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Speaker Dialogue
Rad All right, team, let's put an end to this!
K.O. It's time for a team power move!
Enid First comes… Enid!
Enid kicks K.O.
Rad Then comes… Radicles!
Rad uses his finger beans to hold K.O. mid air.
K.O. Then comes… K.O.!
K.O. bounces off Rad's beans and flies straight to Darrell and Shannon.
Shannon Aw, dag it!
Shannon and Darrell fly off screaming
Enid And garbage taken out.
K.O. We did it, guys! More importantly, we did it as a team!
Enid Right, but as with any team, there was one member who did a little more of the work. Therefore, all of the work.
Enid points to herself.
Rad That's big of you to admit, Enid.
Rad uses his finger beans to force her to point to him.
Rad And you're right, this was moi victory. So kind of you to point it out.
Enid Your victory? I kick-started the entire attack. I clearly deserve the credit.
Rad Well, without my bungee net, there would have been no momentum. You might as well not have even been there.
Enid This was so my victory -- me!
Rad Oh, yeah, right! I'm the true hero this bodega deserves!
Rad and Enid growl a each other and keep arguing. K.O. sighs.
K.O. Why does this always happen?
The scene cut to the inside of Boxmore. Shannon and Darrell come flying throught the ceiling and land before Boxman, sitting on his throne.
Shannon & Darrell We're sorry, Father! We tried!
Lord Boxman Ah, yes. Tried. Tried and failed --for the last time!
Darrell Oh, I bet we could fail way more times.
Shannon Quiet!
Shannon punches Darrell.
Lord Boxman You do not need to try. You need to do!
Lord Boxman sighs.
Lord Boxman I knew you two would fail me again today. So I created a new robot to succeed where you never could! Say hello to Raymond!
Lord Boxman presses a button and a door opens, from where a robot comes out. Raymond laughs.
Raymond Here comes… the player of the year!
Raymond makes a show off presentation with sports balls.
Shannon Already hate him.
Raymond Hello, dearest brother and sister. Care for a friendly game of ball?
Shannon No, thanks.
Darrell Oh, I'm open!
Raymond hits Darrell with a ball, that bounced between him and Shannon, knocking both out.
Raymond Of course, there is no game to be played, when there is just one player.
Lord Boxman Brilliant introduction, Raymond! So very rude!
Raymond Thank you, Coach Boxman. Of course it was brilliant! You are, after all, the master engineer behind this vessel of pure athleticism.
Raymond show Boxman a rose and he jumps around excitedly.
Shannon Totally just parlor tricks of a slimy amateur clown.
Raymond Father, I will make you proud by stealing a letter from the Gar's Bodega sign. Then no one will know they're a store. Their profits will plummet, and with that, they forfeit the business game.
Lord Boxman I love it!
Shannon and Darrell gasp in surprise.
Lord Boxman Raymond, you're my favorite. I've always loved you. And I wish you two could be more like him.
Shannon and Darrell roll out of scene in pain.
Lord Boxman Let us go, Raymond, and equip you with strong weapons.
Raymond laughs.
Raymond Yes! Hole in one.
Shannon This is all your fault, glass brain! Now Father hates me.
Darrell Oh, yeah, right! He hates me more. But he loves Raymond so much more than both of us.
Shannon Raymond is gonna fail anyways. But he won't fail as spectacularly as you!
Darrell Say that again, you orange mushroom head!
Shannon and Darrell slap each other, scene cuts to Enid and Rad slapping each other.
K.O. Come on, guys! Does it really even matter?
Enid and Rad Yes!
K.O. lays down annoyed by the two arguing when a Boxmore box is launched from the sky.
Enid Another box?! Lord Boxman sure has an ant up his pants today.
Rad I guess Boxmore needs another helping of me!
Enid Will you give it a rest already?!
Raymond kicks the box open, laughing.
Raymond Whip, whip, whippity whip!
Raymond spins in the air to show off, Shannon and Darrell peeks behind a bush.
Shannon That hunk of junk isn't cool! He's a big butt-headed fart-face!
Darrell Yeah! A butt-fart!
Raymond Greetings, Lakewood losers! I am Raymond, the greatest…
Shannon growls.
Raymond And most beloved…
Darrell growls.
Raymond …creation of Lord Boxman. I promised Coach Boxdad that I'd bring him a chunk of the bodega's sign, so if you'd all kindly step aside… Unless, of course, you want… your butts kicked!
Rad Ha! Kick my butt? Please!
Rad shows his butt to Raymond.
Rad My two pack is touting a 12 pack!
Raymond Impressive.
Rad I haven't even begun to flex yet!
Rad begins using his finger beams.
Raymond Oh, finger blasters! Nice try, brah, but you're gonna have to do a little better than that to roll with me!
Raymond turns his arm into a bazooka and shoots two rollerskates in Rad's direction.
Rad Ha! This is cake.
The skates hits Rad on his hands stopping his attack and shoving him backwards on his hands.
Rad Huh?! Whoa! This isn't cake!
Shannon and Darrell Wha?!
K.O. Rad!
Rad crashes and Raymond walks up to him.
Raymond Poor little slugger. I guess he couldn't roll with the punches?
As Raymond was about to shoot Rad, Enid nearly hits him with an attack.
Enid As usual, I'll finish this myself.
Enid aproaches Raymond, who tries to shoot but misses.
Raymond Sports!
Raymond tries to grab Enid but she escapes.
Raymond Drat! Where did she--
Enid Over here, pompadork! Dodge this!
Enid sends a sequence of kick attacks from the sky.
Raymond Why would I "dodge this", when I can just dodge ball!
Raymond's chest open and dodge ball balls shoot from him, destroying her attacks and hitting Enid.
K.O. Aah! Enid!
Enid hits the ground, defeated.
Raymond Bench-warmers. Now, what letter to take?
Raymond looks at the bodega sign.
Raymond "R" for Raymond!
Raymond hits the letter and sends it flying, then he waks up to it and takes it away.
Raymond Boom, boom, shake the room.
K.O. "Ga's Hero Supply and Bodega"?! That's not his name!
K.O. shivers with the sight, and stands in front of Raymond.
K.O. That's not his name! Not so fast, Raymond! It's time for the final batt--
Raymond walks straight past him.
K.O. Oh, I know! Hey, Raymond! Where'd ya learn to spike, Little League?
Raymond stops, angry and looks back.
Raymond Who dares?!
K.O. Ha ha! Fight me, Raymond!
Raymond looks at K.O., and sees but a baby, so he turns and walks away.
Raymond Pass.
K.O. Hey! Okay, then! If you aren't gonna bring the fight to me…
K.O. runs in Raymond's direction.
Raymond Penalty box!
Raymond catches K.O. in a "penalty" box, he presses a button that turns him into a basket ball, Raymond throws him away.
Raymond Nothing but net.
Raymond takes his box and letter sing, and leaves. Shannon and Darrell come out of the brush they were peeking from.
Shannon What just happened?
Darrell I think Raymond just won. I can't believe Raymond actually did what couldn't!
Shannon You mean what you couldn't! I could have done this if it hadn't been for you!
Darrell Me?! It's your fault Lord Boxdad hates us!
Shannon and Darrell fight, K.O. passes by.
K.O. Fight me, Raym-- Oh, hi, guys! What are you two doing here?
Shannon and Darrell look at each other and then embush K.O., he wakes up to a fighting Shannon and Darrell.
Shannon I pounced on him first, so it was my capture!
Darrell You kidding?! I totally bagged K.O.!
Shannon You merely cleaned up the aftermath of Hurricane Shannon.
Shannon and Darrell My victory! My victory!
K.O. Hey!
K.O. gets free from the ropes holding him.
K.O. Why's everyone gotta fight over who did the big do? What happened to good old fashioned, "Good job, team"?
K.O. Or, "We won this victory together"?
Darrell Hmm. So, as long as you win --
K.O. You win, I win -- we all win! Everyone is a winner!
K.O. Except me, 'cause Raymondo got away with the bodega sign.
Shannon Um… Maybe we --
K.O. Maybe we can work together!
Shannon and Darrell Huh?!
K.O. If you guys can help me restore the bodega's identity, I'll help you win your victory.
Shannon and Darrell think about it.
K.O. You're a winner... I'm a winner...
All Everyone's a winner!
They fist bump in agreement. The scene cuts to Boxmore.
Boxman Ooh! Raymond, I love it!
Boxman holds the "r" sign Raymond stole, when Shannon and Darrell arrive.
Shannon Oh, Lord Boxman, we've got a surprise for you.
K.O. Oh, no! I've been captured by Shannon and Darrell!
K.O. is tied up.
K.O. Captured by a team!
Raymond What?!
[Boxman and Raymond get shocked.
Boxman You've --you've captured K.O.? I'm so… I'm so… so proud of you.
Shannon and Darrel jump from excitement.
Shannon and Darrell Whoopee!
Darrell That's the nicest thing you've ever said!
Boxman And you!
Lord Boxman points at Raymond.
Lord Boxman I wish you could be more like your perfect sister and brother!
Raymond is hurt by his words.
Boxman Oh, yes, yes, yes!
Boxman holds both Shannon and Darrell on his arms.
Boxman And I've ALWAYS hated you!!
Raymond falls to the ground, shivering in pain.
Shannon Looks like Raymond is in the penalty box.
Raymond, laying on the ground, holds onto Boxman's white coat.
Raymond Please give me another chance, Lord Boxman! It was a foul play! Please!
Boxman walks away, dragging a sobbing Raymond behind him.
Shannon and Darrell Mission accomplished!
K.O. Great job, guys! You did it!
K.O. I knew you had it in you to work as a team!
K.O. And now for my sign!
K.O. gets up and frees himself from his fake tying up. Shannon and Darrell laugh maliciously.
Shannon Poor, poor, delusional K.O. We were never planning to give you back the sign!
Shannon We want it all!
Darrell Yeah! All!
K.O. What? How could you do such a thing?!
Darrell Well, we are the bad guys!
K.O. (thinking)It turns out the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy! If I don't get that sign back, I'll be out of a job, and then Rad and Enid won't stop arguing over who gets credit for...
K.O. You know what, you guys can keep the sign! You guys earned it.
K.O. Although, clearly one of you did more work than the other one in earning it.
Darrell You're right. I pretty much did this all by myself.
Shannon You?! It was totally me!
Shannon and Darrell Give me it!
They start fighting, leaving the sign on the floor, K.O. gets it and leaves. The scene cuts to K.O. at the plaza]
K.O. Guys, guys! I got the sign back, and I've got a great idea for you two to end this whole competition thingie!
K.O. Huh? What -- uh!
Enid and Rad are quiet and have weird expressions on their faces.
K.O. You guys aren't fighting anymore?
Enid We were arguing for a while, but then we saw how beautiful the sunset was, our problems suddenly felt very small.
Rad Really put things in, like, perspective and junk. So we agreed to set aside our

differences for the day and enjoy the view.

K.O. That's great!
K.O. sits between the two, and gets the same expression on his face. The trio watch the sunset. The episode ends.

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