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This article is about the song. You may be looking for the object.

Skeleton Remote is a song Gil Ferris uses to sell the idea of the skeleton remotes to the public, in the episode "Let's Not Be Skeletons".


Gil: Well you got problems,
Problems right here in Lakewood,
Yes, sir, you got barrels full of crime,
And I'll tell you it ain't good,
Cause you got villains to come and fight,
Keep you up all hours at night,
And I'll tell you it's enough to make a fella feel...
Well, I hear you,
You say "partner, stop complaining",
Well get around open up your ears,
And I'll start explaining,
Cause I brought me a solution,
And it'll start a revolution,
With the most amazing product called the "Skeleton Remote"!
Neil: Skeleton? Remote?
Gill: That's right! Skeleton Remote!
It's the best thing ever invented but,
I don't mean to gloat,
Cause that'll keep you safe where evil lurks,
It's user-friendly tiny
Come on 'round I'll show you how it works.
Well, you hold the remote in the air,
See that villain right over there,
Pull down on your ten-gallon brim,
He's eyeing you and you're eyeing him,
Pow! You watch that laser fly,
Bam! You hit him between the eyes,
Now he's just a skeleton,
And your problems melt away.
Thanks to!
All: Skeleton Remote!
Gil: That's right!
Chorister: Skeeeeleton Remote, ooh!
Crinkly Wrinkly: Does it have any other uses?
Gil: No! It only has that one.
But it's the only one you ever needed,
It'll keep you safe from evil deeds,
You won't get harmed if you get armed,
With the Skeleton Remo-o-ote!
Skeleton Remo-o-ote! No refunds.

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