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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins with the Cool Sun rising near a house built in K.O.'s mind. Inside it an alarm clock goes off as soon as it's 6 o'clock am. T.K.O. smashes the clock with a fist, then he yawns and stretches. Titlecard appears. He sees a note left by K.O. and he reads it.
K.O. (In T.K.O.'s mind.) I got you more hot cheebos and cake. They're in the refriger- …fridge. Be good. Love, K.O.
T.K.O. eats the note and flies to the kitchen. He opens the fridge, glances at what is inside it and grabs a cake and a drink in a can. He shuts the fridge with his foot, sits at a table and pours the drink into a bowl, adds some cereal, eats a part of the cake and what is inside the bowl. The box of cereal and the can fall on the floor. He switches on a screen shaped as a pair of eyes. It shows K.O., in the Gar's Bodega, making a video of Rad and Enid dancing. K.O. laughs.
K.O. Keep it up, guys!
The scene from inside Gar's Bodega.
K.O. The camera loves you! I love you!
T.K.O. changes channel but the screen switches between showing nothing or K.O., Enid and Rad.
T.K.O. Do they ever play anything else in this dumb channel?
While K.O. is filming and laughing, Shadowy Figure appears in the background. T.K.O. notices him and spits out some cereal, then he destroys the table with a punch.
T.K.O. Shadowy Figure!
K.O. Beautiful!
K.O.'s legs run away, Enid dancing.
Enid That's it, K.O.! Succumb to the power of dance!
K.O. running fast.
K.O. What's happening?
T.K.O. controls K.O.'s feet while chasing after Shadowy Figure as he stomps on apparatus.
T.K.O. Faster, you dufus baby.
K.O. Whoa! Who-o-o-a!
T.K.O. then plays his drums in anger.
T.K.O. Get him!
K.O. screams in confusion as T.K.O. controls K.O. on going after Shadowy Figure. Back in K.O.'s mind, T.K.O is now driving a ride-on mower.
T.K.O. Seize him!
K.O. No-o-o-o!
T.K.O. (punches on a punch bag) You're the reason I'm stuck in here!
K.O. find himself being forced to send a power punch at Shadowy Figure.
K.O (tries to stop himself) No!
T.K.O. then delivers a final blow on the punch bag as K.O. relucantly delivers a power punch at Shadowy Figure. The hooded figure ducked K.O.'s power punch and revealed himself as Pird.
Pird Oh! Okay. Aaaaah!
Pird keeps screaming as he leaves the Bodega.
Enid You almost wiped out Pird.
K.O. groans as he was against the door with cracks. Rad and Enid check on K.O. while still dancing in sync.
Enid Uh, you okay, though, little guy?
K.O. (sighs) I think I'm overdue for a talk with T.K.O., (then turns to the fourth wall) you know, my rage-filled alter ego that lives in my brain after he was unleashed by a mysterious stranger known as "Shadowy Figure." (looks down feeling concerned) I'll see you later. My darkness is calling me.
K.O. is now at the break room.
K.O. All right, T.K.O. (sits on the sofa cushion) Let's see what you're up to. (sits in a meditation style)
K.O. enters inside his mind and walks towards at the door.
K.O. T.K.O., (rings the doorbell and knocks on the door) you mistook another innocent customer for Shadowy Figure again. (opens the door) T.K.O.? Aaah!
K.O. finds the entire room on fire as T.K.O. lies against the bed while playing his guitar.
K.O. You trashed this place! (uses his imagination to clean up the mess T.K.O made) I just got you all this nice stuff and... Hey. What's the matter, huh? (looks up at the ceiling where the punching bag was formerly attached to) Oh, I see. Your favorite punchy bags broke. Why didn't you just say so?
K.O. uses his imagination to create a new punching bag, this time a punching bag that resembles Punchy.
K.O. There, good as new. Oh, come on, grumpo. Hmm. (then uses his imagination to create a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs) I know what'll get you talking.
K.O. and T.K.O are sitting on the swing set. T.K.O is eating the spaghetti.
K.O. I guess you're just really not in the mood, huh? I should get head back. (gets off the swing) Bye.
T.K.O. I'm sick.
K.O. Well, you know you shouldn't eat so fast.
T.K.O. No! (throws a bowl of spaghetti to the ground) I'm sick of being here, in your mind.
K.O. But you have everything you'd ever want in here.
T.K.O. Oh, give me a break, K.O. None of this stuff you've made me changes the fact that this is K.O.'s world, and I'm just living in it, all thanks to that jerk, Shadowy Figure.
T.K.O. growls as he destroys the swing he was sitting on.
K.O. Is that why you're so obsessed with him, because he made you?
T.K.O. I didn't ask to be born, you know? All I want to do is corner that jerk and ask him, "Why do I exist?"
K.O. I've been trying not to think about this stuff, but if confronting Shadowy will help you chill out, then... (gulps) I want to help you find him.
T.K.O. (crosses his arms) But how, genius? He could be anywhere.
K.O. dug up a box of his memories from the sandbox.
K.O. Hmm. There's got to be something in here. (finds a box that says 1044_040 stuff) Aha! Let's have a little look-see.
K.O. dumps pictures out from the box. Pictures are shown from the episode "Let's Have a Stakeout".
K.O. Hmm.
T.K.O. Dude likes glorbs.
K.O. That's what I was going to say, but the only place I know where to get them is under the Plaza, and I don't want to break in there again because of me!
T.K.O. Then let me do it. It's my turn to have fun.
K.O. Nuh-uh, T.K.O. You're too naughty.
T.K.O. (growls) You never let me do anything. (grabs K.O.) This should be my mission. Just let me out!
K.O. and T.K.O. end up in a quarrel
K.O. No! No!
T.K.O. I want to play!
K.O. No! You're bad!
Outside of K.O.'s subconscious, K.O. is seen still meditating while his body wobbles around. K.O. and T.K.O groan after their quarrel.
K.O. Look, how about we go halfies? I take one side, and you take the other.
T.K.O. (confused) Eh?
K.O. I'll show you. (uses his mind to create cloud-like stairs) Let's get somewhere with a better view.
K.O. and T.K.O. go up to the rooftop. K.O. creates a control panel.
K.O. We can use this thingy to move Big K.O. Dibs on the right.
T.K.O. grabs the left joystick and maniacally smashes his other hand on the panel.
K.O. (panicked) No!
K.O., still mediatating, then ends up falls off from the sofa, his face smacked to the floor.
T.K.O. (laughs manically)
K.O. No! Stop! Stop!
T.K.O stops and looks at K.O.
K.O. Together. Three... two...
K.O. & T.K.O. One!
K.O. opens his eyes with a gasp. His eyes are miscoloered, the right eye is brown while the left is purple.
K.O. And... (he looks over to TKO) we're live!
Big K.O. stomps as the ants run and scream in horror.
K.O. Oh! This is so cool!
C.K.O badly attempts on walk and crashes onto the door as he leaves. He walks past Rad and Enid who are still doing an Irish dance at the check-out counter.
Big K.O. Hey guys. I'm going to stinking head out because you smell.
T.K.O. makes insults while controlling Big K.O. K.O. watches in shock.
T.K.O. Butt, toot, snot brain, booger, crumb bum, barf face.
K.O. Stop!
T.K.O. laughs.
Big K.O. Bye-bye!
Big K.O. exits the bodgea. At the sewage, He makes weird random poses along the way. He arrives at the entrance. The applause is heard.
T.K.O. Now we're talking.
K.O. Now hold on. It's very important we lure Shadowy Figure in here without opening...
T.K.O. quickly moves the joystick. Big K.O. punches the door, sending it flying onto the Glorb Tree. K.O. panicks and grabs T.K.O.
K.O. Mr. Gar and I worked very hard to seal this door, and you just broke it, and I specifically told you not to!
K.O.'s half hits Big K.O. on the head.
K.O. Meanie! Meanie! Ow!
T.K.O.'s half pulls Big K.O. by the hair, then pulls his mouth.
T.K.O. Quit being so immature.
Big K.O. pokes himself in the eye.
K.O. I'm immature?
T.K.O. And also ugly.
Big K.O. slaps himself one by one while K.O. and T.K.O. bicker inside K.O.'s mind.
K.O. You!
T.K.O. You!
K.O. You!
T.K.O. Aaaah!
K.O. You!
While K.O. and T.K.O. bicker, they are both unaware of a dark figure walking past Big K.O. He gasps.
K.O. & T.K.O. That's not Pird! That's...
Big K.O. Shadowy Figure!
Shadowy Figure chuckles, jumps over the stairs, and lands on the watery ground before casually walking. Big K.O. tumbles over the stairs and confronts Shadowy.
Halfsies I'm have questions... for you. Answer please.
T.K.O (turns to K.O.) What?
K.O. I got nervous.
T.K.O (gives himself a facepalm) Ugh.
Shadowy Questions? Oh, you'll have to make an appointment for that.
Shadowy walks away from Halfsies. He growls as K.O. and T.K.O. randomly smash the button. Shadowy watches M.K.O. struggling. He chuckles and crouches.
Shadowy Figure If you got to potty, you should just say so.
Big K.O Ugh! You shut your big butt up!
Shadowy stands up and Big K.O. badly attempts on attacking Shadowy.
T.K.O Oh! This isn't working.
K.O. Okay. Okay. Let's just try and stand up first.
Big K.O stands up slowly. Shadowy silently yawns as he watches.
Big K.O. Easy, very carefully. Wait, but wait, not -- not too fast, just...
Shadowy takes out a banana, peels it, and eats it.
Big K.O. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. (chuckles) We're doing it!
When MBig K.O. makes his first step, he slips on a banana peel.
Big K.O. Whoa! Aah.
Big K.O. falls on his butt and a banana peel lands on his head. Shadowy laughs.
Shadowy Figure You know, I thought I saw some real improvement in your fight with Boxman Jr., but now you're just... a mess.
T.K.O. has his head down on the control panel. K.O. pushes his chair backwards and uses his imagination to create something. T.K.O. glances at K.O. K.O. is now wearing a blue bodysuit.
T.K.O. Um... what are you doing?
K.O. I saw this device in a movie once. This will help us move like one. (holds another bodysuit for T.K.O.) Oh, wait. (uses his imagination to change the color of bodysuit to match T.K.O.) There.
T.K.O. Why are you so weird?
K.O. If we want to take this bozo down, we need to work together, in sync.
T.K.O. Hmm. (sighs) Fine. I'm in.
While Big K.O. is unconscious, Shadowy takes the glorbs into the jar. T.K.O. suits up and K.O. connects the plug to T.K.O.'s suit on the back.
Automated Voice Preparations complete.
K.O. Ready?
T.K.O. (nods) Hmm.
K.O. Set. Sync up!
K.O. and T.K.O. press the button of their suits
Automated Voice Initiating synchronization.
During the synchronization sequence, K.O. and T.K.O. fuse into one.
Automated Voice Synchronization complete.
K.O. & T.K.O. Yeah.
Big K.O. opens his eyes and becomes P.K.O. Shadowy Figure turns. K.O. and T.K.O. controlling P.K.O make a fighting stance.
Shadowy Figure Oh, what's this? Are we serious now?
P.K.O. attacks Shadowy, but he blocks the attack in one hand.

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