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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off with K.O. spinning in a circle]
K.O. Love is in the air! And savings! [Places a sale sticker on a Valentine item] Don’t you guys just love the annual mid-February sale?! [Rad levitates a Boomquet over a display stand while Enid is on her phone]
Rad & Enid Meh.
Rad It’s okay.
[Cupid triggers the Boomquet display]
Cupid Love conquers all.
[Titlecard appears]
Rad & Enid Cupid?!
Cupid Two people in this room have unresolved romantic tension. [Shoots his laser while K.O., Rad, and Enid dodges] [Blows a heart-shaped hole in the shelves] [Potato and Colewort appears]
Potato Actually, we’re just taking things slow.
Cupid Nobody cares! [Enid and Rad tries to head off but Cupid catches them] It’s you two I’m here for. What’s your deal?!
Enid [Chuckles] Me and Rad? [Laughs] Never. Pssh.
Rad Never?! That’s a funny way to say, "That one time." [air quotes]
Enid You know as well as I do that middle school dating is stricken from the record!
K.O. [Shocked] What?! Slow down. You guys dated? Each other?!
Enid It was just one date, K.O. [Sighs] It was a long time ago.
Cupid Ah, yes… I remember it well.
Rad What? You weren’t even there, dude.
Cupid Oh, but I was there. In every tender blush, in each sweet sigh of longing.
Enid What?
Rad Ew!
Cupid It’s romantic! Now settle in for a flashback by gazing into my all-remembering Eye of Loveyou.
Enid & Rad No!
K.O. [Jumps] Yay!
[Displays flashback to where Enid was picking up her books]
Enid Dang it. I’m such a klutz. Whoa!
Rad [Levitates a book] Oh, uh, you dropped this, right? [Enid has hearts behind her] Uh… I’ll just put this… here. Okay, cool, see you around.
Elodie Ooh! What a gentleman! He’s like a distant dorky light in your dark, brooding heart.
Enid Gross!
Elodie It’s been like this for the past three weeks. Stop waiting and just ask him out already!
Enid Hey, Rad.
Rad [Closes his locker] Oh! It’s… you.
Enid Enid. I’m in your class. Thanks for helping me out back there.
Rad Oh. [Laughs] It’s nothing. Well…
Enid Do you wanna go out to the crater sometime and hang out?!
Rad [Shaking] S-Sure?
Enid Is 5:00 tomorrow good?! [Rad nods "yes"] Okay, cool! It’s a date! [She and Elodie jumps up and laughs]
Bell Beefer All right, all right, all right! Score one for Radicles.
Rad Score? But I didn’t even do anything?
Mega Football Baby Exactly. Which is why we, your friends, are gonna make sure you win way big on this date.
Rad Win? No, guys, I just wanna not mess up.
Bell Beefer And you won’t. Our advice is gonna be so good, it’ll be like we’re right there with you.
[Next scene shows the crater. A couple of people are at the hangout. Enid paces back and forth to wait for Rad]
Enid [Groans] He said he’d be here by now. [Checks her phone] Maybe he forgot. Or maybe… he was making fun of me?
Enid & Rad [Bumps into each other] Uh! [Enid falls]
Rad [Inhales] Are you okay?
Enid Yeah. Thanks.
Rad [Picks Enid up] Sorry, I’m late. My friends were helping me get ready and I kinda lost track of time.
Enid Oh, that’s okay. Did you wanna go get some ice cream?
Rad Sure.
[Enid and Rad goes to the ice cream truck. However, depictions of Mega Football Baby and Bell Beefer as the "devils" appears on Rad’s shoulders]
Mega Football Baby Dude! What was that sorry display?
Rad Uh, if I wanna win this date, I gotta…
Bell Beefer Be a huge jerk!
Rad Wait. Isn’t one of you supposed to be, like, on the other side?
Bell Beefer If you wanted a broader perspective on this stuff, you shoulda talked to someone who isn’t a teenage boy. [Passes gas]
[Mega Football Baby and Rad laughs]
Rad Well… I’ll try being a jerk to her.
[Punching Judy walks away with her ice cream while Enid waves to Rad]
Bell Beefer & Mega Football Baby Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! [Bell Beefer passed gas again]
Rad Hmm.
Enid I’ll take a…
Rad Don’t worry, I’ve got this. ‘Sup? I’ll take a scoop of strawberry. [Puts his arm over Enid’s shoulder] And this little lady will also be having strawberry.
Enid Um… [Laughs. Takes Rad’s hand off. Pushes Rad a little] Actually, I’d like a cone of cookie dough, please.
[The ice cream lady gives Rad his strawberry ice cream and Enid her cookie dough ice cream]
Rad Mmm.
Mega Football Baby She is so testing you!
Bell Beefer Yeah. She wants to see if you’re man enough to make fun of her taste!
Rad Are you sure? That sounds like a bit of a stretch? [Enid eats her ice cream]
Mega Football Baby & Bell Beefer Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!
Rad Huh. [His ice cream drips]
Enid What did you say?
Rad Uh… I said… ha! You like cookie dough? That stuff’s, like, the baby form of cookies. It hasn’t even been baked yet.
Enid Oh. Um… I just like how it tastes. Um… let’s go, I guess. [Walks away]
Rad Guys… I think that bummed her out. Ahh! [A pterodactyl is next to him]
[Next scene shows Enid using a her power kick to split the bottle]
Rad Whoa. Enid… I had no idea you could kick like that!
Enid [Laughs] Thanks! [Sits on a stump] I’ve been practicing it for a while. [Rad also sits on the stump] If I can get into Point Prep, I can really start my training! What I really want to be is a great ninja hero.
Bell Beefer [Punches Rad] Dude, what are you doing?
Mega Football Baby Listening to her? Complimenting her? Girls hate that stuff!
Rad Really? But… she looks happier now?
Enid They have real ultimate power, they’re fast…
Mega Football Baby Look, your last shot at victory is to act like you don’t care about her dreams.
Bell Beefer That’ll get her attention!
Rad Oh. Okay. I got this.
Enid [Waves to Rad] Radicles? Hello?
Rad Huh? Oh. Um… I’m sorry. Were you, like… talking?
Enid Uh! What’s your problem?! I thought you were cool, but this whole date you’ve been acting like some… bogus jerk! You ignored me, you talked over me… you made fun of cookie dough ice cream?! Who does that?!
Rad Uh… The man of your dreams?
Enid I’m going home. [Walks away]
Rad Wait! Wait! Enid! Wait! I have to tell you something.
Enid What?
Rad Um, uh… You know you like me.
Enid Grrr! Not anymore! [Power kicks Rad]
Rad [Groans] She’s so powerful. [Slaps himself] Uh! And I blew it! [Sees Enid walking away] Maybe I should have just been myself after all.
Mega Football Baby Nah.
Bell Beefer Sure you messed up with Enid, but you’ll never have to talk to her again.
Mega Football Baby Yeah. Who cares what she thinks! There’s tons of girls to date who haven’t seen your true self.
Rad Uh… yeah! [Sniffles] I can date anyone I want!
Bell Beefer & Mega Football Baby Yeah! [with Rad] Double down! Double down! Double down! Double down! [Bell Beefer passes gas]
[The flashback ends]
Rad And I’ve doubled down on that strat ever since.
K.O. [Sniffs] No! That’s not how love stories are supposed to end!
Enid Well this one does.
Rad Yeah, sorry to sink your ship, bud.
Cupid They have a point, K.O.. Upon review, Rad does seem a bit… romantically challenged.
Rad Me?! What about her?
Enid Uh, were we watching the same flashback? I was so sweet and emotionally available.
Rad Maybe then you were, but now I’m way sweeter than you!
Enid Psh! Prove it!
Rad Fine! You wanna go, let’s go… out tonight!
Enid It’s a date!
[The next scene shows a match over the volcano with Cupid and K.O. as the judges]
Cupid Tonight! History will be made in the lava pit across the street. In the East corner, Radicles! [Adjusts his tie] In the West corner, Enid!! [Takes off her coat to reveal her dress] For the second first time ever, tonight’s contenders face off for a night of passionate romance! Which one of our young romantics will be the one to seize the date? Personally, I hope it’s both! [Winks]
Enid Rad. May I start by saying thank you for coming out tonight.
Rad No, Enid, thank you. Your dress is very cool.
Enid That’s a sharp vest.
Rad Oh, yeah?
Enid Yeah.
Rad Yeah?!
Enid Yeah! [Grabs Rad’s tie]
Rad Yeah! [Grabs Enid’s nose]
[Both growl]
K.O. Uh, hey! [Comes with two glasses of apple juice] How about a toast?
[Enid and Rad clink their glasses]
Enid To new beginnings.
Rad To second first dates.
[Both drink their juice]
Cupid [Flies over] May I suggest presenting a small gift to kick off the date? [Opens the chest to see two flowers. Rad picks the orange flower and Enid picks the blue flower]
Rad Enid, this would really suit your hair color. Please take it.
Enid [Laughs] Oh, no, no, no, no. I think this flower would look lovely if you’d let me put it on your vest pocket thing!
Rad [Cover his vest pocket] I’d like to see you try.
Enid Oh, it’s on!
Cupid And so the date begins! [Enid and Rad tries to put each other flowers] Looks like Radicles is the first to make a move. But Enid’s light on her feet!! Oh! And Radicles is catching on!! [Rad grabs Enid’s arm]
Enid You!
Cupid But if Radicles isn’t careful, [Enid turns into a log stump. Enid multiplies herself three times to each corner] he might just let this one slip away!
Rad Not gonna fall for the old clone trick, Enid!
Cupid What a turnaround, folks! [Rad lasers the match lines to discard the Enid clones] Radicles has swept Enid clean off her feet. Things are heating up! Which one of our lovers will take the lead?
Rad Ladies first.
Enid Don’t mind if I do! [Grabs Rad with her feet]
Cupid She’s done it!! This right here is the beauty of young love!!
Enid Hah! [Throws her flower to Rad]
Cupid She shoots!
Rad Uhh!
Cupid And she scores!
[The flower is on Rad’s pocket vest]
Enid You know what? Forget this date.
Rad What?
Enid You’re still a brash macho meathead. Even though you can pretend to be sweet. But that’s one trick of yours I’ll never fall for again. [Leans on the "match barriers"]
Rad Look out!
K.O. Enid!
Enid What?! [Realizes that the match barriers are gone] Oh. [Falls] [Thinks] Well, I guess this is it. I’m gonna go the way I lived— giving chances to jerks who don’t deserve it. At least I’m free now. It’s all light and blue skies from here. [Wakes up]
Rad [Uses his levitation beam to pull Enid up] Enid! Snap out of it!
Enid Wait. What?
Rad Enid, are you okay?!
Enid Huh. [Rad drags her back up] Thanks.
Rad It’s nothing.
Enid Well…
Rad I never should have ruined that date!
Enid What?
Rad I acted like that because I thought it would impress you. But actually, I was just being a total butt.
Enid Oh, wow. It almost sounds like you understand that you can be an obnoxious jerk.
Rad What? Uh, no, I don’t! [Laughs] I’m perfect.
Enid Too late. I already know you have a heart of gold.
Rad Pssh. Whatever. [Puts a flower on Enid’s hair] Here’s your flower.
K.O. You call that a date? All they did was drink juice and have flowers and get almost eaten by lava. They messed up again!
Cupid No… I was the one who was mistaken. I see now that platonic friendship… is one of the most beautiful loves of all. My time here is almost up, K.O.. Don’t forget… the power of friendship.
K.O. No! There’s so much you haven’t told me! Ahh!
Cupid Don’t forget. [Vanishes]
[The next scene shows a volcano gushing out love lava as Enid and Rad walks in the forest. Enid and Rad ignorantly avoids each other. Then, Enid punches Rad]
Rad Ow! Hey, get back here! [He runs after Enid]
[Enid runs from Rad and laughs. The episode ends]

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