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Speaker Dialogue
At the bodega, Rad and K.O. are ready.
Rad Get ready, K.O.!
K.O. Ready!
Rad Comin' atcha!
Rad throws every cans. K.O. used his power fist to make the cans stand.
K.O. Wow.
Rad You did so good!
Enid Good job, buddy!
Enid I'm so proud of you!
Alarm blares.
K.O. Emergency?
Rad Battle time!
Enid Bring it!
Mr. Gar stomps down.
Mr. Gar Bodegamen!
K.O., Rad and Enid Sir, yes, sir!
Mr. Gar Rad and Enid, I've got a very important mission for the two of you.
Enid Yes!
Rad All right!
Enid Who/what are we gonna destroy/eviscerate?
Mr. Gar No one.
Enid's foot burns down.
Mr. Gar I need you to delivery... a package.
Title appears.
Mr. Gar To a customer in Neo Riot City.
Rad A new delivery service?!
Mr. Gar It's not new! This is just... the first time someone has used it.
Enid Instead of manning the counter all day... and dealing with customers... I have to... go on a road trip...
Rad and Enid jumps for joy.
Rad All right!
Enid Oh, yeah! This is gonna be awesome!
Mr. Gar Huh.
Mr. Gar sees K.O. depressed in the corner.
Mr. Gar Oh. Uh...
Mr. Gar stammering.
Mr. Gar K.O.! I have a very, uh, important mission for you, too. I need you... to watch the store... all by yourself.
K.O. squeals and Mr. Gar picks him to the corner.
Enid Bye, K.O. Have fun.
Rad Bye, K.O. Be careful with those new waterproof bombs we just got.
Enid Remember to say "Have a day", and don't be afraid to ignore everyone.
Rad Okay, have fun.
Rad and Enid leaves.
K.O. This is the best day of my life.
Enid This is gonna be sweet!
Rad Yeah! And it's been so long since we hung out together with K.O. Oh, dude! I have to show you this new weapon I installed. The Nitrobuzzsaw! State of the art, top of the line, totally cool and tough.
Enid Oh, word, Rad. Is it gonna work as well as the Rad Wing did?
Rad's imagines as the Rad Wing sputtering and explode, turn into a clown. Enid laughing.
Rad Hey, I won that race, okay?
Enid Aw, come on, I'm just kidding.
Rad Uhh-ha-ha-ha. Duh, Enid. I know that.
Enid Ha-ha. Attaboy.
Rad drives east to Neo Riot City. He taps his fingers.
Rad I wonder what's in that package anyways. Looks pretty important.
Enid keeps the package away from Rad. He annoyed inhale and pouty exhale. He drives longer and pick his nose. They listen to the same music from "Plaza Prom".
Rad Hey, Enid. Enid! Okay, okay, watch this.
Rad impersonating as K.O..
Rad (As K.O.) Wow! I sure do love my mommy!
Enid Pfft!
Enid laughs.
Rad Pretty good, right?
Enid Uh, you're not cute enough to be K.O. All right, watch a pro.
Enid impersonating as Mr. Gar.
Enid (As Mr. Gar) Radicles, quit beefing into all my boxes and get back to work!
Rad snickers and he and Enid laughing.
Enid Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait. I have a better one!
Enid impersonating as Rad.
Enid (As Radicles) Hey, dudes! I love my big muscles!
Rad Hey! That's me!
Rad laughing.
Enid (As Rad) Ooh, I love you girls. Mwah. Mwah.
Rad Ha-ha. Okay, uh, I don't talk to my girls that much.
Enid laughs.
Enid I gotta say, my impression of you is pret-ty good.
Rad All right, Enid, it's on!
Rad Enid, do you know what this means?
Enid Uhh, imminent danger?
Rad Shh! You fool, behold! The Atomic Chili Dog Stand! Ah! Only in my wildest dreams have I feasted upon this work of art. We have to stop here!
Enid No.
Enid disappears and snores.
Rad Come on, Enid!
Enid Okay, listen. One, I love organ-melting road-trip food way more than you do, so don't give me any of that. Two, you're gonna start ripping "atomic butt wind" in here. Your body physically cannot handle that stuff.
Rad It can, too.
Enid Nuh-unh.
Rad Where's your proof, Enid?
Flashback of Rad and Enid.
Rad What's up, Enid? Just finished eating a mega molten fried "omelay".
Rad toxic burp.
Rad Hey, Enid. I just ate the most wicked battery acid nut sundae. Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-choo!
Rad toxic sneeze.
Rad Hey, Enid. Bell Beefer just dared me to drink out of the volcano.
Rad's stomach rumbles and explosive farts. Flashback back to Rad, rattles out of his mind.
Rad Whatever. I didn't wanna stop there anyways.
Rad drove past Weirdo's chili dog stand. He sighs.
Enid Ha! I cannot believe you have this on your phone, dude.
Rad This is a classic!
Enid laughs.
Rad And I know you know all the words.
Rad (sings) I miss who I used to be.
Enid (sings) When I was just a kid.
Rad (sings) I never thought that I would be.
Enid (sings) The person I am today.
Rad (sings) I was tricked, I was fooled, yeah.
Enid (sings) By the people who were closest to me, yeah.
Rad (sings) Stand this way, wear these clothes. Stay these things forget yourself.
Enid (sings) Just do your job, you'll thank me.
Rad (sings) The doubt you feel will disappear.
Rad and Enid (sings) I wanna get out of here. And go someplace better.
Enid (sings) I wanna get out of here.
Rad (sings) And never come back, well.
Enid (sings) If I can't get out.
Rad (sings)
Enid (sings) But not too fast because.
Rad (sings) I still don't want to crash.
Enid (sings) The sky is so blue and.
Rad (sings) The clouds pass us by and.
Rad and Enid (sings) I feel all right.
Rad and Enid laughing.
Rad Oh, man! K.O. doesn't even know what he's missing right now.
K.O. making musical raspberries.
K.O. Have a day!
Brandon What?
Enid is listening to different music, but notices.
Enid Hmm.
Enid sees Rad smiles.
Enid Okay, no. I have to draw the line here. We're not listening to this.
Rad What? Actually, uh, this is one of my... favorite bands.
Enid glares at Rad.
Enid This is your favorite baaand?
Rad Ha! I was joking. Only pathetic doofuses would like this band.
Rad turns off the radio. They drive on the way. Enid is sleeping.
Rad Ah, dude, we're almost there!
Enid Okay, looks like the fastest way is just to take the main entrance in.
Rad Yo, let's take this creepy bridge entrance!
Rad points at Mad Sam and his gang, steal a package from Pird, screaming.
Rad I wanna get a closer look at those cool biker dudes.
Enid Like Pird? You're gonna go hang out in the trash with Pird?! Your best friend Pird?
Enid snorts.
Enid Ha-ha, I'm just joking. Classic Rad, though. Yeah, let's spend whatever extra time we have in Neo Riot City sightseeing at weirdos.
Rad What is your deal, Enid?!
Enid Excuse me?
Rad This whole trip, you've been making fun of everything I want to talk about. I'm sick of it!
Enid Rad, I didn't mean...
Rad We're taking the bridge route!
Mad Sam and the gang laughing.
Enid Rad, come on. This really isn't a good idea.
Rad It's fine. We're gonna finish our delivery, and everything's gonna be...
Mad Sam Well, well, well, what do we have here? Ooh!
Mad Sam laughing.
Mad Sam Hey, thanks for the presents, kids!
Enid Oh, no, what are we gonna do?!
Rad Hey, give that back!
Mad Sam grabs Rad and puts him on the tire.
Enid Oh, no, Rad!
Mad Sam laughing, tied down Rad.
Mad Sam I've always wanted a cute hood ornament.
Mad Sam laughing.
Enid Hey! Let him go, gramps!
Mad Sam No can do, squirt. Let's ride!
Mad Sam drives off and his cronies comes to Enid.
Mad Sam's crony #1 Blah blah blah-blah-blah!
Mad Sam's crony #2 Blblblbl!
Enid puts on seatbelt and drives Rad's van. She droves fast and caught Mad Sam.
Mad Sam Wha...
Mad Sam sees Enid.
Mad Sam Take 'er to the junkyard, boys!
Mad Sam's cronies laughing and they are about to attack Enid, she groans.
Mad Sam's cronies Ha! Ha!
Enid grunts.
Enid Huh?
Enid she sees something exploded.
Enid Ha!
Enid droves around to make a huge turn.
Mad Sam's crony #1 Don't lose 'er, Ricky!
Dogmun sees Enid driving, he chomps a chili dog. Enid is getting closer and drive past the chili dog stand, making Mad Sam's cronies stops by. They both sigh. Dogmun drops his chili dog and exploded. Enid drive past and give it money.
Enid Sorry!
Enid is about to stop Mad Sam.
Mad Sam Huh?!
Enid Rad!
Mad Sam Get lost, ya rotten cager!
Mad Sam drives around, laughing.
Enid Aah!
Mad Sam drives forward.
Enid Cob-darn it! I can't get close without hurting Rad. Hmm?
Enid sees a buzzsaw button.
Enid Oh! Ha-ha.
Rad P-Please, sir! I'm just a delivery boy.
Mad Sam evil laughs. Enid droves jump by Mad Sam.
Rad Oh.
Mad Sam What the.
Enid droves forward.
Rad Enid!
Enid activate the sawdust attack from Rad's van. She droves around them. It cuts the ropes off of Rad.
Rad Aaaaah!
Enid grabs Rad and drives away.
Mad Sam Aw, nuts.
Enid Whew! That was pretty hairy. Now get in here! We got a package to deliver.
Rad No.
Enid Rad, what the heck? Get in the car!
Rad I'm not getting in that van with you! All day, you've been dumping on me and everything I wanted to do. I told you, I'm done!
Enid Dumping on you? Were you actually serious about that?
Rad Do you even like hanging out with me? Or do you just like having someone around to make fun of?
Enid Rad, you know we just joke around like that. That's just out dynamic, you know? K.O.'s the plucky kid. You're the macho meathead, and I'm the cool and funny one.
Rad Well, I'm also the one that likes corny music, okay? And the one that likes adding stupid mods to my van and eating food that makes me sick. I know I act tough about it, but sometimes our dynamic stinks, all right?
Enid sighs.
Enid The truth is... The truth is... I rag on you because... I mean, it is kinda funny, but also because I don't really have myself figured out.
Rad You seem to have a lot more figured out than I do.
Enid Are you kidding me? I'm a witch who wants to be a ninja who maybe wants to be a hero but works at a convenience store. I don't have anything figured out. And I guessed... I turn that around on you because it's easier than dealing with it. Maybe I don't show it very well, but I really enjoy hanging out with you, Rad. You're... kind of really important to me.
Rad A-Are you... apologizing? To me? Wow, let me go get my camera.
Enid Oh, my cob. Just get back in the ca...
Enid sees a brick wall.
Enid Aah! Look out!
Enid drives away.
Rad Aaaaaaah!
Enid stops driving.
Rad Oh! I think this is our destination.
Rad knocks the door.
Enid I kinda wish we knew what's in here.
Rad I know!
Enid We could take a quick peek.
Rad chuckles mischievously. The door wiggles, Rad whistling and Enid chuckles nervously. The door slowly and it revealed Mr. Gar.
Rad and Enid Mr. Gar?!
Mr. Gar Yep.
Rad But... how?
Enid Why?!
Mr. Gar This was a test. Open the package, Enid.
Enid opens the package, it revealed a photo book.
Enid It's a... photo album?
Mr. Gar Hmm. The real delivery...
Rad and Enid sees the photos of themselves as young teens and present.
Mr. Gar was the memories you made along the way.
Rad Mr. Gar, where did you get these...
Enid hugs Rad.
Enid Mm! I'm sorry, dude.
Rad Heh. It's cool.
Rad hugs back to Enid.
Enid Mr. Gar, thank you. Huh?
Rad and Enid sees Mr. Gar disappeared.
Rad and Enid Whoa!
Enid sees the photo album disappeared.
Enid Aah!
Rad Amazing.
Rad and Enid went back to Rad's van.
Enid I sorta wrecked that Atomic Chili stand, but if you want, we could stop by that place that does the mega molten fried omelays.
Rad Ohhhhh!
Rad laughing.
Enid Okay, okay.
Rad laughing. He and Enid driving away, a photo of young teen Rad and young teen Enid appears. The episode ends.

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