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Strawbaby Couture is a fashion clothing store owned by Drupe.


"Project Ray Way"

Drupe opened up her clothing brand to compete against Raymond's Way. The idea of Drupe to open her clothing brand started by going with her originality. She initially started the company at Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega with customers purchasing and adoring her clothes. Once Raymond realizes that many people are buying her clothing, he hypnotized Potato to bring a sample of clothing and invent cheap knock-offs to lure people away from the brand. Drupe, K.O., Rad, and Enid confronts to Raymond and Rad called a "Style Battle" to see if people liked Strawbaby Couture or Raymond's Way. Raymond devises a plan to ruin Drupe's clothings after Rad's style got as popular to Raymond's Way. Drupe thought of a plan to get people out of Raymond's trance by having Rad be himself. Rad succeed to defeat Raymond at the "Style Battle" and Drupe opened up her store after defeating the competition. Drupe is featured at a fashion magazine and Rad is also featured as a model for Drupe's brand, gaining recognition among others.

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