opens his eyes and gasps]

Carol: [Voice] The path to greatness is hard and long. So you have to stay… focused.

[K.O. stops fighting T.K.O.]

T.K.O.: Ugh! What are you doing?

K.O.: The path to greatness is hard and long.

T.K.O.: [grunts] Are you giving up already? I always knew you were a baby.

K.O.: There aren’t any shortcuts.

T.K.O.: Don’t think I’ll take it any easier on you. [T.K.O. punches but misses K.O.] Why won’t you hit me?!

K.O.: So, I’ve got to stay… [T.K.O. punches but K.O. grabs his hand] … focused!

T.K.O.: No! No! [K.O. punches him to the cage] No! [K.O. slams the door]

[K.O. gasps in awaking himself]

Enid, Rad, Carol, and Mr. Gar: K.O.!

Carol: Are you okay?

K.O.: [Sees the plaza damaged] [Gasps] Oh, no. Mommy, I— [Sobbing] I’m sorry! I-I don’t know what happened! There was this kid… He looked just like me, and I…

Carol: Hey, it’s okay. Shh. Shh. It’s okay. I’m just glad you’re back to normal. Well, sorta. [Hands K.O. his head band] Here.

[K.O. puts on his headband and transforms back into himself]

Rad: K.O., I got to ask— Where did you get those powers?

Enid: Yeah.

Carol: It certainly wasn’t something I taught you.

K.O.: No. I learned it from this guy. [Hands the Pow Card to Carol]

Carol: Shadowy Figure? [The Pow Card glitches revealing that his real level was negative 8] What the heck? K.O., don’t follow a stranger no matter who they say they are!

K.O.: That seems obvious now.

Shadowy Figure: [From the distance] [Chuckling] Oh. Soon. [Laughs]

Brandon: [Sees Shadowy Figure] Hey, Magi. There’s some ghoulish guy on our roof saying, “Soon, soon.”

A Real Magic Skeleton: [Recording footage] Quiet, dude. I’m trying to capture the denouement here.

Brandon: But— But… [Sees that Shadowy Figure disappears] Eh, never mind. [Eats chips]

[The episode ends]

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