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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts off with Teamster, Enid, Rad, and K.O. fixing the plaza.
Lord Boxman Those little urchins… destroying their own plaza… as if I couldn’t destroy it myself?! Oh, I’ll show them. I’ll attack the plaza right now! Better than they ever could!
Lord Boxman laughs and holds out a weapon. Titlecard appears.
Cosma Lord Boxman!
Vormulax, Cosma, and Billiam Milliam are in a meeting.
Cosma Are you leaving in the middle of a meeting with your board of investors?
Lord Boxman Oh. I thought we had finished, Ms. Cosma. You guys should really try those muffins, by the by.
Cosma growls, transporting the muffins to Lord Boxman’s mouth and the basket on his head.
Cosma You have been wasting your time and ours attacking a bunch of kids across the street, instead of building robotic henchmen!
Cosma stands up.
Cosma Our production schedule is completely below quota! Why do you even feel the need to attack these children in the first place?!
Lord Boxman takes the basket off.
Lord Boxman Uh!
Lord Boxman spits out the muffins.
Lord Boxman Blegk! Uh.
Lord Boxman chuckles.
Lord Boxman I don’t need to. It’s just a side hobby. Nothing to be concerned over, Cosma.
Cosma Well, in that case, I’m going to make you a wager. I challenge you to leave those kids alone and focus on your actual job for a full 24 hours.
Lord Boxman Or?
Cosma Or you’re fired!
Lord Boxman Uh, but you’re just my board of investors. You— You can’t “fire” me, per se.
Cosma But we can certainly stop funding your business. No more money, which means no more Boxmore. I’ll be checking in with you in 24 hours. Good luck.
Lord Boxman Oh, silly, silly Cosma. Why not give me a real challenge?
Lord Boxman puts his legs on top of his desk.
Lord Boxman I can do this. Heh. I’ve already gotten through half the day like no— Ugh. No matter!
Lord Boxman turns his desk around.
Lord Boxman But in the meantime… can’t hurt to have one little hate peek.
A group of Teamster clones are rebuilding the plaza. Enid, Rad, and K.O. are having fun.
Lord Boxman Oh, that’s disgusting. How they just ruin my day with all their j-joy and f-f-friendship! Why, that just makes me want t-o-o-o-o-o…
Lord Boxman turns red, about to push a button.
Cosma thought head Don’t attack the plaza for 24 hours, or you’re fired!
Lord Boxman turns back his desk.
Lord Boxman Whoopsie! Heh. Don’t want to attack the plaza. Not going to attack the plaza! No plaza attacking.
Lord Boxman giggling.
Lord Boxman Do-do-do-do.
Lord Boxman's fingers walks close to the button. But walks back, sighs.
Lord Boxman Yes.
Lord Boxman turns his chair back and forth.
Lord Boxman Gah! Here, girl!
Lord Boxman takes the button to Boxmore’s dog and she eats it.
Lord Boxman Oh, who’s a good doggy. Too easy.
Lord Boxman screaming hysterically after thinking about the plaza.
Lord Boxman Aah!
Lord Boxman chuckles nervously.
Lord Boxman No worries, Boxman. I have zer-o-o-o interest in that hideous plaza. I think I’ll just… strap myself down! J-u-u-ust in case!
Ernesto [Opens the door] Hello, little ones.
Darrell, Shannon, Raymond, and Jethro play a board game.
Darrell [Waves] Hey, Ernesto! Wanna join us?
Ernesto I’m just gonna take this down time to reelaaax.
Darrell Hmm. Yeah. We haven’t gotten any order from Dad in a while.
Ernesto Yeah, he mentioned something about not attacking the plaza for 24 hours, or he’ll get fired.
Ernesto reads a newspaper.
Ernesto Shame.
[Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond gasp]
Darrell 24 hours?!
Shannon That’s…
Raymond Terrible!
Darrell Poor Dad! Maybe we should go check on him. Make sure he’s okay?
Shannon and Raymond Yeah.
[Darrell, Shannon and Raymond opens the door and enters Lord Boxman’s office]
Darrell Daddy?
Lord Boxman [Having restrained himself] Yes, son?
Darrell We noticed you seem… a little… dooownnn.
Lord Boxman Oh, nonsense! Daddy’s great.
Darrell Of course! Uh, but… we were thinking… why not have a family dinner?!
Lord Boxman Well… sure. [Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond pick him up] Whoa!
Darrell, Shannon and Raymond Ooh, goodie! This is going to be the best!
Lord Boxman, Ernesto, Darrell, Raymond, Shannon, Jethro, and Boxman’s dog are at the table for dinner.
Jethro I am Jethro! I am Jethro!
Lord Boxman [Angry muttering] ENOUGH! Why are you all acting so… strange?
Darrell Well, we know you’re not allowed to attack the plaza for a whole day.
Darrell, Shannon and Raymond You must be truly hurting inside.
Lord Boxman Stop! What are you trying to say here? That I’m obsessed?! That I have a… problem? [A though bubble of the plaza appears but he tries to remove it]
Shannon Uh, well, yeah. I mean, isn’t attacking the plaza kinda, heh, the sole reason we exist?
Raymond That is true.
Ernesto Got a point there.
Darrell Yeah, yeah. I mean, heh, come on.
Lord Boxman Forgot you guys! I don’t have a problem! You know who has a problem? [Walks on the table] [Points to Raymond] You! With being nosy! I can too, go a day without attacking the plaza! And I don’t need your help to do it! [Points to them] I’ll show you all! I’ll show you! And I’ll show you! [His seat lowers] And I’m definitely gonna show you…
Jethro I am Jethro!
Lord Boxman gets off the chair.
Lord Boxman The nerve! Whose side are they on anyway? I built all of this on my own! No plaza required! I’ve just been a little distracted. That’s all. What have I been doing with my life? I forgot how much I missed just… building things… how much I missed my work. This… assembly line. Once full of my invention. How empty now. In dire need of my attention. These levers and pulleys. [Pulls a lever and a pulley to drag himself up] All coated with dust. [Raymond, Shannon and Darrell are at sight] My robotic children. All covered with rust.
Darrell [Waves] Hi, Daddy!
Shannon pushes Dareell.
Darrell W-a-a-ah!
Lord Boxman I’ve wasted my days. On those Lakewood twerps. [Swings] It’s time for Lord Boxman. To get back to work! [Gets off of the swing] [Opens doors to a room] [Takes off lab coat and types on keyboard] Back to blueprints and lasers. And building henchmen. [Welding] Back to forging and welding. And building again. How I see now how clearly. The things that I’ve missed. All I ever wanted. All I ever wanted. All I ever needed was this. Ha-ha-ha-ha! Yes! My machines! Ooh! My hard hat! Mm, so much time. Spent on silly fixations. Now I can focus. [Pulls a lever] On my true creati-o-o-on. What?! [Sees a diorama of the Bodega with Enid, K.O., and Rad] [Growls] That… is… it! [Wrecks the diorama] Gah! Perhaps I do have a problem. [Watch beeps] Oh! [Checks it and checks outside] It’s time to deal with this.
Cut to the Bodega. K.O. is sweeping.
K.O. [Yawns] Man. It’s sure been quiet, huh guys?
Rad and Enid are sleeping in a bunk bed, both in their pajamas. They are snoring loudly. The door dings as someone enters the Bodega. Enid and Rad wake up and change back to their uniforms.
K.O. Oh! Finally, a custom— Aah!
Lord Boxman stands in the doorway. Rad, Enid, and K.O. prepare for a fight.
Enid What do you want, Boxman?
Lord Boxman You can put those away.
Enid Explain.
Lord Boxman holds out a piece of paper and puts on glasses.
Lord Boxman A-hemp. [clears his throat] Mi-mi-mi-mi-miiiii.
Rad, Enid, and K.O. look at one another, confused.
Lord Boxman I, uh, Lord Boxman — me, that is — hereby... vow... to-oo-oo-oo-oo… [high-pitched] stop attacking the plaza. [normal voice] Wooow! That felt great to get that off of my che—
Rad puts his hand on Lord Boxman’s shoulder. Boxman turns around, scared.
Rad Wait a sec. Could you repeat that last part?
Lord Boxman D’oh! My bosses said I can’t go a day without attacking you, but! Look at that! [Shows them a timer] One minute left!
Rad Seriously?
Enid Oh, come on. It’s ‘cause you’ve failed so many times, isn’t it?
Lord Boxman Nnnooo-wah! It’s just— it’s... driving me crazy and my bosses crazy. So, there. Pbht!
K.O. W-What happens if you did attack us?
Lord Boxman I get fired and my business shuts down, why?
Enid [Sarcastically] Ohh, that’s so sad... One moment.
Enid, Rad, and K.O. huddle.
Enid If Boxman attacks us, he’ll get fired and leave us alone!
Rad and K.O. gasp
Enid Fight me, Buttman!
K.O., Enid, and Rad try to annoy Lord Boxman.
Rad, Enid, and K.O. Robots blow!
Enid Boxes… are terrible!
She tosses a box and it explodes.
K.O. [Picks up a phone] What’s that? The President of the Universe says all boxes must be replaced with…
Rad, Enid, and K.O. Best friends!? Friendship! Friendship! Friendship! Wow! Yayyy!
K.O., Rad and Enid laughs. Boxman initially appears furious, but suddenly takes a deep breath and calms down.
Lord Boxman I have better things to do now than waste my time on you piddling fools. [Chuckles] So long, clown babies! Boxman out. Aooo!
He leaves the Bodega. Rad, Enid, and K.O. watch him leave.
Enid You know, maybe it’s for the best. I mean, I don’t wanna be the reason that Boxman loses his job.
Rad You’re right, Enid. Even someone like him doesn’t deserve unemployment, just ‘cause he’s a weird old man.
K.O. We are all very thoughtful and kind, even to our enemies.
Rad Bring it in for a big friend hug.
Rad, Enid, and K.O. hug. Enid and K.O. laugh. Boxman is watching in horror from outside. Suddenly, his watch begins beeping. He laughs and stumbles back inside.
Lord Boxman You- you horrible little brats!
He knocks over a candy machine and laughs.
Lord Boxman You know what I hate? I-I hate your niceness!
He runs through one of the aisles with his arms out, knocking containers of cheese puffs from the shelves.
Lord Boxman Ooh, and I hate your friendliness!
He knocks the register off of the counter and does a backspin. Enid gags
Lord Boxman I hate you kids! I hate this bodega! [kicks a rug] I hate Lakewood Plaza Turbo! Bwahaha! Yes, I do!
Lord Boxman runs out of the Bodega, howling with laughter.
Cut back to Boxmore.
Cosma [In a video call] I have to say, Lord Boxman, I’m rather impressed with your restraint. You made it the full 24 hours... technically. The board is pleases with your progress. We expect production to be back on schedule shortly. Well done. [Ends video call]
Ernesto Sounds like your meeting with Miss Cosma sure went well. You must be glad to be rid of that obsession of yours now, huh?
Lord Boxman You know, Ernesto 1701, I learned something interesting about myself in the last 24 hours.
Ernesto What’s that, sir?
Lord Boxman I learned that I don’t need to attack the plaza.
Lord Boxman gets out a chest and opens it to reveal a button.
Lord Boxman I want to.
Lord Boxman pushes the button many times, causing five boxes to drop on the Bodega property. They open to reveal Raymond, Darrell, Shannon, Ernesto, and a large Jethro.
Enid, K.O. & Rad What the…?
All the Boxmore bots begin fighting Enid, K.O., and Rad, except for Jethro, who rolls away on the roof of the Bodega.
Lord Boxman Never gets old.
The episode ends.

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