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Speaker Dialogue
Open to K.O.'s house, which is decorated with various corn-themed lights. Carol places a plate of ham on the table and takes a seat.
Carol Happy Schucks-giving, K.O.!
Cut to a sack seated across the table with a wig resembling K.O.'s hair.
Carol Ehh, I wish K.O. didn't have to work tonight.
Title card appears. Cut to Enid putting up a poster that reads, "BLORBY ON SALE!"
K.O. Why do we have to work tonight?! Right now I should be home, eating mommy's delicious Shucks-giving pie! It's our tradition every year.
Enid Well, every year our tradition is to open this door for Super Black Friday at 6:00 pm - (looks at watch, which reads 5:50) in ten minutes - so a bunch of dumb shoppers can buy whatever dumb new toy is out for their kids.
Radicles (holding a container with a blue slime creature inside) This here is Blorby! Heh, he jiggles. That's his main feature.
Enid Look, sometimes you just gotta work on a holiday.
K.O. But why-y-yy?
Rad Well ya see K.O., although this season is marketed as a joyful time for families, the compulsory merriment, hyper-commercialism, and gratuitous spending make it end up doing more harm than good. Basically, there's no real good reason for it.
Mr. Gar A-hem! You're absolutely correct, Radicles. Super Black Friday is a silly thing. We should shut down the store for tonight, and instead take this precious time to be around people we love. Welp, see ya at Carol's, K.O.!
Enid Well that's nice.
Rad Yeah! I gotta call my mom and dad and tell them I'm coming home.
Enid I should text Red Action and see what's up.
K.O. Heheh, now I can go home and have Shucks-giving pie with mommy!
Rad It's gonna be so nice having a normal, traditional holiday.
Enid It sure will. See you guys on Monday!
(The trio exit the store only to see an endless line of people filling the entire plaza.)
K.O. Mm, I don't think they took the hint when we turned the lights off.
Enid Well too bad. Sale's off, weirdos!
Rad Go home to your families!
(Everyone stays where they are.)
Rad Uh, why aren't they leaving?
Enid (Sighs) Whatever, let's just go. (She approaches the crowd.) Um, excuse me? Hello?
Rad (Pushing against the crowd) Let us- through!
Enid C'mon, people, move!
(K.O. headbutts a member of the crowd, sending him flying backwards.)
K.O. Ohhh, I don't get it! Why do these people wanna waste their holiday standing in line?!
Principal Claus appears and places a hand on K.O.'s shoulder.
Claus Ho ho ho ho! This is no ordinary line, K.O. Why, it's the most wonderful line of the year!
Enid, Rad & K.O. Principal Claus?!
Rad Lakewood Public's most beloved principal of all time!
Enid We never see you outside of school.
K.O. Shouldn't you be grading papers and telling kids not to run in the halls? Don't you celebrate Shucks-giving?
Claus Hohohohohoho! I do! By going out shopping! The Super Black Friday sale is my tradition!
Enid, Rad and K.O. Huh?
K.O. But why?
Claus I'm glad you asked. Come along, children!
Claus & K.O. fly away, followed by a trail of sparkles.
Claus Let me show you the true meaning of the Black Friday sale line!
Claus pokes Rad and Enid's noses, and sparkles appear under their feet. They begin to fly.
Enid Wh-wha! Heheh.
K.O. Wheeehehehe! Haha. (Gasps, looking down on the Plaza.) Whoa, check out the size of this line!
Rad Aw, man. It wraps around the Plaza like, four times!
Enid Yikes. Go home!! Don't you people have lives?!
Claus Oh, but they do have lives, Enid. Right here in this very view. Let's take a closer look, shall we?
(They fly lower and land.)
Claus Hoho, well if it isn't Brandon and Barista Pup, two of Lakewood Public's finest alumni.
Brandon and Barista Pup Principal Claus!
(The two run over to hug Claus.)
Brandon Dude, you made it.
Claus Ho ho, my boy, I wouldn't miss tonight for all the milk and cookies in the world.
Rad Aw, come on. You two go shopping on Super Black Friday?
Enid You'd betray your fellow retail brethren?
Brandon Pfft, Mags is gonna be sooo stoked I got him a Blorby, he'll forget all about covering the Super Black Friday shift alone at the frame store.
(Pan to the frame store, where a crowd is yelling and cheering. Various parts of A Real Magic Skeleton are being held up by the customers. Pan back to Brandon.)
Barista Pup Hey, does anyone want a cup of coffee?
Rad Yes please. It's freezing out here!
(Rad, Enid and K.O. take sips of their coffee and sigh.)
Enid I guess this is kinda nice.
K.O. Yeah, and look. Everyone is sharing hot drinks and keeping warm together. It's just like how my mom and I get cozy with hot cocoa every Shucks-giving. (Sighs.)
Rad Nice of you to bring coffee for everyone, Barista Pup.
Barista Pup Oh, this stuff didn't come from the café. It came from that guy.
(Pan to Joe Cuppa pouring coffee from his head.)
Joe Cuppa There ya go! Haha, if ya like that, there's a latte more where that came from. (Ba-dum-tss sound) Literally! You wanna latte? Hey!
Rad, Enid & K.O. drop their cups and fly away as Principal Claus and Joe Cuppa laugh together.
Joe Cuppa Hey, uh, did you order that triple shot to-go, buddy?
Claus Well no, I- (sighs) Hey! No using the holiday flight powers to escape.
Rad Can I use my normal flying powers, then?
Claus Ho ho ho ho! No. I'm not done showing you the true meaning of the Super Black Friday sale line.
K.O. Wha- hey, look! It's the Pests! And they're playing kicky-ball with Crinkly Wrinkly.
Enid Huh. I didn't know they were friends.
Claus Neither did they. Until someone broke out a kicky-ball! Sometimes, all you need to make friends is a game to play, and a line to stand in.
K.O. I guess that's kinda fun. Mom and me always play games together after Shucks-giving dinner. (His stomach rumbles.)
Claus Ohoho, getting hungry, are we? Bet I know just the place in line for you!
Cut to Beardo's food truck.
Claus Beardo comes this time each year!
Rad Uh, I hate to break it to you, P.C., but Beardo's here like, everyday.
Claus Yes. But today's the only day you can get one of his special seasonal burritos. Each one contains a complete Shucks-giving dinner!
Rad Sounds like he's just capitalizing off of foot traffic.
Claus You can taste the pure holiday love in every bite.
K.O. I'll be the judge of that!
Beardo is shown scooping various "Shucks-giving" ingredients into a burrito. He hands the finished product to K.O.
Beardo Merry holidays, sprout.
K.O. Ooh, thanks Beardo! Moment of truth. (He takes a bite.) Whoa...this burrito brings back every home-cooked holiday meal I've ever had, all at once! It tastes just like being home for the holidays.
Beardo That'll be six technos.
K.O. Huh. I'll put that- uhhh...(places the burrito in Beardo's hand) What about your family, Principal Claus? Don't you miss spending Shucks-giving with them?
Claus Hohoho, but K.O., I'm spending it with them right now.
K.O. We're related? (gasps) Daddy?
Claus Hohoho! No, K.O. You see, Super Black Friday shoppers are my family. We may not be related, but every year we stand together as one, celebrating the season with rich traditions all our own!
K.O. Ohh, well gosh, I guess I was so excited about getting home to my holiday tradition, that I didn't even see that yours means just as much to you!
Rad Ohhhh. I get it.
Enid I'm not sure I do.
K.O Wow, Principal Claus, you really taught us a lesson.
Rad And it's not even a school day.
Claus Hoho, what can I say, a principal may get holidays off, but he never stops teaching his students.
Rad That sound…
(A faint jingling sound is heard.)
Enid Could it be…?
(A box from Boxmore falls from the sky, and Darrell and Shannon come out of it.)
K.O. Darrell! Shannon! I can't believe you'd attack the Plaza on a holiday!!
Shannon Oh you silly. Why ever would we need to attack you guys?
Darrell When you're already victims to the idea of buying stuff!
Shannon and Darrell We're just here to laugh at how dumb you all are! (cackle maniacally)
Shannon (smacks Joe Cuppa's head, causing his coffee to pour out) Coffee is for nerds.
Darrell Kicky-ball is lame!
Shannon and Darrell Burritos are gross! Ahaha!
Enid They're ruining Super Black Friday!
Rad Someone's gotta stop them before they break up this family.
K.O. Time to show our guests some holiday cheer!
Before K.O. has the chance to start fighting, Principal Claus slams the bots into the ground and destroys them.
K.O. Wow, Principal Claus! I had no idea you could fight like that!
Claus It's a shame I have to fight at all, K.O. Every year I have to protect the line from interlopers like Darrell and Shannon. We here would be happy to accept them into our family, if they wanted. But some people will just never respect our traditions.
Enid glances at her watch. It reads 5:59.
Enid It's almost six. What should we do?
Rad I dunno. At first I thought these people were just victims of mindless buying. But waiting for the store to open like this is their tradition. It's how they bond.
K.O. Then maybe we shouldn't sell the Blorbys. We should give them away! 'Cause isn't giving more in the holiday spirit?
Snow starts falling and Enid looks up.
Enid Hey look.
Rad and K.O. also look up to see more snow falling.
K.O. Oh, wow!
Rad It's beautiful!
K.O. Come on, guys, let's open the store. (Opens the store) Attention all line goers!
Barista Pup, Crinkly Wrinkly, Brandon and the rest of the crowd turns around.
Brandon Huh?
The crowd cheers.
K.O. Gar's Bodega is open for business! (Chucles) Let's make this the best Super Black Friday yet!
Enid's watch turns to 6:00. The crowd rushes into the Bodega running over the Bodegamen. Miss Quantum gets couple of Blorbies. The crowd then gets all of the Blorbies.
K.O. (Stands up) Everyone, wait! You need to calm-- (Small One jumps on K.O. and runs)
Enid (Behind the counter) What's up with this huge crowd, huh? (Stands up with a scanner) I thought you guys loved being in lines! (Scans)
Small One (Grabs Rad's arm) Daddy, I want this Blorby!
Rad Just cause I'm blue doesn't mean I'm a Blorby.
The crowd still goes crazy with the Blorbies.
K.O. Guys, please! You're ruining the store! (A customer steps on him)
Enid (Shoots with her scanner) Aah! Aah! [The scanner runs out of power] [Gasps] No! [Sees that the wire is broken]
Small One Get in your box!
Rad [On a box] I'm not a Blorby!
The crowd still goes crazy.
K.O. [On the floor] [Sighs] Guys, please... [A customer steps on him]
Enid [With the scanner] Everyone, stay back!
Small One Blorby.
Rad screams. The watch turns to 6:01. The crowd freezes and leaves the Bodega.
Crowd Thank you.
The Bodega is in a mess and K.O., Rad, and Enid are tired.
K.O. [Sighs] I'm glad we helped everyone else enjoy their tradition. [Rad lifts his head up] But what about my tradition. What about my Shucksgiving pie?
Mr. Gar and Carol enters the Bodega.
Mr. Gar & Carol Did somebody say "pie"? [Enid lifts her head up]
K.O. Mommy!
Enid & Rad Mr. Gar?
Mr. Gar This was all my fault for asking you three to work Black Friday in the first place. So instead, let's follow our tradition of eating pie in the Bodega.
Carol hands Enid and Rad their plate of pie.
Enid But we've never done this before. How is this a tradition?
Mr. Gar Well, the thing about traditions is they're all made up. So let's make up our own new tradition here and now.
Carol hands K.O. his plate of pie.
K.O. I'm so happy to finally spend some time with my friends and family.
Everyone at the Bodega laughs and have fun with their tradition. [Zooms out of the Bodega] Principal Claus looks back at his window and was about to write a letter.
Claus Stay in school. [Winks]
The episode ends.

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