Succulentus is a minor retired antagonist in the OK K.O.! series.

Around ten years ago, he was a member of a gang of humanoid cacti called the Kaktus Krew until Carol, under the name of Silver Spark, single-handedly took down the gang. Since then, he started a family, had children, who then had children of their own. He came out of retirement when K.O. called him up to challenge him to fight his mom so she would have an antagonist again as a Mother's Day gift.

Physical Appearance

Succulentus looks like a light-green cactus with leafy hair and soul patch. He wears a black tank top and jeans that go over his feet, with a wallet chain, spiked armbands, sunglasses, and he has no eyes. He carries a metal cane with a leafy tip at the bottom end.

Abilities and Powers

He can summon the other half of his cane to form it into a quarterstaff through headbanging. At his old age and years of being out of practice, he is not in top fighting form.

Special Move

  • Bloom Cactus Bloom: By driving his staff into the ground, he can summon underground cacti to move under opponents and spring up below them, one at a time.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Succulentus is based on and voiced by Jonathan Davis, the leading vocalist of the nu metal band Korn. The character's background music and dialog are references to nu-metal/rock songs from the 90s and 00s.
  • Carol's quip "Were we really like this six-to-eleven years ago?" is a jab at nu metal music.

Quotes/Song References

  • "Bloom Cactus Bloom" is based on the lyrics "Da boom na ba noom na namena" from the Korn song Freak on a Leash.
  • "ARE YOU READY!!" is from the Korn song Blind.
  • The repeated sentence "You wanted to!" is from the System of a Down song Chop Suey.
  • "You've woken up the demon in me" is from the Disturbed song Down with the Sickness.
  • "Every step that I take is another mistake for you" is a reference to the Linkin Park song Numb.
  • "I wanna see you try to take a swing at me" is from the Korn song Thoughtless.
  • "Stop confusing what is real" is from the Linkin Park song Crawling.
  • "You're gonna pay for all those years of beating me beating me down" is from the Korn song Falling Away From Me.
  • "A coffee would really wake me up inside right about now" is a reference to the Evanescence song Bring Me to Life.


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