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What's wrong, T.K.O.? Don't you recognize your dad, Shadowy Venomous?

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Shadowy Venomous is the result of the alter-ego Shadowy Figure overtaking Professor Venomous' body due to a "beautiful compromise" formed between the two. He had made his debut in the episode "Carl".

Alongside T.K.O, he is the main antagonist of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes towards the end of Season 3.

Physical Appearance

Shadowy Venomous is a tall, slender male adult who, similar to both of his components, has light cool gray skin and flowy dark purple hair. His clothing consists of a dark violet scarf and gloves, purple spiked wristbands; similar to his son and partner in crime, T.K.O, a long, ultra violet-colored coat, and boots of the same hue. His eyes sport no irises, a Tyrian purple eyeshadow, and eyeliner on the rim.

As shown in the episode "Dendy's Video Channel", he has a black and violet aura that can cover both of his legs and the perimeter of his whole body while floating and flying.


Since Shadowy Figure took over Professor Venomous completely, Shadowy Venomous is shown to be quite destructive and cruel as he and Turbo K.O. were placing the neutral and surrounding areas into disarray. He is also seen to be neglectful as he didn't attend Fink's recorder recital.

Abilities and Powers

In this form, the turbo powers from Shadowy Figure get taken to their limits. His powers are similar to K.O.'s, more specifically T.K.O. He is shown to be able to shoot black and violet energy blasts, teleport across distances, and fly. However unlike T.K.O, Shadowy Venomous is able to manifest a black and violet aura around his legs looking much like a ghost. His power is so great that just making physical contact with T.K.O caused a massive shockwave of energy.

Episode Appearances


  • He shares similarities with P.K.O.:
    • They are both forms of when the two personalities join together.
    • They both carry over aspects of each persona's appearance.


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