Sir eFram iFrame is a minor character in OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes and the boss at iFrame Outlet.

Physical Appearance

His outfit is akin to fashion from the 18th century and earlier. He wears a white, fluffy wig, a red coat with frills and gold lining, red bottoms with frills and a gold streak in the middle, white stockings, and red shoes with a large gold buckle on each. He has a very noticeable blush and prominent eyelashes, and his face is paler than the rest of his body, indicating he wears make-up.

He resides inside of a wooden framed painting. The environment of the painting depicts a field with a river running through it, a tree and a rock visible close to the front of the painting with mountains in the distant background. Despite being a painting, the environment inside of it, at least to him, is 3D, shown when he was capable of hiding behind the rock behind him. At the bottom of the frame is a plaque that reads his name, "Sir eFram iFrame".


He is considerably overdramatic, on one instance flying down from the roof of the store on a rope to announce Mad Sam's eventual arrival, then later threw himself at A Real Magic Skeleton while the latter met with him. He cares deeply for his employees, encouraging A Real Magic Skeleton to find a new job instead of being stuck where he is, but at the same time not enough to give them a raise when asked. He also can be cowardly and dislikes confrontation, as immediately after Mad Sam arrives, he flies back up to the ceiling to leave his employees alone with him, then hides behind a rock in his painting after being asked about a raise and voices concern about being in the dark once A Real Magic Skeleton drops his painting facing down.


Season 1


  • He implies at one point that his soul is trapped inside of the painting, likely meaning he's a real person and not merely a moving painting.


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