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Speaker Dialogue
Carol K.O.! What in Cob's name are you doing?
K.O. I'm breaking up with Chip Damage!
Carol Oh, honey.
K.O. [sighs] Chip was one of the main reasons I wanted to become a big solo hero in the first place. But I feel like maybe I picked the wrong path.
Carol Well, you don't have to be a big solo hero. There's a million other things you can be… mission commanders, anti-hero, sidekick.
K.O. Sidekick? Hmm. They're kind of hero, right? Maybe I'll be one of those.
Carol Well, sure, uh…
K.O. Okay, then. I'm going to become a sidekick! Right after I burn this.
Carol [grabbing K.O.] No! No fire! None of that! No!
K.O. in signing up school, sees the Sidekick Scouts poster on the door.
K.O. Huh. This doesn't seem too bad.
Neil K.O.?
K.O. turns around and sees Neil next to him.
Neil Uh, hey, Neil. My mom signed me up for Sidekick Scouts.
Neil No way! My mom signed me up for Solo Hero Scouts! And maybe, when I get good enough, I'll have a sidekick of my own! [sparkles] Oh! Maybe you could be my sidekick!
K.O. Okay, bye.
K.O. growls.
K.O. That's it! I don't know how any hero could ever put up with you! All you've done is mess everything up! You're not a sidekick. You're a nuisance!
Combo Breaker A n-nuisance?
Combo Breaker crying, fly offs, K.O. groans. A sound alarm shocks K.O. Sky turns purple, a box falls from the sky, opening it revealing Ernesto and Jethro.
Ernesto Greetings, Plaza Turbians!
Ernesto and Jethro sees no one is there.
Ernesto Uh, hello?
K.O. steps out of the bodega.
K.O. Hi.
Ernesto Greetings, Plaza Turbians!
Ernesto looks at K.O.
Ernesto Uh, is just you?
K.O. Is that a problem?
Ernesto facepalms.
Ernesto I mean, I try to raise my credibility, and, and it's just not going to sound impressive when we win against one little kid. And we were very excited about debuting Jethro's new sound system!
Jethro develops a new lips.
Jethro I am Jethro.
K.O. Hmmm… I hate it. And just what makes you think you guys are gonna win?
Ernesto picks up Jethro and Jethro supersonic screams at K.O. into the trashcan.
Jethro Jehtro!
K.O. Ow.
Ernesto We actually won?
Ernesto laughing.
Jehtro I am Jethro!
K.O. calls Enid and Rad on the phone.
K.O. Rad, Enid! Come back quick! There's robots, and I'm all alone!
Enid Whoa, alone? What happened to your sidekick?
K.O. Forget him. He's gone.
Enid Gone? You scared him away, didn't you?
Rad chuckles, but Enid grabs his cheek.
Enid Eyes on the road!
K.O. I might have said some things.
Enid Come on, K.O. Don't you see? He might be a little misguided, but his heart's in the right place. It's not much different from when you first came to the bodega. Give the kid a chance.
K.O. sees Combo Breaker crying in the other trashcan next to him.
Combo Breaker Mastew?
K.O. crawls into the trashcan.
K.O. Hey. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry about before. I guess I flipped out 'cause you remind me of how I used to be and all the embarrassing mistakes I used to make. But it's 'cause of all those mistakes that I learned how to improve. It's only fair that you get to make some embarrassing mistakes of your own. Anyways, a true hero knows they can't always do it alone. So, what do you say? Want to help me kick some butt?
Combo Breaker smiles, blushing. K.O. and Combo Breaker busts out of the trashcan.
K.O. and Combo Breaker Whoo-hoo!
Combo Breaker Awaiting orders, Your Gwace.
Ernesto What?
K.O. Blast him with whatever you've got!
Ernesto There goes my raise…
Jethro Jethro.
Ernesto …And my dignity.
K.O. gasps.
K.O. Th-Th-Thanks? But I can't be your master, Combo. I'm still just a hero in training myself. I'm real flattering you look up to me. Someone I looked up to let me down so much, I wasn't even sure I wanted to be a hero anymore. Until you came along and helped strengthen my resolve. You're destined to be a great sidekick, Combo.
Neil I passed!
Neil laughing with tears of joy, but sniffs in sadness to see his report card.
Neil If only I didn't flunk my utility-belt training.
Neil groans.
Neil How do you work this thing?!
Neil crying in front of Combo Breaker.

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